Fond of Felons

How can you not love those wonderful, caring Dem-o-rats. They want to share America so much; they are willing, no, not just willing, but also actually voted to allow felons into America under their amnesty bill. Isn’t that big-hearted of them? I think we should insist that each of these felons must reside in their neighborhoods where they can show them solidarity with the criminal element. has a new ad regarding the fence. I love the little old lady saying, “Where’s the Fence’ in a caustic voice that rivals dragging fingernails down a chalkboard. Watch for it.

O.K., I will agree to the amnesty bill under one condition. For every illegal alien we allow into the country, one Democrat must leave. I would rather have the immigrants than the Democrats. At least a few of the immigrants will do something good for America.

I don’t believe anyone will wonder what side of the fence I am on after reading this. I certainly hope not. You can call me mean, you can call me a bitch, but don’t ever call me a Democrat because them thar are fightin’ words.


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  1. Think about it, just think about it — how in the hell, why in the hell would a sane person want to give amnesty to a illegal invader that is also a felon?

    Simple — they hate this nation and feel the citizens need punished by “the persecuted ones” — criminals, including the Jihadist criminals.

    These are some sick mothers, ladies and gentlemen.

  2. al66888 says:

    they do it because the ‘victims’ are their voting base. And with their base dwindling, and blue state populations dropping, they need the next wave a victims to keep them empowered.

  3. brahnamin says:

    well, as a hard-core nothingcrat, if we are going to deport one democrat for every illegal alien we allow into the country (excellent little plan btw) can we not also, in a bipartisan show of solidarity, then shoot one republican for every kid who ends up dead behind poor gun legislation?

    and we can deep fry one independent for every third original chicken sandwich consumed @ chick’fil’a (sorry, i couldn’t think of a more solid political tie-in for the indies than the fact that ross perot and frank perdue look so much alike . . . so i used the chicken angle)

    paid for by the committee for *people who just don’t care but still wanna be fair*

  4. madmouser says:

    brahnamin, you are so very clever, you dog, love it….lol…
    you know I picked the Dems because they are the ones really pushing for this, Teddy, the Orca, Kennedy. But, the Repubs deserve a little something too, let’s get rid of the RINO’s, they are a bunch of lizards. The Indies, we’ll keep because they love the Constitution. That should save them. Oh, this is too funny…thanks

  5. It is conservatively estimated that there are over two and a half million cases a year in this nation, where armed citizens have saved their life and the life of others from criminal activity in varying ways — common sense would tell a person that many of these lives saved were children’s, and a hell of a lot of them.

    Children dying from accidental gun fire is rare and getting rarer.

    Putting asinine gun control laws on the books, and restricting the ability to defend oneself, their family and their neighbors will “increase” children’s over all deaths.

    “Few persons who want to save “just one life” by banning handguns to eliminate handgun accidents would propose saving many more lives by banning bicycles, bathtubs, and cigarette lighters. Is it possible that the motivation for banning handguns is something other than saving lives?”

    I suggest you read the following “nothingcrat,” and please tell me, what is your idea of “poor gun legislation — What gun legislation do you want?????????

    How’s gun control working with respect to saving children in the most gun controlled cities in the nation??????????????

    Gun control in America works about as well as prohibition.

  6. brahnamin says:

    you had your sense of humor surgically removed as a child, didn’t you?

    but i agree, asinine gun control laws would indeed be superfluous now that the patriot act is on the books.

    that pretty much covers any asinine thing the government might want to randomly do to me.

    so, for the record
    a. it was a joke
    b. the joke was about politicians, not about gun control (the fact that gun control is asinine was part of what made that funny)
    c. the point of the joke was to pick things just as asinine as the original premise, and in a land where everyone is originally an immigrant (yes, even the so called *native* americans trotted over from europe and asia round about the last ice age) kvetching about immigration policy is asinine.

    i’m not against letting them in so much as coddling them while they’re here. even the felons

    (hey, one man’s felon is another man’s freedom fighter and the only difference between a patriot and a traitor is whether his side wins).

    of course, being a native felon i suppose i tend to sympathize with my global community.

    i say give em the same chance every other immigrant to this country had. let em fight for what they want and fight to keep it.

    of course, that concept just scares the hell out of whitebread america and a large percentage of the black community as well, since we bloody well know a hungry man is going to work harder and fight harder to get and keep what he wants.

    our country started losing its greatness when it started handing out free lunches and it’s been downhill ever since.


