You Go First, Maybe I Will Follow

April 30, 2007

On second thought, no, I will not follow because I know you will not go first…

There were 8 Democratic candidates attending the Debate the other night and guess what? For all their bitching and complaining about humans destroying the planet, they each took a separate plane to go to the debate. Excuse me, you people are in the same party and you couldn’t get along well enough to all share one plane? Was that 40 minute flight gonna provide you with that magical answer to a question for you to run away as the winner of the debate? NO!
If you were not ready before the plane flight, cramming on the plane flight would not help you. So, you either know this Global Warming is a hoax or you think you are so much better than us little people and the rules you make for us to live by, do not apply to all of you. The special people.

Get real, we know you are scumbags, corrupt politicians down to your toes. You are not better than anyone, in fact, you are below most people that I know. My friends don’t steal, lie, cheat or pay $300 for sex.


The Scientists Say ‘Mars is Getting Hotter’

February 5, 2007

Oh No! Mars is getting hotter just like Earth. How could that be? Are there people on Mars that we don’t know about? Are they driving SUV’s or flying personal jet planes? How much manufacturing is going on? Please someone answer these questions for me.

We know that global warming is our fault, especially us greedy Americans, (guilt, guilt), because Al Gore has told us so. So, how can Mars be getting hotter at the same rate as Earth, if we are not there causing the problem?

Or is there some insidious reason behind the global warming scare or are the scientists not as smart as they think they are.