Schumer’s Imaginary Friends

January 25, 2007

I read an article by Maggie Gallagher dated Tues. Jan. 23. After reading the article, I sat in disbelief. I know New Yorkers are a different breed of cat, but I didn’t know they went this far. They keep electing this crazy, (not meant to be funny), man to the Senate. How could they do that? Is there something very French emanating from the Statue of Liberty that seeps into their brains and causes this dysfunction?

I had an imaginary friend for a year or so when I was a preschooler, but then I grew up. I realized its better to make real live people friends than hang on to imaginary friends. Chucky Schumer admits he has imaginary friends today.

This should scare everyone in America. The man is a looney toons! Chucky was in charge of developing a new strategy for the November elections for the Democrats and he said he consulted with Joe and Eilleen, his two imaginary friends, who live in his head. He said he talks to them often because they represent the the hard-working families in America with no connection to special interest groups. Is Chucky such an elitest that he doesn’t know any average American? Are all his friends uppercrust and elite? Doesn’t he represent all of New York? How can he not know at least one average family out of 19 million people?

He also admits he searched for two years for the right words that would sound good to voters. Wow! I am impressed. Sound good really is the important factor isn’t it. It doesn’t matter that it is all big fat lies; just that it sounds good. Thank you Chuck, you Schmuck.