Get the Marshmallows & Hotdogs

Camping is a huge recreational activity for many Americans. We are blessed with some of Mother Nature’s most splendid creations, referring to our National Parks. For those living in the city, polluted by noise and filth, our National Parks are like heaven on earth. A place where a family can go to get away from everything.
Hike the trails, experience the feel of true freedom, and marvel at the beauty of the wilderness as far as the eye can see, but wait, what have we here?

The sky is filling with yellow, orange and red colors reaching as high as an elephant’s eye. Now, there is gray and black puffs bellowing upward and being pushed by the gentle breeze as if rocking a baby to sleep.
Sleep doesn’t come. The sound of silence is broken by the screeching sirens of fire trucks.

Oh no! Our beautiful Coronado Forest is alit in flames. Time to get out the hotdogs and marshmallows, this fire is gonna burn all night. Where the hell is Smokey the Bear? He is supposed to be watching out for the fires. It’s those damn coyotes again. I think Smokey should set out some bear traps for those coyotes, let them know what real pain feels like, but, can’t do that, it would be politically incorrect.

By the way, where is the Sierra Club and all the screaming environmentalists when they could actually be useful for once? Nowhere to be found. They are so chickensh*t! They need to be planting more of those sharp edged stakes around the forest to help catch the illegals and their dope-pedaling coyotes. But no, they only want to harm the loggers. The guys who help provide the lumber necessary for so many things in our society: houses for shelter, furniture, so we don’t have to sit on the floors, and floors, so we don’t have to walk on the dirt inside our houses. Let’s see, paper for the checks we write to buy the things we need. Paper for pages in books, so we can read information to help us learn and become more intelligent. I could go forever with this, but I won’t, I think you get my drift, and if you don’t, don’t blame me, blame your school.

In case you don’t know, the Coronado Forest is on the border between Arizona and Mexico. Notice, I put Arizona first because it belongs to us, not Mexico. If we don’t do something about stopping these illegals, it won’t be ours for very long. Back to the message. These illegal aliens, along with their drug pedaling, murderous thuggish coyotes, (I like saying coyotes), are intentionally setting these fires to chase the border patrol agents out of the lookout towers so they can enter our country unimpeded by law enforcement.

After they enter, they abuse our land by scattering debris everywhere. They think the land is their private trash bin. So, let’s see what we are dealing with, people who break our law by entering illegally with illegal firearms, committing arson, a felony, evading law enforcement, littering, doing drugs or planning on selling drugs to our children. Then, once they are inside our country, they turn our flag upside down and parade their flag over ours, refuse to learn to speak English, commit various crimes inside our country, including rape and murder, but they are good at picking lettuce. Wow! I am impressed. That is so awesome, they pick the lettuce that no American will pick. The politicians want us to forget all the other complaints and let them come on in so we can get that damn lettuce picked.

I say vote the bastards out of office who vote to allow these Cretans into our country. Let’s take our country back now. We should call their offices everyday until they leave office once and for all. It is not illegal to call them as often as we like. We pay the damn phone bill, so in essence they are our phones and we will damn well call them anytime we please. I just want to make their political life as miserable as possible, yet stay within the law. We’re legal but we’ll get punished. It’s the illegals, who get rewarded. I want to know what drugs these damn politicians are taking. There is something seriously wrong with their minds. Probably lots of Prozac and Paxil users on the Hill, along with their Viagra. Maybe, that’s the problem, the two drugs don’t mix well together.

And finally, if my pleading isn’t enough to harken you to the call of justice, I just heard a news flash. Smokey the Bear had been missing for a week, but he has been found tied to a tree, wearing a sombrero and a Sears poncho. That’s the last straw…


3 Responses to Get the Marshmallows & Hotdogs

  1. passion81 says:

    You do know we ran around killing bunches and bunches of Mexicans to make that little piece of land Ours and not Theirs, right?

    You must know that.

    You must not care.

    Probably don’t believe in Karma either.

  2. passion81 says:

    I used to like your blog

  3. lewisintex. says:

    What planet are you from? I’m sure everyone remembers the Alamo and the slaughter that went on there. It’s not like we actually won that fight. I believe in the Karma debt program and I think alot of people are finally getting theres. Also you apparently haven’t had these people continue to flaunt their attitude at you numerous times a day and you don’t have to deal with them, other wise you might have a different perspective on this subject. I hope you are not one of the coyotes that actually helps these people into the country to disregard our laws and show absoultely no respect for other people. Or apparently it doesn’t bother you to continue to support these people with food stamps, wic, free housing or assisted housing, free breakfast and lunch for their children and no desire to learn our langauge. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever speak spanish, as two can play the same game. These people refuse to learn english as our forefathers did, so why should I speak their language. It will never happen and I am not the only American Citizen that feels that way. I hope someday for your sake, these so called people don’t take over this country and force you into being a Spanamerc.

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