Where’s Hillary?

Who would have thought there would be a Beauty Contest on Capitol Hill? No, they didn’t walk the runway or change from evening gowns to skimpy bikinis, but The Hill newspaper somehow managed to select the top 50 beautiful people in Washington. I read the list and viewed all the photos twice and didn’t see Hillary’s name or photo. Hillary even wore a blouse that showed cleavage according to Tim Russert on Meet the Depressed to show she was womanly, but it didn’t impress The Hill.

Rep. Brad Ellsworth was #1 on the list. Nancy Pelosi was #4. I guess those thousands of dollars for plastic surgery, botox injections and whatever else self indulgent people do, paid off. Poor Hillary couldn’t make the top 50. I guess The Hill isn’t into pear shaped females or expressions that could kill from 50 feet. This is just more evidence that Bill is not particular when it comes to women. He’ll do any women he can. They say the homely ones make better wives because they are so grateful. I think that is cruel and mean-spirited. What do they say about homely men, nothing. Not fair…

It is up on the front page, above the fold, with the relevant political news. Yeah, I would place it as equally important as world peace, and the war on terror, wouldn’t you? Hey, beautiful politicians are hard to come by, so give them their proper respect.

O.K., everyone sing now, “There he is, Mr. America, There he is, My ideal.”


10 Responses to Where’s Hillary?

  1. arclightzero says:

    It disturbs me to no end that Pelosi made #4. From a man’s perspective, she’s no beauty queen… So I don’t know if the people who judged the thing are just that sick or if there really wasn’t anybody better. Either way, it makes me a little bit ill to think about.

    Then again, she could be a Victoria’s Secret model for all I care, it’s her attitude and persona that turn me off so deeply. However, since she’s no looker, it’s just like adding insult to injury as far as I’m concerned 🙂

  2. madmouser says:

    You described my feelings exactly. I also cannot stand to hear her voice, it sounds as fake as her face. I am a female and am having a hard time with female politicians. They seem to choose to act more like men, so they appear unfeminine or they don’t sound bright enough to be elected to anything. There just doesn’t seem to be enough women who seem natural and well suited for the positions. There are a few men that fit this description, but definitely more women.

  3. arclightzero says:

    It’s funny you should say that, because there has been some rumbling around these parts for a while now because the feminist and lesbian crowd has been brutally going after Rep Michele Bachmann since she was elected, namely because she is a “womanly” woman and rather feminine and attractive. I have met her, and was impressed that while she is a US Congresswoman, she also ACTS like a woman.

    Sadly, this sort of behavior doesn’t fly well with the militant woman crowd, who would have preferred a manly woman who would go to Washington and “put all those men in their place.”

    Interestingly, Michele didn’t make the top 50 list…

  4. Where’s Hillary?

    Saturday morning she was at the College Democrats of America national convention at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

    Evidence of the public’s distaste for the woman surfaced when protesters shouted, “She’s a liar, she’s a liar.”

    One protesters sign read, “She does not care — All she wants is the power.”

    God Bless their hearts.

  5. Rightminded says:

    Welcome back Mouse. Nearly two weeks without a post, I was missing your sense of humor. That last post was sincerely funny! Don’t stay away so long again.

    Hey greetings! Did you catch that last comment on Mouse’s thread where you had the little troll problem?
    Do you have any history with that guy ‘disgruntledveteran’? I’ve never seen him around, have you?
    And what about the ‘PassHerBy’, you never told me, was that you? I’ve never seen you back off a fight before. What IP were you on when you wrote that message?
    Also, didn’t you tell me you were going to add MM back to your blogroll? Or were we still going to wait until I launch my blog?

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  8. Thank God there wasn’t a bikini contest… the audience would have gone blind. I don’t know what’s scarier, that they had a contest PERIOD or that Nancy Pelosi is number 4. Who won, Obama? Edwards? Kerry? Naw, Hillary wasn’t on the list because she is going to get her own centerfold next month! **shivers**

  9. Madmouser says:

    If they had held a bikini contest at the beach, it certainly would have scared all the sharks away. I think some Congressman won first place. I forget his name. As far as Hillary goes, it would take a two-page centerfold just to get her big hips and those thunder thighs in the picture. If Hillary posed nude in Hustler, it would turn men against porn.
    Am I overstating the facts here? I think not.

  10. arclightzero says:

    Not at all! In fact, the very thought of considering Hillary in any sort of sexual context is almost enough to scare me gay!

    Well, almost.

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