  7. Oh, I have a sense of humor, I just don’t find you funny and far from wise.

    Am I now reading that you’re against the Patriot Act (give specifics if you would please), and comparing Clovis Man’s migration into this continent with the invasion we are not properly dealing with from the South.

    Mr. Nothingcrat, personally, I will bet you lean way left, but do not have the courage to identify with LIBERALSCUM — it’s a ploy!

    Kevetching??? What the hell does that mean????

  8. Oh, I forgot…you’re for Marxist open borders??????????????

  9. brahnamin says:

    im for people who take politics seriously to just stop already.

    if i lean at all it is to the right, actually. but right, left, middle, none of these describe me politically or otherwise.

    i’m a convicted felon. i have no right to vote so you are in no danger from me on that front (i’m sure you believe your vote still counts despite all evidence to the contrary) i do however still have the right to free thinking and free speech, in which case i remain mucho dangeroso (sorry-trying to learn the language for the spanglish invasion)

    i am, as i said, one of those people who fights for what he wants and fights to keep it, so i am also perhaps better equipped than you might be if this bill (which i essentially know nothing about apart from what i read here) does go through.


    i really couldn’t care less if you paid me to. you will never believe that because you are thoroughly invested, but it is true regardless of what you might believe.

    if ten thousand mexicans come over and bust their butts to make a living i’m all for them being here. much more than i would be for, say, continuing to spoon feed the lazy with our glorious welfare system.

    i say again, i don’t care. politically i am a total non-entity save that i’d love to see them all roll over and die and stop mucking things up, but as soon as that happened we’d just call for a vote to replace them, so what’s the point?

    and to answer your final questions

    kvetching is a nice yiddish way of saying b*tching – in fact, that is where we got the term. it means to complain

    marxist? what are you still in cold-war mode? marxist hasn’t been a buzz-word going on two decades now. some thinking people have even stopped thinking of it as an insulting term, but i’m sure you don’t qualify

    and no, i’m not afraid of open borders – leads to open minds, shakes things up, and eventually (hopefully) leads to the working man having the dominant numbers again and thus (in theory) the dominant vote.


    seriously, chuckling at pundits toeing the party line does not count as a sense of humor. you should really have a doctor check that out for you

    i love your blog, i love the humor, i usually don’t even mind the political side because you present it in a consistently light and amusing fashion.

    i appreciate you allowing me to participate in the humor, but i am not going to turn your blog into a flame forum with this guy, so this will be my last comment on the matter here.

    hopefully you’ll let mr greetings reply once more so he doesn’t feel i’ve snatched the last word. i’ll be back to read it, but again, no intention of replying here.

    if you absolutely must continue this, click on my name, my email is all over my blog.

    or if you simply must have an audience to feel justified, by all means comment on my comments page (you can find it on my sidebar about 2/3 of the way down)


  10. I know all I need to know about you.

    You’re nuts and a delusional, radical Marxist — You don’t have a political side?


    You admit in your screed, to anyone with an I.Q. above a grape, that you want people pouring into this nation so the “working man” can rule the country — stock Democrat, Marxist bull shit.

    I told you world, this “nothingcrat” nonsense was a ploy.

  11. And another thing about you Marxists — when someone doesn’t agree with your insanity they’re afraid, their scared.

    Case in point:

    You stated,

    “no I am not “afraid of open borders,” it leads to open minds.”

    Who in their right mind falls for this BS? Common sense is being afraid?

    I believe you are a felon. The inability to reason is a common thread among criminals.

  12. skywindows says:


    Why does everyone need to have a label?

    Can’t people just be people?

    I think someone has been overdosing on the talk radio station… The problem with that is that you stop thinking for yourself… What a shame

    @ Brahnamin
    great post on your blog in reference to this commentary. LOL

  13. Yeah, skywindows you liberalscum hate those labels, and who could blame you.

    And you’re all such originial thinkers properly educated with MsM and DNC agitrrops.

    You get all orgasmic, over, “open borders leads to open minds,” eh.

