Oh No, Mrs. Bill!

Bill’s fans said it was a private affair and none of our business regarding his sex life. I hold a different opinion. He was tarnishing the name of our house, The White House, not his house. If he was still a hillbilly back in Arkansas, I don’t give a rat’s ass what he does in his house or how many women he had sex with, unless it was by force. We paid his rent in the White House, so I think he owed us the decency to treat it with respect. We should have sent him the bill for the fumigation after he left.

He is so proud of his sexual prowess that he cannot help but smirk when it is mentioned. When he can compete with Wilt Chamberlain, then he can smirk, but not a minute before. Even if it only took 20 minutes to have sex and that is counting the time to undress, perhaps, say hello and 3 minutes for the actual act. He was still doing it on the clock, our clock. Any man so weak as not to control his sexual lusting while President is too weak a person to be President.

We need someone with courage, strength, American values to represent us. Not some bulbous nosed pervert. And now onto his wife, (in name only, for political purposes).

She espouses she is for women’s rights. Spare me, Mrs. Bill. You are running on Bill’s coattails. Without Bill, you are just another Women’s Libber, scorned and mocked by real women and the only comment about you to make the news is about your shrill voice and your huge thighs.

But you are running for President and I have a question for you. How could you not know what was going on with Bill and all his female companions? Everybody else at the White House knew. The Secret Service, the cooks, the maids, the porters, the staff, the dog walker, everyone knew except you. How can that be? How dumb or dim are you? This alone lets me know that you are not smart enough to be President. Alert and aware are not two words used in the same sentence with your name. You allowed yourself to be humiliated over the Monica Lewinsky affair. I don’t want a President so easily and readily humiliated. The message you sent to other women is, no matter what, stay with your man, even though he humiliates you in public. In my humble opinion, that is just sick!

Now you talk tough while campaigning, but it is a phony facade. We have seen you in action and it was no action at all. You are not equipped to be President, you do not have the Right Stuff. Please do this country a favor and take your horny husband and go back to Arkansas. Buy a sheep ranch, so Bill can stay busy.


3 Responses to Oh No, Mrs. Bill!

  1. arclightzero says:

    I think the dirty little secret is that she isn’t actually a woman. It’s the only excuse I can think of to justify her actions and attitudes about things. I mean, even the most dense of women know when their man is cheating, especially when he’s doing it so proudly and out in the open. It’s not as if he was making little sex trips while doing business overseas. He was doing it practically in the next bedroom over from where his own “wife” was busy doing… Well, bust doing whatever it was she did.

    So the only thing I can think of is that she’s not a woman. She could be a man, since us men are typically that dense on a regular basis… But I think a better theory is that she may very well be an alien. In that case, she may very well have known, but was indifferent towards the sexual escapades of the lowly humans… It would also make sense then that Bill and Hillary don’t actually do the deed and that is why he’s so sexually promiscuous.

  2. madmouser says:

    Hahahaha! You just may be onto something, alien. Just about everything about her is alien to me and I am a woman. Does she own a dress? I do not remember ever seeing her in a dress. I bet she doesn’t own a blue dress. Hahahahaha…

  3. mpinkeyes says:

    She did know, but as you said she was only married for political reasons. He was only getting what she wouldn’t give him. 🙂

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