Sluts and Mutts

I think all celebrity personalities and sports figures tell all, gossipy news should be aired on a different channel other than important news. I am sick and tired of seeing the sluts and the mutts who do them dominate real news. Create a new TV channel and call it Smut City. I am sure you will get a lot of watchers. All the sluts that imitate the celebrities like Paris and Britney, yeah right, like we think they are hot stuff. Most look ridiculous and the rest just look trashy. They don’t have the money it takes to look Hollywood, so they look like cheap fakes. In fact, that is what they are. Cheap Tricks.

By age 21, they are used up. They look 40 and every man within 50 miles has had a piece of them. They have to move to a new city to get a 2nd glance. The mutts are not gentlemen. They tell all to their friends and anyone in the men’s room. Word travels far and wide, just like the sluts legs. Its not long before the mutts in the new city hear about the slut, so they give her one go and then tell her to get lost. That’s nice.

I don’t have any kinder words for the mutts. No decent girl wants a guy who puts his dick in every hole he sees. Geez, who knows what disease he has by now. It just shows he has no pride about himself. Even though he prances around and thinks he’s a stallion, he’s not. He is just a creep with low self-esteem willing to use anyone for his lustful pleasure.
This should be their epitaph. A sex addicted skunk lies here contaminating the ground.

Even though I think Islam is very extreme, I think I better understand some of their harshness. I can’t agree with stoning people to death for committing adultery. I do understand one thing. They know men are lustful, that is why they cover the women, so that men cannot see them and get aroused. I guess they forgot about using one’s imagination. I can hear the American guys now, ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste, so imagine all the women naked’.


7 Responses to Sluts and Mutts

  1. cybil says:

    Finally, someone has hit on an issue that is so annoying that even in the checkout line in the grocery store you become ill. Every magazine on the planet prints this trash and I find it just vile. People need to wake up and smell the coffee and stop by the rags that infiltrates the mindless people who buy them. It would be nice to see someone pick up Time Magazine or something with valued content and self help tips.
    These people and the public that feed off the garbage that’s dished out daily are apparently very lonely people and have no life of their own. I agree that they should have their own t.v. channel to air all the laundry of these people and leave the regular channels for the real news.

  2. The Dude says:

    “Garbage in, garbage out……..” Most of America has made the long march through the institution. Most people have been de-sensitived to what real morals are. You get it though and ought to be proud….. Good up-bringing I suppose…..

  3. madmouser says:

    What better gift can a woman give her husband than allowing him to go where no other man has gone before, as opposed to, can I count high enough to cover the number of men that have had a piece of you? Is there anything left for me? I would think a real man, a good man would prefer the first gift. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  4. Aris Totle says:

    I think you are mistaken about Islam being too extreme. Biblically, what is the punishment for adultery. Over time, christians have gone away from following their religion. That doesn’t mean Muslims should as well.
    You say Islam makes women cover themselves, read 1 Corinthians 11: 3-10 and then tell me Christianity doesn’t do the same.
    A nun covers her head and people respect her; a muslim woman covers her head and Islam is ridiculed. What gives???

  5. ladyconklin says:

    Why give these people any press time to begin with. The average whore/slut/mutts don’t get any attention other than from the police dept. As we can see, all celebs. get special treatment, and now days I understand they even put the flag at half staff. Excuse me, there is something seriously wrong with this picture. That flag is to honor our heros and fallen soldiers, and represents the freedom of this country. It was not put up or taken half down to show a celebertiy that they are special. I was really upset when I saw this on the news and decided they have gone too far now. I believe the news came from Long Beach, NJ. so if anyone would like to protest and show their disgust at this, please forward a note to the Mayors office there.

  6. Mark Stivers says:

    If you want news without the “sluts and mutts” there is an alternative… NPR.

  7. ladyconklin says:

    The news channel that I saw the Flag Article on was, CNN. My local station also carried it. Not sure I know what NPR channel is, but would appreciate knowing.

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