    Such a caring, unpolitical people person you are sky.

    Hold hands, sing out, “we are the world, we are the people”…What a putz!

  14. You’re on Harry Potter book seven?

    Now that’s originial thinking at it’s best — What are you twelve mentally?

  15. brahnamin says:

    :mrgreen: -i love that song

    *we are the world . . .*

    LoL @ skyWindows
    look, honey, he thinks you’re unpolitical (that’s how an edikated man says apolitical). now THERE is a democratic thought process if i ever saw one: *wife must have same views and politics as husband.*

    i know i said i wasn’t going to talk to this guy anymore, but his yiddish is atrocious.

    i wonder if he knows he just called you a d*ck?

    i wonder if he knows he made all my points for me just by the way he disagreed with them 😉

  16. skywindows says:

    @ greetings

    I am sorry you feel so threatened that you insist on calling me names and putting me down… Even though I haven’t given any reference to my stance politically…

    Put any label you want on me lol… because that is what real 12 yr olds do…

  17. brahnamin says:

    she’s a mom with 3 kids, dorkwad

    not everybody sits around the radio listening to rush limbaugh’s greatest hits @ night

    is that really the best you can do to attack someone’s intellectual credibility? pick on their hobbies?

    i’d ask what you do for fun, but near as i can tell you don’t have any.

  18. brahnamin says:

    you didn’t have to tell him your political stance, sky – he can smelllll liberals.

    and they’re *gasp * EVERYWHERE!!111!1!1!1!!

  19. skywindows says:

    I think our friend forgot that it is Barbara Bush (She is the wife of a Republican president…George Bush Sr. and the mother of our current President) who promoted family literacy while her husband was in office…and even developed the family literacy program.

    I have just been following her example and promoting literacy within my kids. Reading them books that opens their imagination is a part of that Greetings…You should try it sometime. It is much better than calling people names.

    But that’s right…

    I am just a liberal independant woman who follows the political stances of my husband…

    Because thats what liberal women do….


    Ok then…

  20. brahnamin says:


    and now everyone knows why i married you 😉

  21. bra said,

    “look, honey, he thinks you’re unpolitical” (refering to sky)”

    mental illness at it’s best — I know you are both LIBERALSCUM and the more you write you will prove it.

    Right! — Harry Potter books are just for the kids. In many ways LIBERALSCUM ARE CHILD LIKE WITH RESPECT TO THEIR ABILITY TO REASON…

    …”Open borders leads to open minds.”

    “I wonder if he knows he just called you a dick.”

    bra, most of what you write does not even make sense, and people really need to not enable your dementia. I really am starting to feel sorry for you.

    And here I thought she married you because you are so good looking.

  22. Be leery world of those couples that feel the need to, and bore the hell out of the world proclaiming how wonderful their marriage is and how well suited they are for one another — what they usually are doing is trying to convince themselves — “Greetings my son!”

    No charge, this time.

  23. skywindows says:

    Just a quick note for greetingsmyson

    LIBERALSCUM is actually two words… LIBERAL SCUM

    and CHILD LIKE is actually one word:


    As for the rest…

    There is really no point arguing a point with someone who insists that everyone who thinks differently must be liberal scum.

    What a waste of a republican

  24. […] Potter makes you Liberal Scum! Yea… according to this guy on this post (in the […]

  25. A quicker note to sky, and the other member of the bizzare blog tag team.

    “Devotees of grammatical studies have not been distinguished for any very remarkable felicities of expression.” – Amos Bronson Alcott

    The moniker LIBERALSCUM is for people who express LIBERALSCUM thoughts.

    Harry Potter is kid shit and a waste of time for kids, let alone, ahem, adults.

    sky, you may want to check what you write, there are errors.

