Trent Lott: Hero or Zero?

In case you haven’t heard the latest, Trent Lott, a bloomin’ Rino, stated that all the calls jamming his office phone lines are a complete waste of our time. He is not going to listen to what we have to say about the immigration/amnesty bill. He will do as he damn well pleases. Me thinks, Mr. Lott has forgotten that he works for us and we can fire his big lord ass in the next election. He happens to be the Minority Whip, a position that is for the betterment of all America, not just Mississippi. He damn well better listen to us, the jerk. How dare he insult us like we are nothing. He is less than nothing. He is also trying to coerce other Senators to go along with him, meddling in America again, jerk. Those are our Senators, and if they listen to you instead of us, we will fire them too. Then, all of you can play let’s screw the people while you are all burning in hell. The people of Mississippi should protest against him non-stop. He is betraying all Americans by voting for this amnesty bill. His arrogance is insufferable. Lott has been in Washington for 30 years, he has over-stayed his welcome. Let’s get this old, tired, boring, unpatriotic, hack out of Washington. I think a one-way ticket to Mexico would be apropos as a parting gift.

Conway Twitty should chastise Lott for giving his hairstyle a bad name. Lott thinks he’s a singer, let him go on American Idol and feel the wrath of Simon.


5 Responses to Trent Lott: Hero or Zero?

  1. al66888 says:

    I really hope that America shows it’s spine in this next election and votes out all these guys whose heads have become too big for the job. I love how Lott is now against Talk Radio saying it’s running the country. Well, radio and the blogs are the only places that the American people can speak their voice. So therefore it’s the American People that are running talk radio, and controlling his job. I hope he realizes this!

  2. Cybil says:

    Well I doubt seriously if this big blow-heart knows anything. He’s obviously not in touch with the real world or he would know he is one screw up shy of getting shot. I believe he should be voted out and have to stand in the unemployment line or even better yet the soup line at the nearest homeless shelter, or we could send his fat behind off to Mexico so he can support all the people there and then we wouldn’t have to suppport them. Yeah, that’s it…a one way ticket to Mexico. Were do I pitch in my twenty cents…hehehe.

  3. Don’t ever trust a, ahem, man, that was a college cheerleader.

    bottom row, second from the right.

  4. madmouser says:

    GMS, you amaze me. You come up with more facts than anyone I know.

  5. bohography says:

    ZERO!!! Trent Lott has turned his back on the people who stood up for him during his Stron Thurmand speech. It’s pretty interesting that during that time, Trent went on a talk radio tour for support and understanding… It’s not good to bite off the hand that feeds you… But, he’ll get re-elected because he has such a big footprint in Mississippi, just like Kennedy in Massachuttes…

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