I’ve Had It with Has-Beens!

What is the problem with celebrities? Why can’t they just go away when it’s over? They all get their 15 minutes of fame, while some get a half-hour and the really lucky ones get a whole hour. That should be enough for anyone, but not for these old Hollywood has-beens. They will do anything to get back in the limelight.

A prime example is Sally Fields, aka, the Flying Nun and the forgettable Norma Ray. She exposed herself at the Oscars as crass as someone wearing see-thru cellophane clothing. She forget her lines to her rant against the war, oh please, how many takes does it take for her to get out 2 or 3 lines without stumbling like an incoherent old drunk? Then, to show what a classy lady she really isn’t, she had to use the blasphemous G-d D—n word in the one line she remembered, as if God had anything to do with the war. She hasn’t made print for so long, I thought she had died. So, now she is back in print, but this time to no applause. This time it is pity. She is to be pitied for her gluttony for fame, for her inappropriate behavior and her gutter mouth.

No matter how many plastic surgeries she has or how fat her bank account might be, she is still pathetic. Fake looks, idolizing self and worshipping money is a straight road to damnation. Have a nice trip, Sally, old gal…


10 Responses to I’ve Had It with Has-Beens!

  1. aworan says:

    I hear you about the ‘Has-been’s, mouse. They are packed over here in the UK. It really, really gets on my nerves!! Don’t even get me started on that!! You should see how all these so-called ‘slebities’ jostle to have their picture taken. That’s why I refuse on principle to even take their pictures or even go to red carpet event!!
    Nice blogs you have, mouse.. sorry not been reading them for a while. 😦

  2. **quote**No matter how many plastic surgeries she has or how fat her bank account might be, she is still pathetic.**quote** Ironically, I had the same thought about Michael Moore… or was that how fat he is and how plastic his bank account is…. I forget.

  3. -kf says:

    Sally Field’s biggest problem is that she assumes decent people care about what Sally Fields has to say about politics, the war on Iraq, or even rudimentary arithmetic…

  4. Onemorecup says:

    The Right and Only Majesty HM,

    Hey, these celebs all have a common thread: All of them use the press to say what they’re going to say; granted, but there is never time for a retort, debate, or even talking points.

    Honestly when I think of celebrities here’s what comes to my mind (please remember I grew up there): Most of them can barely read and need the assistance of tutors to read scripts; most, rather a huge portion of them did not complete high school, and just how did you spell colle..ge?

    These people are puppets nothing more and a hell of lot less. Ask an actor what they think is the best thing to do with a fledging film, 100% of the time, they’ll respond, “More Close-ups.”

    About ol’ Sally: She was too busy being a nun when the basic principles of how to behave and this is how to get a boyfriend are learned—think about it, what does she call “Her Life”? Shortly thereafter to solidify herself as human she does these “Smoky and the Bandits films” with Burt Reynolds; moreover, I truly feel was to let people know she’s a switch-hitter. And then the “Oh my…You really do love me…” Oscar speech that wanted me to find out what she was taking, cuz it just looked to darn good to let that high get by.

    This latest bit at the Emmy’s made me want to puke. Cheers!! Always a pleasure!


  5. I was just checkin’ out your blog and felt you really needed some spicin’ up in the header dept. So I took the liberty of making you an animated header.

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    If ya like it, I’ll send it to ya…

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  6. Steph says:

    Sorry I landed on this blog; It’s about as deep as , oh never mind. I won’t be back to bug you.
    Amazing. The woman is SENSORED on national TV, and all you can do is call her a ‘has been’.
    1. You have no clue what impact this event had on the INFORMED members of this nation.
    2. Sally Field ‘had been’ more than a 3rd rate blogger.
    3. She was right.

  7. madmouser says:

    Thank you Steph for allowing us a peek into your world of deep and prophetic statements.
    “3. She was right.” The day I listen to superficial, uneducated and uninformed people for direction, is the day I will join your group of mind-numbed zombies. If you think that if women were in charge, there would be no wars, then you don’t know jack!

  8. Hehe… is this a thinly veiled allusion to “that time of the month”? I think Hillary with a PMS attack is at least as dangrous as a male President who would ACTUALLY be a warmonger and a racist.

    You know, considering that the event was so unimportant that I never even heard of it, if you allowed yourself to be seriously affected by it… then you either (A) place way too much importance on what Sally Fields thinks, (B) already agreed with her, or (C), you are altogether too emotionally tied up in the ending of the war to think rationally. Who really gives a crap if Sally Fields doesn’t like the fact that we are at war? Considering that the Hollywood elite (or past elite) don’t actually MAKE policy (thank God), their opinion shouldn’t matter much more than any other person’s.

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