  26. brahnamin says:

    the word putz (a word you directed @ my wife) means d*ck

    only the fact that you did not know this makes it hard for you to understand.

    incidentally, putz is another yiddish word, like kvetching.

    and no, i am under no illusion that anyone at any time would marry me for my looks.

    when you have a deeper relationship with another human being you’ll figure out how that all works and not one second sooner, so i won’t waste our time trying to explain the intricacies here.

    you are a child

    you express yourself as a child

    you stand in the eyes of all who read these comments as a child . . . hurling insults no one even finds insulting, frantically pasting labels on people you don’t understand so that you can deal with them in your little box of a world,

    the fact that all this grew out of your own inability to recognize tongue in cheek humor is telling (even if you didn’t find it funny, you failed to recognize it as a joke, an intentional absurdity, and took it seriously-continuing to do so even after the joke was explained)

    the fact that you consistently use ad hominem as the sole basis for argument comment after comment is just shameful

    you are the basest product of this modern age and i doubt you will ever rise above it.

  27. So, now you are saying you are not all for open borders?

    So, now you are saying one should not take you seriously, with respect to very serious matters?

    Years from now when historians look back on the Rise and Fall of America. One of the reasons will be the mind numbing stupidity of Harry Potter, and other assorted bull shit tolerated by children’s parents — Wasted freaking time; so much more to learn.

    Children raising children!!!!!

    putz /pʌts/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[puhts] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun Slang.
    1. fool; jerk.
    2. Vulgar. penis.

    Leave it to you to pick “number 2.”

  28. And, your platitudes and moral relativistic logic, sucks and bores more than opits.

  29. brahnamin says:

    i never really claimed to be *for open borders*

    to say that i did is to take one microscopic piece of what i said completely out of the context in which i couched it, but then you’ve been doing that since comment one. my thrust has been on filling this country with people who will WORK and get rid of the LEECHES and i don’t care what their original nationality might have been or whether they may have fractured a law or two.

    and no, nobody should ever take me seriously.

    but like the court jester who has the ear of the king . . . never mind, you won’t get that metaphor

    as for your clutziness with the putziness (sh*t, i’m channeling johnny cochran again)

    leave it to you to assume the dictionary is going to put the original definition first rather than the one in common usage.

    most people don’t know that that word originally meant d*ck and thus use it incorrectly. making the incorrect usage the common one.

    (not to mention the fact that putz is not the first vulgar word that the dictionary has provided a soft *acceptable* definition that never existed to placate the whitebread masses. look up *nigger* if you don’t believe me)

    in any case the dictionary updates words and hierarchies of words to indicate the most current usage.

    and if i chose the vulgar rather than common definition, well, i had to consider the source, didn’t i? from you i can only expect vulgarity. i mean, c’mon, you took the time to make up your own slur.

    if we push it, LIBERALSCUM, might actually find its way into websters in the next year or two

    in any case, i know the definitions of the words i use without having to go back and look them up after the fact.

    as to harry potter, i won’t even dignify.

    it is a hobby. it is an expansion of imagination – something that i know must be very painful for you given the extent of scar tissue riddling your brain.

    it is not the whole of what we teach our children, even if i am a 38 year old *baby* raising pre-teen *babies*


    as to your last post, it is okay for me to bore – for we have you to entertain

  30. brahnamin says:

    i’m sorry. i know i promised to lay off, but this guy is just addictive, like crack cocaine, and voting democrat 😉

  31. Oh, I get the metaphor and I get how your gobbledygook–ed mind works. It’s as if you have a touretts syndrome way of expressing your thoughts — you have no control of your, “poor devil” thoughts. The maelstroms spinning in your mind that a normal person controls, you spit out and actually think people are buying it.

    You’re not for open borders, you’re for hard workers entering the country to make up for the slackers even if they broke a “few” laws to do so? So, now your saying welcome everyone, come on in, there must be some hard workers among you felons — and that’s not open borders in your mind and faulty reasoning.

    What are you going to think, feel, if one of these “hard working law breakers” hurts one of your kids or wife?? And no one even lifted a finger to prevent this felon from entering this nation, or threw them out, for their first frelony committed here.

    You said the above, the person afflicted with touretts shrieks…Sh&t, pis5, mo%^erf#c*@#.

    Also, your ego is, or at the least very close to being pathological — thinking that one is in a better position to know all the various definitions of a word better than the dictionary, smacks of a radicalism that is a stock tenent of LIBERALSCUM-ISM!

  32. madmouser says:

    I wish our politicians were half as smart as all of us. We would not be battling on the Internet over each and every issue they fail to resolve or improve for the betterment of the nation. I mean this as a pure compliment. Take a minute and listen to some of the remarks made by these politicians. They are so absurd, so ridiculous, you wonder who voted them into office.

