Polly is a Prostitute

This lady approaches a priest and tells him, “Father, I have a problem. I have these two talking female parrots, but they only know how to say one thing.”

“What do they say?” the priest asked.

“They only know how to say, ‘Hi, we are prostitutes. Do you want to have some fun?'”

“That’s terrible!” the priest exclaimed, “But I have a solution to your problem. Bring your two talking female parrots over to my house and I will put them with my two male talking parrots who I have taught to pray and read the Bible. My parrots will teach your parrots to stop saying that terrible phrase and your female parrots will learn to pray and worship.”

“Thank you,” said the lady.

The next day, the lady brings her female parrots to the priest’s house. The priest’s two male parrots are holding rosary beads and praying in their cage.

The lady puts her female talking parrots in with the male talking parrots and the female parrots say, “Hi, we are prostitutes! Do you want to have some fun?”

One male parrot looks over to the other male parrot and screams, “Frank! Put the Bibles away–our prayers have been answered!”


6 Responses to Polly is a Prostitute

  1. sevnetus says:

    Did they pay with tail feathers?

  2. madmouser says:

    They probably paid in crackers.

  3. That’s graaaaaaaaaaaaaaavy.

  4. aworan says:

    That just ain’t right.. 🙂

  5. Once again, madmouser, you prove yourself to be a real polyphiloprogenative
    — and I’m not just parroting someone’s words when I say that. I thought your jansenistic joke was a real howeller, (about as funny as a rubber crutch).

    Best of all possible regards.

  6. good stuff, mad. just wanted to drop by and say hey. we’re still crushn’ on ya even though we had to make some changes. take it easy.

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