He Makes Me ‘Sicko’

I have not seen the Michael Moore documentary, ‘Sicko’, and I will not go to see it. So, it is really unfair for me to critique something I have not experienced. Instead, I will tell you what I think of Michael Moore. I think Michael Moore is a big, fat, slob. Someone said, “he wasn’t fit to eat with the pigs”, and I replied, “yes he is.”

In all honesty, it seems like a big joke to me. How can someone with three wobbly chins and a girth that requires handmade clothes be commenting on health issues. Its moronic. It sounds like a prank to see how many people will buy into it, sold by Michael, the antithesis of good health. He and his Hollywood buds must be laughing their butts off. I don’t know how he made this film with a straight face.

What next? The big, fat, black woman wearing the yellow feathery costume wins American Idol. The kid with his leg in a cast gives riding a bike lessons. My mother has her own cooking show but she burns everything. Tom Cruise can’t get a date. You got the picture. It’s a smack yourself upside your head moment, if there ever was one.

I hate the fact we share the same initials. Trust me, that is the only thing we share and is not by choice. Other than that, we have never breathed the same air, nor will we.

Michael, lay off the triple cheeseburgers and extra large fries, plus 2 shakes for a snack in between meals. It makes you look like a hot air balloon. Not one of the pretty ones, or cute ones, but one of the scary ones.


22 Responses to He Makes Me ‘Sicko’

  1. madmouser says:

    Hey MJ,
    I don’t want to find out what the documentary is about, you moron, did you fail comprehension in school? Anything with the word ‘health’ in it along with Michael Moore is moronic. He has his venue to say what he wants and I have the same rights as he has. Just because he is at least three times the size of me doesn’t give him more privileges or rights, you moron. Take you lame self somewhere else, you are not welcomed here.

  2. Alex says:

    You fell in the straw man fallacy too easily. It’s sad to refuse the argumentation in Sicko because that guy is fat (by the way, like many Americans, and maybe it’s due to your consumerist culture plus fast food exuberant industry, not to an individual failure to keep fit). You just have to read a bit The Economist and Businessweek to discover how harmful is for you, American taxpayer, that mad health system. Paying twice than the rest of the world, and having forty percent of your population ill-covered. That harms the work productivity, produces unnecessary pain to these people waiting until the pain is hard to go to the doctor, and it’s just ethically awful, in social terms.

    Think twice before criticizing an argument just because “the guy was fat”.


  3. madmouser says:

    You go to Yale? What in the world is your major? How did you get accepted there? Your writing style leaves a lot to be desired. It wouldn’t pass the first year of high school. Are you a freebie at Yale and is that what all you socialists want for your health care. Freebie!
    Then you can wait forever to get treatment. All the best doctors left Canada when they went socialized health care. So, all Canadians are treated by second tier doctors. Yeah, Americans are consumed with consumerism because we can. The poor in our country live better than most middle class people in other parts of the world. I don’t know where you are from, but if you have any complaints about America or how we do things, then all I have to say to you is “Get the hell out of my country, you have overstayed your welcome!!! Oh before I forget, Americans out produce all other countries, how do you rectify that with the stupid statement you made. Speaking of ethics, it is ill-mannered to complain about a country that supports half the world. I certainly don’t have a fat problem as you can tell.

  4. armilnov says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people??

    Granted, USA healthcare is not perfect — nobody ever said that. But what Michael Moore does, by portraying Socialist “free” healthcare as paradise, is a sick stupid lie!

    I lived in Soviet Union. Did you?

    Here is a true story: my aunt was about to give birth and was already in the hospital. During that time on Soviet TV they had soap operas every night at 9:00, and these were extremely popular. So, around 8:30 that night, the head nurse told my aunt, that if she will not start having contractions in 15 minutes, they (the nurses) will squeeze the baby out with a towel, so that they will not miss the soap opera on TV!!! My aunt became so scared, she started having contractions right then and there!

    In USA
    1. Doctors do miracles — my grandmother would be dead already long time ago in the “free healthcare” paradise of Russia!
    2. If doctors screw up you SUE them — my grandfather was killed by a doctor who botched an operation, and what could my family do ? NOTHING!
    3. Ever heard of Medicaid? If you are poor or temporarily out of job, it covers you – I know, I myself used to be on Medicaid!!!!

    You, wannabee Starbux Socialists, stick to things you know about.