  33. I hear you girlfriend, but do not forget these politicians are the reflection of the American population.

    There is no doubt in my mind, that a good 70 to 80% of the American population has problems with reasoning and logic, and are not properly schooled in history — and it is getting worse!

    Barbarians pouring into Rome, helterskelter, was one of the main reasons Rome collapsed. These barbarians did not have the Roman-esque mind set. They just came for the money.

  34. Bra, a suggestion for your blogs header:

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant – Robert McCloskey

  35. skywindows says:

    LOL Greetings…

    Seems that you are the only person who doesn’t understand him…

  36. brahnamin says:

    anyone hurts my wife and kids i hurt them.

    if all is going well i hurt them BEFORE they hurt my wife and kids. i believe i did include a willingness to *fight* for me and mine as well as *work*

    see, again, i am one of those felons. i am not a violent man, but neither am i unfamiliar with violence

    as for my ego it is alive and healthy, but not because i think i know all possible outcomes but because i know i don’t. i don’t sweat the little shit while you sweat every detail.

    c’mon, how much penis envy do you have to have to post an icon of a man with a stallion between his legs?

    as for your suggestion for my header, i can only say that i saw that on google’s quote of the day today, too.

    have an original thought.

    and color me unimpressed

    one final thought – you do remember the barbarians won, right?

    they won because they were doers rather than thinkers.

    they won because they were willing to kill people who wanted to negotiate and practice politics

    i stand by my tag line :: all bigots will be reincarnated as gay homeless people of color

    who is battling issues? greetings is making blanket statements with no evidence and i am making fun of him for it.

    i like you, but there is no way this is any kind of actual debate.

    greetings doesn’t know enough (and i don’t care enough) to make it one. the fact that i came on here to tell a joke and had some knucklehead i don’t know make blanket disparaging declarations about my politics makes this a playground shouting match at best.

  37. Your comments are really much easier to tolerate when one takes your advice, and doesn’t take you seriously.

    It’s good advice, based on the nothingness of what you write.

    Doing everything possible to keep the “turd world” barbarians out of your nation in the first place is adult logic, something you lack.

    One of these Hispanic illegal invaders could wipe out your family, or injure them and you could not do shit about, tough guy. It happens every day in this country. Our prisons are loaded with illegal invaders and it is getting worse every day — brush up on the facts.

    However, you could positively impact the problem by helping to narrow the odds that these “turd world” criminals don’t just walk into the nation — that is if you weren’t ignorant LIBERALSCUM getting some viceral high from your suicidal tolerance.

    If you were an educated man, you would know something about the “iron horseman” and how that relates to my header and theme of the blog — what do you expect, though from a man that calls his blog, juggling cats???

    Finally you get around to shouting “your a bigot” because I want a secure orderly border and intelligent immigration policy — well who could blame you, that ploy has worked for the LIBERALSCUM for years and it still does.

    There you have it America, let Hispanics pour into this country as they and the LIBERALSCUM see fit, or you’re a bigot — you’re labeling bra — no labeling bra, cann’t you just let people be people like sky wants?

    Have an original thought? Dude you may want to educate yourself with the thoughts of intelligent people — “Open borders leads to open minds,” is borderline original retardation.

  38. This is funny, you bigoted, labeling hypocrite?????????? — or am I misunderstanding you?

    Bra wrote on his blog,

    “according to his tags, the driver was from north carolina (which almost made the whole incest thing make sense), but it was his license plate FRAME (from East Carolina University) that solved the mystery

    he doesn’t hate incest

    he hates North Carolina State, a rival school

    but it makes me wonder :: how redneck (or how innocent) do you have to be to get that license plate and NOT see what everyone else is going to see . . . ?”

  39. This is how bad it was in 1995 open- borders-boy.

    I have to be honest with you Bra, people like you turn my stomach, you’re part of the problem and should be treated like an outcast.

