Democrats Love Poor Mexicans

I saw this floating around the web. It stated it was from the Hays Daily News in Norton, Ks.

We need to show more sympathy for these people. They travel miles in the heat, they risk their lives crossing a border, they don’t speak the native language, they don’t get paid enough wages for what they do, They do jobs that others refuse to do, they live in crowded conditions, rarely see their families, and they face adversity all day, every day.

I’m not talking about illegal Mexicans, I am talking about our troops.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the Democrats are willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on the illegal Mexicans, but don’t support our troops and have threatened to defund them. What kind of evil creatures are these Democrats? They are not worthy to call themselves Americans. I would like to deport all of them to some socialist/communist country where they belong with their own kind. Its sad that in order to protect real Americans, the troops have to protect Democrats as well. Guess that shows how much the troops care for us and this country. God Bless America and God Bless the Troops.


18 Responses to Democrats Love Poor Mexicans

  1. passion81 says:

    I’ll agree with the god bless our troops

    Not to get too political, but you do realize the de-funding of our troops is a play to get them pulled back home? Out of the heat, away from the violence?

  2. the Grit says:

    Hi Mad,

    Democrats love all poor people, since their votes are cheaper to buy with Government handouts. I’d also point out that liberals have detested the military all along. You might recall that Clinton’s much applauded reduction in the size of Government consisted almost entirely of slashes to our Armed Forces.

    Hi passion81,

    And if the Dems succeed in surrendering in Iraq now, we’ll have to go back in 4 or 5 years and it will be even worse. As to the danger to our troops, they are all volunteers, and, in light of the re-enlistment rate, seem to think that the risk is worth taking.

    the Grit

  3. Onemorecup says:

    Hey Mad!

    I originally read this post like a day or two ago; came back over today and I still LOVE the twist in the middle! I’m serious, maybe you should start writing clinics!

    Anyway, I agree with your assessment in re: Comments to me: I too believe that America is selling out to “special interest groups” so much that I fain at the thought of losing America. Cheers!! (Thanx again!)


  4. robfindlay says:

    It’s your president who sends his troops to war unprepared and still under-prepared 4 years in. Leaves them exuasted and overworked.

    It’s your president that treats veterans like shit.

    If anyone hates the troops it’s Bush and his criminal regime.

  5. truegenius says:

    Defunding them is not a ploy because Democrats hate the troops; it’s a strategy to pull them out of the belly of the beast becaue the American people are screaming loud and clear that we want our troops out of there. We should not be over there. Our men and women do not deserve to die for special interest. It’s NOT about freedom. We are fighting for our freedom back home, not in Iraq. We are accomplishing nothing over there. We never will. We are NOT going to change the mind set of a people where sectarian violence has been the way of life for thousands of years by bashing democracy over their heads with our fists.

  6. The Dude says:

    Democrats love themselves, money and power. What ever advances those three is their favorite flavor of the month

  7. brahnamin says:

    i agree
    of course, i believe the same of republicans and independents

  8. truegenius says:


    EVERY politican loves themselves, money and power.

  9. […] and fight for the Caesar of our day, instead of serving the least. I’m prompted to this by this post by someone who lately commented on this ‘blog. Who would Christ serve, honor, and pray […]

  10. madmouser says:

    Winged Man:
    I don’t dare try to speak for Christ as I am not worthy. I do know that He was the kindest, most generous, most loving person ever to walk the earth. I believe in His example of Charity. Giving amnesty to 12-20 million lawbreakers does not fall within the
    charity category. You should address this issue with the Mexican government.

  11. jpe says:

    Democrats consistently vote for better benefits for soldiers and veterans. When Republicans had control of the Congress, they repeatedly defeated those bills.

    • John 82nd AB says:


      Very true, but it’s hard to get a conservative to get their head out of their butt long enough to see any type of political nuance. If Rush Limbaugh or Hannity doesn’t tell them, they don’t know.

  12. opit says:

    Back again Mouser. I don’t think you’re quite through the kool aid but there are signs of consciousness.
    Tell you what. I know you think I’m a bit of a ditz – and I really couldn’t give a ….. I’ve been following the writing of a passionate American patriot who I think is really with the program. Go have a look around and let her tell her own story without some shithead making up tales about what other people think.
    It goes over a lot differently when you don’t let somebody else put words in a person’s mouth.

  13. ladyconklin says:

    Lets not loose sight of the real issue here. I think it’s great that everyone has shared all this wonderful information, but somehow, reading through the kool-aid I’ve concluded everyone lose their focus of what’s really at state here. We are talking about our freedom, and the freedoms we have become accustomed to, are BEING put in jeporady everyday that we give in to the Mexican Influence and allowing these people the free ride we would not be allowed to have in their own country. But why should we tolerate their poor behavior when we don’t tolerate from our own. There is NO excuse for what is going on right now, right under your own nose. Believe it or not we still have some rights left, and I feel that it is OUR DUTY to protect our country at what ever the cost. I am prepared to die for my country and family, and if it requires I get out my shotgun to keep these people from invading my space, stealing from me, and harming my family, then so be it. I will stand my ground as an American and I will continue to fight for my Freedom and The Freedom of others. By the way next to that shotgun is a pen and a pile of paper that I will use as well. So why can’t we band together and do the right thing. Take back what is ours/yours or doesn’t it bother you that someone who is not a citizen is getting more perks from the government than you are. You decide. I’ve already voted.

  14. al66888 says:

    that’s great, I haven’t seen anything like that.

    The Dems need a victim, without a victim, they can’t have a “program” that will help that victim. And without that, they can’t get elected.

  15. jane says:

    How ignorant you are, Oh my God!!!!!!!, and how racist!!! you are but I have to admit that you made me smile, just let me remember you something if you are white you belong to the poor european people who moved to america because they did not have anything to eat in europe long time ago if you are black you belong to Africa where white people used them as slaves and bring them to america if you are asian you belong to Asia therefore do not call yourself american you are not american unless you are a pure indian I know it is rude but it is the cruel reality no because your family come before others it does not make you and american you should read more probably it is going a take your ignorance and your racism away from your espirit and become a better alien in the end everybody is an alien in america.

  16. John 82nd AB says:

    Ever notice how conservatives always make this “us vs them” argument? If they had their way they would be the only ones allowed to live on the planet, because the Europeans are all socialists, the Mexicans are all illegal, the Blacks are all criminals and the middle east is full of terrorists. Get rid of the communists in China and Russia and then all you have left is the liberals in Kangaroo land to get rid of.


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