  5. armilnov says:

    Last comment is for Alex.

  6. onemorecup says:

    Hey there…

    armilnov, you are great! I absolutely love a person who brings full-fledged experience with their qualified remarks. Bbrraavvvooo! Bravo! [Crowd standing and whistling.]

    I, too, have lived in a “social democratic” society with socialized medicine. Suffice it to say I wasn’t impressed.

    I have yet to meet anyone from Yale University with any degree of common sense. I can still remember the election of 2000 when Gore’s people used the data by the “Most High Supreme” research analyst from Yale. Not only did this guy present flawed data on international television, the data was so intentionally skewed ALL credibility was lost…as was the election for Gore.

    Btw, armilnov, I visited your site…well done, sir!

    And now, JUST ANOTHER great post from MM! Cheers!


  7. arclightzero says:

    I have done more than my fair share of arguing with the socialist boobs out there on the topic of socialized medicine and whatnot. It’s funny, because for the most part the biggest supporters are the people who have never lived it – rather they read about it and think it sounds all too wonderful. Well, that and they like their handouts and entitlements.

    Anyway, it’s funny because they’re so interested in defending it that they lose sight of other arguments. I commend you for taking this argument in a different direction then expected. It’s just funny that you inadvertently drew out the people who are so determined to fanatically defend their socialist ideas that they don’t care that that wasn’t what you were targeting in the first place 🙂

  8. madmouser says:

    arclightzero, I am so glad you got it. I really don’t expect the Libs to understand. It is difficult to process something that has not been scripted in advance. They all say the same thing with no originality whatsoever. Boring, don’t you think? Thanks for your comment.

  9. madmouser says:

    omc, thank you, thank you!

  10. arclightzero says:

    Hey MM, always glad to show some support!

    And I couldn’t agree more with you regarding the same old boring, scripted arguments that these people conjure up. Every once in a while it would be nice to have a solid, well thought out debate from the left, eh?

  11. I too have tired of the same old rhetoric spewed forth by the Left. My brother in law is a rabid Liberal Democrat…and an attorney! There’s no cure for that…especially none found in socialized medicine. Most of these people are pathetically laughable. The Clinton administration turned the Dems into a party of whiners and finger pointers. It’s far easier to blame others as opposed to taking responsibility and fixing the problem. It’s the classic “piss and moan” tactic—gripe loud enough and maybe–just maybe, no one will notice your own inadequacies. James Carville perfected that.

    As for Michael Moore? I personally like my movie makers to have asses so big they’re visible from space.

    Laurie Kendrick

  12. madmouser says:

    Laurie, nice to see you again. thanks for the great comments.

  13. Mad,

    Thanks for the lovely, lovely things your wrote on my blog…I am humbled.

    I am a fan of your work as well. There aren’t enough gifted and talented women with in-your-face appeal. You fit that bill–perfectly. With that said, I want to include you in my blogroll… Southern decorum compels me to ask first. So, may I?

    Promise I’ll respect you in the morning…

    Happy 4th of Julio,

  14. Joe Drinker says:

    It makes you look like a hot air balloon. Not one of the pretty ones, or cute ones, but one of the scary ones.

    That’s an awesome description. Is that a double entendre?

    Good stuff.

  15. madmouser says:

    Well, its not really risque, and the meaning isn’t shrouded, so I would say no. I’m blond, so I could be wrong.

  16. Joe Drinker says:

    Yeah, double entendre was as close as I could come to the dual meaning of the hot air balloon/full of hot air observation. Must have been the anticipation of fireworks that got me all confused.

    *Cracks Dictionary

  17. Braden says:

    I agree. I blogged out my thoughts on Sicko as well. you may want to check it out.

  18. lewisintex. says:

    Hey Mad….Like the new photo. So your a Blonde. I’d have to say one of the smartest I have had the pleasure of meeting (so to speak). I’d say the blonde jokes are for the dumb blondes and you apparently don’t fit into that group. Me, I’m a redhead, not that it matters, but we have a great sense of humor, with the exception of Mr. Moore, who couldn’t entertain a group of farm animals.

  19. busygram says:

    It’s amazing what a little crack will do for someone.

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  21. damewiggy says:

    How can you possibly execute commentary based on something you acknowledge as misinformation?

  22. Madmouser says:

    Sorry Dame, you didn’t get the point. I was not critiquing Sicko, I was only commenting on Michael. You need to read the first few lines again.

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