    Illegal Aliens’ Unstoppable
    Third World Crime Wave In US

    A full 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide, which totaled 1,500 last year in Los Angeles, pointed to illegal aliens. Soberingly, two thirds of all fugitive felony warrants, totaling a horrifying 17,000, were for illegal aliens. To make matters worse, in 1995 a report showed that 60% of the 20,000-strong 18th Street gang in southern California was composed of illegal aliens. That gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia on drug distribution schemes, extortion and drive-by assassinations. They commit assault and robberies every day of the week. A night of crime to them is like a day of work for American citizens.

  40. And since most of you lazy, chidlish, Harry Potter reading “adults” have your heads in the sand and won’t read the link I provided….

    …”Where does that leave you? If you’re in California, you’re planning on moving to Idaho or Montana because it’s already too late. With over 3.5 million illegals, the crime wave is beyond stopping. If you’re in Georgia, you’re probably stewing under your breath, but you don’t have a clue that it’s going to get worse. In Chicago, they either take jobs or rob banks or set up drug, prostitution and theft rings. If you’re in Florida, it is no longer an American city. Houston is just as bad. It grows worse in every city in America.

    It’s called THIRD WORLD MOMENTUM.”

  41. an AMERICAN says:

    “Can we not also, in a bipartisan show of solidarity, then shoot one republican for every kid who ends up dead behind poor gun legislation?” – brahnamin

    “Poor gun legislation?” That’s what causes gangbanger to shoot a rival gangbanger? Interesting. You know, I love how the “donothingcrats” love to throw that “kids” word around. These “kids” are vermin. Vermin that will kill each other no matter what to protect their turf. Taking away their guns will lead them to making improvised grenades. Try working in the prison system and see what kind of killing devices criminals will come up it…it can be from anything…and I mean LITERALLY ANYTHING. I love how STUPID PEOPLE think that HUMAN NATURE will change if we got rid of an inanimate object. Why don’t we rid the world of rocks, sticks, poisons, sharp corners…oh, and how about little things like nuclear weapons?

    *PEOPLE are the problem*. Drunk drivers aren’t the result of the availability of alcohol and an automobile. It’s not Ford’s fault (at least for drunk driving, it is their fault for making shitbox vehicles with unparalleled low quality “union” workmanship and design), it’s not Jack Daniels fault. It’s the FAULT OF THE *PERSON* who thinks they drive while intoxicated. It’s a matter of *PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY* and it’s about time that people stop blaming other things for their own stupidity.

    Speaking of laws….as it is, we have so many laws that no one can even keep them straight, especially gun laws. I can’t tell you how many fellow patrol officers have NO FRICKIN’ IDEA what is legal or illegal. You call your local Dept. of Justice/Public Safety and if you talk to 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different answers….and these are the people YOU trust to protect us?

  42. skywindows says:

    LOL thats right GREETINGS…

    ALL illegal aliens commit crimes. Just like all gays are pedophiles and all rednecks are stupid.

    That is why you label people. So you can put them all in a little clump and assume they are all going to do the same exact thing.

    I guess our REPUBLICAN president is Liberal Scum too…since he isn’t doing what you want with the borders either.

    I will be completly honest with you. I have been republican since I started voting. Voted twice for George W. Bush. Before that I voted for George Bush Sr. and Senator Dole. I listen to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh daily on my commute home. I have even called in a few times so you may have heard me on there.

    I will probably leave the republican party because of people such as yourself. I am finding that the republicans are just as bad if not worse than the democrats with the name calling and slinging. It makes me sick to support and vote for a president who can’t even listen to his own party asking him to do the right thing.

    I came on here asking you to do one thing Greetings… I asked you to let people be people and to stop putting labels on them. Because of that you assumed that I must be just like the people you are fighting and called me names and called my hobbies into question…

    I have been on your side dude. But if your side treats its own the way you have me, I don’t want any part of it.

    My husband is his own person politically. I know you can’t understand how he thinks… he has his own way of looking at politics separate from what the media thinks we should be concerned about….

    I am sorry you feel the need to put a label on him as well. The truth is we don’t fit in a label or a category. You don’t know us personally. I am sure it makes you sleep better at night knowing that everyone is in their own little box and are going to behave the way you think they will…

    The truth is most will not.

