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31 Responses to About

  1. Gorilla Guys says:

    Hey, wanna blogroll us? I put you on ours. Nice blog. I’ll be back…

  2. expatscat says:

    Wow, you got the award for first comment on my blog. Thanks 🙂

  3. Grumpy says:

    Dude! Update your about page. Where are you from? What area? Are you in Virginia?

  4. madmouser says:

    Hey Grumpy, love your photo. No, I’m not in Virginia. I am currently in Michigan attending U of M, just graduated suma cum laude. Yeah! My home is Florida, born and raised in So. Calif. So, I am a beach bunny at heart. I am not a dude, sorry.

  5. Justin says:

    hi madmouser, wanna blogroll? I put you on mine

  6. robthebuilder says:

    Love your lets drink to that blog.Iam adding you to my blog roll thanks for the comment about my jokes you are the first to pop my cherry come again.

  7. Grumpy says:

    Whooops! Dudette!

    Well, I was born and raised in S. Florida, moved to Virginia with the Navy and haven’t figured out quite how to get home. Been here since 1978 so I guess this is home now. K

    Congrats on your graduation!!! That is an achievement you should be proud of!!!

    Keep up the great work on the blog!

  8. Justin says:

    thanks madmouser…you’ve been on my blogroll a while now…if it doesn’t work for some reason, you could always put it in manually (ugh, such a pain in today’s automatic world haha). I enjoy your website very much so as well. Keep on posting!


  9. Justin says:

    hi madmouser,
    i noticed you had justin.wordpress.com on your blog. If you are trying to link to me, my address is: http://politicsandreligion.wordpress.com

  10. The Dude says:

    Mouser makes sense to me….

  11. hey Mad…
    thanks for the comment! glad you liked. think i may be a bit of a pinko liberal for your tastes though, considering your most recent post, but hey! be well.

  12. tommy49646 says:

    The dirty little secret about the “Shamni sty” bill is this: There are no fines or penalties. If you are here now you can stay forever and not have to go back to your homeland and get in line. Thats just for folks who want to be citizens. Otherwise you can just stay and renew your “Z-Visa” in perpetuaty. (did I spell that correct?)
    I also am in Michigan. I live up north near Traverse City.

    BTW thanks for your post to my BLOG. You earned a place on my BLOG Roll. 🙂

  13. gasdocpol says:

    If you graduated Summa from University of Michigan you must be a bright guy. What did you study and what are your plans?

  14. Hey Madmouser….you’re no slouch at comedy.

    You have a new (insert my favorite gerund) fan. Love your writing!

    I’m straight and everything, but I’d love to blogroll you.

    Continued success and keep writing Sister! The world needs more funny women!!!

    Laurie Kendrick

  15. gasdocpol says:

    Favorite gerund ?…lol.

    I love the union of erudition and vulgarity. The French are superb at it. They have made vulgarity an art form. “Pardon my French” is a very apt phrase.

    It reminds me of when a boating instructor at the Merchant Marine Academy threatened to render one of my section mates “fucking well unconcious”

  16. al66888 says:

    I love the site and some are you posts are hilarious. I am going to add you to my blogroll, I hope you’ll do the same

    the csc

  17. lewisintex. says:

    Great stuff Mad. Love your stuff and visit daily. I don’t have my own blogroll yet, but I am considering it. I never feel like I have anything interesting to write about. Plus I’m no writer and can’t spell for beans anymore and my little one’s have hid the dictionary on me. Kid’s can be cruel. They also think this is funny beings their in elementry school now. Hahaha. Thanks again for the great stuff you post.

  18. madmouser says:

    We are what makes this world go ’round. What I like most is putting a smile on people’s faces. Glad I could entertain you. Thanks for stopping by and hope all of you come back soon. I will try to intersperse a little comedy along with the more demonstrable political viewpoints. politics can drag your brain down the tube if you can’t laugh at it once in awhile. Politics would be a great comedy routine if it were not true and had such an impact on our lives.

  19. aslielizabeth says:

    Madmouser, thank you so much for your comment. Feel free to visit again, your comments are always welcome.

  20. The antisocialist came to the madhouse by way of theresamacphail, and her bird flu post. It strikes me that you as well might be interested in some of the antisocialist’s political divagations, or perhaps not. In any case, the antisocialist always enjoys an eloquent writer, no matter how much he may disagree with her on any one particular issue, and so for that – for your eloquence – he thanks you very much indeed.

  21. Wizard Prang says:

    Nice blog! Thanks for the comment!
    I have added you to my blogroll…

  22. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  23. zackhensley says:

    Ha! I love that you put yourself on your own blog roll

  24. javaqueen14 says:

    Love your header. Awesome cheese house, I gotta have a look around 😉

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  26. osobo says:

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  28. BadBoy says:

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