Thank You

While we are all celebrating our great victory today, defeating the amnesty bill, Mark Levin mentioned on his show it would be nice for us to call or email the Senators who voted for America and thank them for their allegiance. I agree, so please call or email.


4 Responses to Thank You

  1. al66888 says:

    I wish I could, both my guys (NJ) voted for the bill. Hopefully, in ’08, I’ll be able to send Lautenberg a thank you note……..Thank you for your service, but you’re no longer needed.

  2. madmouser says:

    Sorry, I hope ’08 brings good fortune to NJ. Lautenberg is sort of a lout, isn’t he?

  3. al66888 says:

    sort of? Yeah, NJ is getting scary. I used to rip on my cousin when he was out in San Fran, saying how could you live there, look at the crazy sh** the govt is doing. Now he rips on me and says that we’re CA’s little sister. I have to agree. NJ has to be up there for the most liberal states in the Union. And it’s costing me a fortune. They just keep putting in tax and spend liberals over and over again, and our taxes go up on what seems to be a daily basis

    what did you Senator’s do? Hopefully the right thing.

  4. Cybil says:

    Well I’m glad that most of the Senator’s did the right thing. The one’s that didn’t should be voted out, tarred and feathered or hung from the nearest tree. I’m just grateful that the bill did not pass. God Bless America and the REAL PEOPLE that run it.

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