He’s A Prick Painter or Pricasso for Short

I found this short story on Yahoo about a guy named Tim Patch, who calls himself Pricasso because he paints with his prick. No lie, his prick. There are just too many visuals that are running through my head to write coherently, so forgive me. The article said he had painted many famous people including Bush and the Queen of England. I wonder if they sat for their painting or he just painted them when he was horny.

At least we know he is Bi-sexual. Does he take Cialis to get that 4 hour erection? I wonder how long his paintbrush is…
How can anyone keep a straight face and watch him paint?
Does he paint fast and hard or slow and easy? or both? What happens if the paint dries on his prick? Has he ever painted a self-portrait of him painting? Did he enhance his paintbrush, just a little? If he paints a lot is he getting callouses on his paintbrush? How does he paint eyelashes on faces with eyelashes being so fine? Is his paintbrush that tiny? With all the movement required with painting, what does he do when he reaches a climax? Or, is that his signature?

I can’t stop laughing, so I will leave the rest of the remarks in the capable hands of my readers. I’m sure all of you can come up with some goodies.


3 Responses to He’s A Prick Painter or Pricasso for Short

  1. Candidly, Mouse, it doesn’t seem as if it would really require a cunning linguist or even a master debator to cum up with something really clever to spout off with here, and yet the antisocialist finds himself unable to get up any “goodies” (as you say). This might seem particularly ungratifuing to some (many), especially since, in his frequent intercourse with people, always, for the record, women, he’s often caught ejaculating at the mouth, or, at the very least, jerking around with one of these ladies.

    One thing we can say for certain: with typical rapid strokes, you paint one hell of a vivid picture here; yet your choice in subject matter is, frankly, a little tough to swallow. You may disagree, however — and, indeed, on some level, that disagreement might be rather nice, for a change.

    Best of all possible regards.

  2. Sure puts a whole new spin on finger painting…

    I wonder if it qualifies as body art…?

  3. chrisfiore5 says:

    I came by to check out your new header (which is cool)

    this pricasso sounds like a limp dick, if he did art with an erection he most certainly would be doing something with pottery or ceramics…


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