  43. brahnamin says:


    it was a joke. i am not going to walk everyone through it again

    in MY real world – gun control means *use both hands*. everybody seems to think otherwise because i’m not afraid to tell a joke that runs contrary to my politics (such as they are)

    i agree with you when you say people are the problem. laws, like locks, are superfluous, they only serve to keep an honest man honest. beyond that they are useful only as a means of drawing lines when it comes time to punish folk

    four responses to one comment? bored much?

    oh, and thanks for reading my blog. i see you hit another humor post and didn’t get it and i am terribly sorry about that. please don’t let it keep you from coming back

    *walks away singing (to the tune of instant karma)*

    . . . third world momentum’s gonna get you . . .

  44. brahnamin says:

    @greetings again (in the spirit of multiple replies)

    third world momentum. i like that. thank you for introducing me to that phrase.

    i live just south of washington DC.

    nearly the entire blue-colar labor force around here is hispanic, easily 1/3 of them *illegal*

    and i feel neither threatened nor insecure in their presence.

    they are, after all, just people

    you poor pathetic frightened little man

  45. Right sky, you were a Republican until I came along. And yes Bush “is” pushing being LIBERALSCUM.

    Your comments and logic are hackneyed liberal — how about some specifics on your media appearances??????????????????????????

    Bra, being freightened and proper concern for your nation and fellow “countrymen” are two different things.

    Radicals like you hate this nation and the citizens in it, because you are not doing that well, and or mental illness — you relate with the invaders and their “plight.”

    You are not joking with respect to the comments you make and right — It is obvious!

  46. brahnamin says:

    the day i *hate* this nation, i will leave it.

    i sinceriously doubt that day will ever come.

    to say i must either be *not doing that well* (whatever the hell that means) or crazy to think honest hard working people should be given an even break is – well, it’s really really lame, man, because you really aren’t saying anything at all.

    as to this *plight* i am supposedly identifying with, what plight? at worst the poor bleeptards get deported. if they are really serious they will find a way back over the border.

    you again miss the point that I DON’T REALLY CARE whether this thing gets passed. this blog reference was the first i heard of it. they knew the chances they were taking coming over here.

    but i also don’t care if it DOES get passed. they can stay for all of me. they’re most of them good people (and yes, where i live and work i have met lots and lots of them – met lots and lots of your kind too. i like them better without a doubt)

    hate me if you wish, call names, paste labels, but i’m pretty much done. you are one of those who must have an audience to feel fulfilled. and i ain’t staying on stage with your dumb @ss

    you haven’t had an original thought in all of this and you haven’t said anything new since post one.

    you are right, there is a difference between honest concern and bald cowardice. i stand by my last statement in my last comment. the fact that you felt the need to put the word countrymen in quotes tells me you don’t associate yourself with them which in turn tells me you are full of sh*t.

    your politics have nothing to do with your countrymen and everything to do with your own level of personal comfort.

    you were fun for a minute.

    now you’re honestly just boring me

    might i suggest you try out brentroos(dotcom)

    you guys would get on great.

    [one of his latest posts is titled *who says liberals aren’t communists?*]

    hell, you might like him well enough to add to your blogroll (which looks like it would bring it up to 3 . . . boy, you really DON’T like to expose your brain to the opinions of others do you?)

    bye-bye mr defender of the freeWorld (gawd u r sew hawt in tights!). best o’ luck to you in your quest to rid our nation of undesirables (wait-you don’t by any chance have a tiny square mustache and a bad comb-over do you?).

    there’s your hitler reference.

    now for the love of god, someone invoke Godwin’s Law and put an end to this miserable farce.

    *walks away whistling subversive beatles tunes*

  47. madmouser says:

    I had never heard of Godwin’s Law before. That is pretty cool, I think Hitler should be the end to many things. I hate when that is used in politics. Too many people use it too easily.

  48. Bra,

    I perused your blog, and you are correct, it’s a big joke.

    You and your blog have an amateurish Woody Allen “thang” going on — in fact you sort of resemble Woody — I never cared for his humor, or his lack of morality.

    The ole’ Hitler play, eh — man you are desperate — you do know that Hitler was Leftistscum, as is LIBERALSCUM.

    Didn’t you have a need to proclaim to the world, for whatever reason, you got a demotion? Personally, I find it hard to believe you even have a job, with the degree of logic you have shown.

