For 30 pieces of silver…

Everyone who knows me, sit down and brace yourselves. I want our troops to come home immediately. I retract my original statements agreeing with George Bush on going to war. I believed him and trusted him, but I was wrong. So wrong, that I am angry with myself for being snookered by this very strange man. What convinces me that I was wrong is what has happened this past week with Bush coming out so adamantly in favor of amnesty. He is putting political pressure on all Republicans to vote for the amnesty and do you know what he is not stressing to any degree of believability? Border Security.

We have more and more troops losing their lives for us, while our leadership wants to give amnesty to lawbreakers and gang members and anyone else, including terrorists.
So, this war is a farce. Bush is not interested in protecting our borders because he is too wrapped up in this New World Order.

Well, to hell with Bush and all his global buddies. We should encourage people who are stronger on abiding by the Constitution to run for offices across the country and vote them into office and kick out all the Judas Iscariots.


5 Responses to For 30 pieces of silver…

  1. passion81 says:

    Now you want to vote out Bush? Because he doesn’t care enough about your little corner of America?

  2. Scott says:


    Just because the President isn’t square on the immigration issue doesn’t mean that he deserves having the silver cord cut on the war.

    I support the troops, and their cause, and their families. They are fighting a difficult war and keeping if off of our dirt. Our President, though not perfect (and neither are any of us) knows what it means to be steadfast and unmovable. A bunch of people are calling for the troops to come home. In addition, they want to criticize the President for anything he does (it wouldn’t surprise me if they threw a subpoena at him because he was breathing. In spite off all this, the President goes on doing what he does, which for the most part is good.

    Believe me, I would love to see the troops come home last year, but the work they are doing is too important. If we leave right in the middle of fighting for our existence, the Islamo-facists say, “Hey, they can’t take it any more; let’s strike while they are down!” We’ve got to hang in there and send the message that we are not giving up. In the mean time, we keep the pressure on our Congress to not help bring amnesty into law and hopefully the President will catch on that his idea on immigration reform is not setting well with his countrymen.

  3. madmouser says:

    I guess I didn’t make it clear enough. You are saying the same thing I have been saying all along. I love out troops and I cry for their losses to their familes. None of that has changed. What I was trying to exspress is the fact Bush can no longer use the fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here when he is so willing to do away with our border. This amnesty paln would let anyone in as consider them legal, including Islamists. I really resent that fact and I was calling him out on it. I closed with we will need the troops here to fight the new terrorists that will come in under the amnesty bill.

    Thank God it failed. I also think our troops should not be sent to war with handcuffs.

  4. madmouser says:

    Sorry for all the typo’s, my dog was helping me type. She used to eat my homework too, giggle, giggle

  5. ladyconklin says:

    I have to agree our job over there is not done, and we are not accustomed to doing a job half way. If we start something, we stay and finish it. Personally though, I think they should have sent the BIG message from the get go, the BBB (BIG BAD BOMB) then we wouldn’t be going through all this b.s. Furthermore, if we can’t have our troops here protecting our borders, then my next suggestion would be, pull all the criminals, sex offenders, etc. out of our over crowded prisons and put them on border patrol. It could be considered a job and a way for them to pay their country back for their bad choices. Of course there would be strict guide lines, and if the prisoners didn’t like the terms, then they can be deported with all the illegals and never be allowed back into this country. Abuse the privelage, pay the price. Ados Amigos….

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