Thank You

June 29, 2007

While we are all celebrating our great victory today, defeating the amnesty bill, Mark Levin mentioned on his show it would be nice for us to call or email the Senators who voted for America and thank them for their allegiance. I agree, so please call or email.


Trent Lott: Hero or Zero?

June 21, 2007

In case you haven’t heard the latest, Trent Lott, a bloomin’ Rino, stated that all the calls jamming his office phone lines are a complete waste of our time. He is not going to listen to what we have to say about the immigration/amnesty bill. He will do as he damn well pleases. Me thinks, Mr. Lott has forgotten that he works for us and we can fire his big lord ass in the next election. He happens to be the Minority Whip, a position that is for the betterment of all America, not just Mississippi. He damn well better listen to us, the jerk. How dare he insult us like we are nothing. He is less than nothing. He is also trying to coerce other Senators to go along with him, meddling in America again, jerk. Those are our Senators, and if they listen to you instead of us, we will fire them too. Then, all of you can play let’s screw the people while you are all burning in hell. The people of Mississippi should protest against him non-stop. He is betraying all Americans by voting for this amnesty bill. His arrogance is insufferable. Lott has been in Washington for 30 years, he has over-stayed his welcome. Let’s get this old, tired, boring, unpatriotic, hack out of Washington. I think a one-way ticket to Mexico would be apropos as a parting gift.

Conway Twitty should chastise Lott for giving his hairstyle a bad name. Lott thinks he’s a singer, let him go on American Idol and feel the wrath of Simon.