    Tell me Woody, do you endorse social services for illegal invaders?

    Just a friendly reminder: (1) You never answered my question about your bed wetting fear of the Patriot Act — Please provide specifics with respect to the problems you intimated were wrong with the act. (2) Please remind the other member of the tag team — I’m waiting for the bonifidies of her media appearances…I eagerly await your answer, since comedy is a great medicine.

    OPPS! Never mind, you’re leaving again for the what, number of times…I lost count — You really have no discipline or control of yourself, do you?

  49. Hey Bra, Woody, Leftistscum, LIBERALSCUM where you be?
    I feel like some interaction with my favorite curly-headed, big nosed, yiddish speaker this evening.

    Now I’ve said wonderful things about Jews, over the years, far more good things then bad but in general you Zionists are creepy, ugly, sons of bitches! Cowards all, you run away from a fight faster then a Jewish woman making a dinner reservation.

    This land! This land! God gave this land to me!–Bull crap! Bull crap!


    You are not a Righteous Jew, you are a liar like all zealot Zionists. Get out of the tent, we don’t need you here, go back to the reform tent with most leftist Jews.

    The fact that America have suffered for and Americans have died at the hand of some Jews, means nothing to you sick bastards.

  50. The comment above is a Trolls, all you have to do MM is check the IP.

  51. Rightminded says:

    Good advice GMS! I hear you really have to know what your doing to counterfeit an IP addy.

  52. anonymous says:

    Anyone consider that GMS may have signed onto a different computer???

    That would give you a different IP address.


    That comment sounded too much like him

  53. Girlfriend, here are all the IP’s and words I had to use to try and keep this LIBERALSCUM control freak from trying to control my blog.

    Finally I just had to moderate all comments and check to see if the IP’s of the regulars matched —- the odds are Rightminded and anonymous are the troll. He’s sick as is ideology.

    Nemo’s Ghost

  54. He’s sick as is his ideology.

  55. Rightminded says:

    GMS that was the real me up there buddy! I told you I would help in any way I can, with pleasure.

    GMS please do not hesitate and feel free to share the list of IP addys from which I regularly post to your blog so that MM can be confident when it is me here.

    I only know for sure the one from my home PC:“Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)”
    Don’t everyone laugh at me that I have an out-of-date, crappy Win 98 machine!

    As you know GMS, like this week, I travel a bit. I cannot keep a list of all the IP from which I connect from hotels and such, but I have no problem you sharing that trusted list here or on your blog if it helps you out of this mess buddy.

  56. PassHerBy says:

    You know you can close comments on individual threads, mouse.

    Maybe stop these boys from crapping all over your blog and turning it into their personal playground?

  57. passion81 says:

    The troll has a troll. Neat. The internet has taken stalking to a whole new creepy level.

  58. Carol from Cincinnati says:

    I don’t know what is going on here, but its funny and sad at the same time. Wondering if there a classic name for that kind of story?

    BTW, Mr. GMS, what is the purpose of so hastily making a comment under the title of ‘PassHerBy’ that you forget to clear the Website box of the addy to your blog? or is it some kind of brilliant trap for the ‘Troll’? [lol]

    By the way MM I like your blog. A healthy sense of humor is like chicken soup — good for the soul.

  59. disgruntledveteran says:

    Greetings: You are quite skilled in the ways of hating people who are too despicably smug and satisfied with their lives to attract anything but abject hate.

    Anyone who uses words such as “sinceriously” and cleverly covers his naughty words with asterisks should die in a fucking fire.

    You liberal peacemakers who ask “why can’t we just be people” are completely oblivious to the constant omnipresent evil that, quite simply, is humankind. It’s not going away. Best to take sides and stick with it, for better or for worse.

    Apathy is far worse than the most fervent evil.

    Unfortunately, Greetings, you have much to learn in the way of getting your point across intelligibly. You’ll find that most liberals scare easily at steadfast grammar and structure, because they aren’t often afforded the luxury of syntax, capitalization and longhand communication. This is what happens when we leave no child behind and tell each one that he is special — instant gratification becomes the order of the day.

    If you really want to defeat people in a war of words, ensure your generals execute flawlessly. No man is infallible, but the power of the spoken and written word can make you appear as close to it as possible.

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