Arlan, Philadelphia Needs You

February 1, 2007

Heard this on the Rush Limbaugh Show:

Philadelphia has the highest murder rate in the country. The home of Arlan Spectacle. Arlan wants us to pull out of Iraq, so Rush wants us to pull out of Philadelphia. Pull all Federal agents out and send in some Diplomats to talk to these gangs of murderers. Arlan needs to head up some local hearings to discuss the problems in Philadelphia. Arlan get off your DC throne and get back to Philly where they voted for you.
Year 2006
Philadelphia 400 murders
Iraq 800 military deaths

It looks like Philadelphia is a bigger problem than Iraq. If you add in Detroit, Chicago, Miami and New York, we surpass Iraq by hundreds. Why are we not as concerned about the deaths here in this country. Why doesn’t Hanoi Jane Fonda, Susan Saranwrap & her metrosexual husband campaign about the lost innocent lives here in this country. Let’s see them Peace march in those cities.