Get Out and Stay Out!

The United Nations has overstayed their welcome and it is time they left our country. We should withdraw from the United Nations, kick them out of our country and start a legitimate organization for countries that truly want peace and will not use aggression, unless it is in the form of self-defense.

The United Nations is a congregation of the biggest crooks and thieves in the entire world. Some of the most violent human rights abusers are in the United Nations and equal to the United States when it comes to voting. That is so absurd; it should be criminal. We gain nothing from being in the United Nations, especially compared to our costs.

We can establish new trade policies with like-minded countries. A true most favored nation status, not the political status that is now in place. No more diplomatic immunity. When in our country, you must abide by our rules and pay your fines. No special parking privileges. If you commit rape, you go to prison.

No more visas issued to people like Arafat (when he was alive), Iran’s little dictator (needing heel lifts in his shoes), and others of their ilk. If our President wants to meet with them, they can do it in a neutral country. Never shall they contaminate our soil ever again.

We need to fumigate our country and rid it once and for all of the stench of the United Nations. If someone would organize a march against the United Nations, I would join that march in a heartbeat. We should chase them to the nearest airports and make sure they get aboard. My sign would say, “Get Out and Stay Out”.


4 Responses to Get Out and Stay Out!

  1. opit says:

    As of at this moment no foreign national has any right to due process in the U.S.A. Stay out ? You couldn’t pay me to visit your arms factory.

  2. -kf says:

    Ahmadinejad wants to visit Ground Zero? I say let him. Then bury him there.


  3. Onemorecup says:

    The Right Honorable HM:

    You know the old saying, “Keep you friends close, and your enemies closer” right? I am overwhelming convinced that is the sole operation of the United Nations. I still get mad as hell when I think of the 22, that’s twenty-two BILLION dollars that mysteriously left the US on a UN “sanctioned” mission that remains unaccounted for. “Oil for Food”?

    It is pretty much common knowledge that most “diplomats” who work with the United Nations are really operatives for their governments. So a Broadway show, Manhattan apartment, salary, and spending cash is really not a bad price to pay for intelligence.

    The entire operation of the UN is a bloody joke with the exception of the intel. Cheers!


  4. Steph says:

    Amen, opit. And guess what: we’re quickly losing civil rights and due process for U.S. citizens as well…
    Wouldn’t we be on pretty poor footing for “kicking out” the UN for the reasons you state when WE are the country that obviously(judging by our foreign policy of the last 40 years) doesn’t want peace and uses ‘aggression’ (WAR) preemptively? Don’t you think that would make the rest of the world laugh, albeit nervously? Don’t begin to think that this country’s government isn’t every bit as corrupt as the worst of any in the UN. Start looking at who profited from Oil for Food. Then figure out who armed Sadaam in the first place… and how we could have stayed out of this never-ending war if we had worked WITH the other countries in the UN…and on…and on….and on…Then do some research on why the UN was formed, why it is in New York. It’s not perfect, not by a long shot, but we’re far better off with it than without it.

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