Hanoi Jane and Her Gang of Radicals

February 1, 2007

I kept looking for the fringed vests, the headbands and puka beads, but all I saw were burned-out, over-the-hill hippies and a bunch of Communist, Marxist and radicals against America. Sometimes, I wonder if we give too much freedom to those that hate us, but I guess we have to in order to live up to our Constitution. It just makes me sick. They spit on our disabled veterans, that’s real thanks. What can you expect from the lowest degree of humanity. They do not care one iota for our military men and women. They use them as an excuse to attack our government.

I would like to see a really smart district attorney charge them with Sedition, prosecute, convict and deport them. That would be the American way. No violence. I am not saying that everyone has to be for the war, but I don’t expect you to give aid and comfort to our enemies without being held responsible for your actions.

To show you a contrast in Marches. The Right to Life also held a march in Washington. There were more young people than anyone would think, in attendance. Guess what? The police did not have to form a barricade to keep them out of the Capitol like they had to do with the so-called Peace March. The Right to Lifers did not carry cans of spray paint with them. They were well behaved, unlike some in the Peace March. The Right to Life March hardly got media print, while the Peace March got tons of attention. Where is the fairness?

What would these peaceniks have us do. Just quit? Then what? When the radical Islamist start to take over other countries are we supposed to turn our heads and say its not our fight? After they have expanded to become a huge power and refuse to sell us oil, then what? Do we let them become the super power and we become the new third world nation with a starving population? Let’s hear something more than ‘pull out now’ answer the question, then what?