Is Anyone Else Sick of Cell Phones?

April 20, 2007

When the cell phones first came out, I thought this is great. Now I can be in contact with anyone at any time. In case of an emergency, I would always be able to call for help. If I was running late for an appointment, I could always call and let someone know without having to pull over and stop at a filthy pay phone, losing more time. I applauded the cell phone.

Now, I am beginning to hate them. So far, I’ve never had an emergency where I needed to call for help, nor have I been late for any appointments. So much for preparedness.

What I have encountered is the most rude behavior by people using cell phones. They do not care where they are while talking on their phones. They expect others to be polite while they converse, as if they were the only important people on this planet. I have been in several near crashes due to another driver talking on their phone while driving and not paying attention. Thank God I was alert and lucky enough to avoid them.

I vote this one for Queen of Rude. This woman was talking on her phone while in the checkout line at the supermarket.
She was still talking on her phone when the cashier had finished ringing up her food total. The cashier waited for a minute, but there were other people in line waiting to check ou, so the cashier told the woman she was finished ringing her up and the woman on the phone almost jumped down the cashier’s throat. She screeched, can’t you see I am on the phone, you dumbass? Then, she proceeded to tell her phone mate that she was talking to some $6 an hr nobody.

I wanted to cram that phone down her throat, but the cashier remained polite and didn’t say a word. I would have lost my job over that issue, I’m sure…

Here’s one that should make everyone feel good. You are at lunch with a male or female, doesn’t matter and their phone rings right in the middle of your conversation. they answer their phone and begin a conversation with that person. Now, don’t you feel real special. I would try to stick them with the tab, if I could. If I ever went to lunch with them again, I think I would take along a book to read instead of entertaining a conversation with them. But, that’s me.

Why don’t you tell us about a phone story that you have experienced. If nothing else, maybe people will learn what is considered rude and change their behavior, or not.