Recall Congress

I am serious. If this amnesty bill passes and we know Bush will sign it, then, I think we should recall Congress and put them out of business. Since their business is no longer to protect us and do what we want them to do, like, protect our borders by building that damn fence. They passed a law to build the fence and so far, I think they have completed about 2 feet. Its as if our own government has turned against us.

Do you remember the towns’ people in the original Frankenstein movie, marching towards the castle with lit torches? That is what I’d like to see, but alas, Hollywood has all the torches under lock and key for their protection. You get the idea. No more complaining, its time to do something collectively, Democrats and Republicans. Kick the bastards out and shame them as we chase them into Mexico for safe haven. (It’s just an image folks, not a threat). Don’t get your panties in a twist.

Since our politicians have so much empathy for the poor Mexican workers, let them go to Mexico where they can solve the problems down there. Just leave our country alone. I also believe we should call a moratorium on all immigration for the next five years and until the war on terror is under control. Why should we allow these inefficient government agencies to handle this problem for us? We will have 5 years to revise and revamp the entire immigration process and start from scratch with the people currently trying to get into this country the legal way. They should be allowed to continue their process, but only the ones currently in process. No New Immigration.

The dirty little secret is that the Democrats are losing some of their base because people are improving their lives, getting educations and good jobs and no longer need the pittance handed down to them by the goodhearted Democrats. (hah). They need these uneducated, poor Mexicans to rebuild their base to such a level as to never lose another election because of the sheer numbers of poor Mexicans will keep voting for them to get their tiny little piece of the pie. The Republicans voting for this bill are just stupid or they are Democrats who infiltrated the Republican Party to have an effect on legislation. Either way, if this bill passes, the Republicans can pack up their tents and go home and throw a tantrum for being outsmarted by the Democrats, because they will never be heard from again. Republi-who?

I wouldn’t doubt the first item on the new agenda would be to change the name of the country from the United States of America to something like, The United Americo. I never thought I would ever live to see the sellout of our country for political power, but now I have and it makes me sick to my stomach. All great empires throughout history have fallen, so why should we be any different. This addiction for power is worse than smoking or doing drugs. It is an interminable disease that attacks the mind and soul of the politician and renders him/her heartless and corrupted inside and out. There is no cure.


18 Responses to Recall Congress

  1. onemorecup says:

    Absolutely magnificent! I saw you popped over and answered a couple of questions I had vis-a-vie immigration and our elected officials, and now I have spent the better part of my day reading your posts. This much is for sure…the more I read the more I want to read!

    I love the analogy you draw between the greediness for power with politicians and the addiction to drugs, insofar as, I’ve yet to see anyone get to the Hill and NOT change. Moreover, I agree with your assessment regarding the “empire.”

    Seriously, we have reckless disregard from the top (government) and runaway immigration from the bottom, the crash has started.

    One more thing: I have officially added you to my Blogroll and I would be honored to make a reference or two about what you’re doing over here. Happy Memorial Day!! Cheers!


  2. the Grit says:

    Hi Mad,

    Let’s see, there are two way to approach this. On one hand, we could pass a Constitutional Amendment, giving we the people the right to have a blanked recall vote, which would take several years. On the other hand, armed revolution would be quick, one way or the other, but runs the risk of an unexpected outcome. Perhaps there is still time to vote them out before the damage is permanent?

    Oh, and if we add Canada, we can be the United States of North America,

    the Grit

  3. madmouser says:

    I don’t know when I have ever been more frustrated than now. My wonderful country is changing for the worse and there is little if nothing that I can do to stop it. It really breaks my heart. I guess I am a just a sentimental patriot.

  4. cybil says:

    This whole ordeal just chaps my hide. I am so steaming angry at our government I could throw up. They are nothing but mindless, spineless drug/drinking skirt hiding bastards. I’ve seen some women with more balls than these bastards. I didn’t realize that when you had the power you had the right to step on every citizens moral fiber and disregard their lives as if they were mere filth under their uppity ass noses. Sorry for the colorful vocab., but I’m hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July. I think your piece was well written and I think all the bloggers should put your name on the ballot or at least take up a fund to send “MadMouser” to Washington. That’s got my first vote. Anyone as smart as you needs to be a rep. for the people. Our great ancestor’s would just love you and if more people could read your stuff, I know it wouldn’t take long to get you on that plane. I agree, that our country has gone down the toilet, and while the politicans make their millions tax free, we’re out here sucking it up hi and low and know one gives to hoots, ’cause it’s not coming out of their jam packed wallet.
    It’s disgusting in short, and my neigborhood has been invaded by the car load with illegals, with no driver’s license, insurace, etc. Not to mention the depreciation value on my house now, as the neighborhood is becoming run down. So I agree, I think it’s too late, way too late to fix the problem, but we know Ol’ George isn’t gonna care, once he leave’s the big house. Why should he. He’ll still have his millions. Oh, I must stop, I feel myself rambling now, but I guess that’s what anger can do to a person sometime. Anyway MM thanks for giving me the chance to sound off…You are the Bomb.

  5. lewisintex. says:

    Recall hell. Take them all out back and shoot them. Then let the REAL PEOPLE decide who they want to help them run this country. If nothing else, it would be quick and painless as more than half of them would probably be so loaded, they wouldn’t feel a thing anyway and they would think they were going to another hob nob party…hehehehe. “SUCKER”.

  6. mpinkeyes says:

    Let’s not forget that the only reason this bill was not passed last year was because conservatives in the house killed it. Last November voters were so shortsighted in their opposition to the war they voted those conservatives out without thinking what other ramifications it would have. Now there is probably no way to stop it. That is what is so frustrating to me.

  7. madmouser says:

    You are absolutely correct, mpinkeyes. All the Senators and representatives sure got an ear full while home on break. I heard it suggested to tell them not only will you not vote for them but you will not contribute one penny to their campaign if they vote for this bill. I don’t know what else we can do.

    I like Lewis’s reaction best, but we could get in big trouble. hahaha although it may not be any worse than what is going to happen to this country with this amnesty. Lewis, you are hot!

  8. madmouser says:

    Cybil, I’ll go to Washington if you will go with me. The dynamic duo does Washington. hahaha Gotta have a sense of humor or go crazy. Think I’d rather laugh and know why I am laughing.

  9. agitpropist says:

    People are locked in apathy, there does not appear to be enough support for such an action. I agree that Congress should be purged along with the Executive and Judicial. Things are going to have to get much worse for the majority of the population to wake up and by then I fear it will be too late.

  10. madmouser says:

    you are probably right, things will have to get much worse, and they most certainly will, if Congress passes this amnesty bill.

  11. ladyconklin says:

    Good Lord, How do you spell (HELP) from the top of your lungs. I like Lewis’ idea too. I also agree that if we didn’t project some type of humor in this, we might be aiming those firearms at the wrong people. Mad I’d love to go to Washington with you…I have two weeks vacation coming up in Sept. but I’m afraid that might be too late…unless I can take a leave of absense, but then who’d pay my bills. I work for one of those company’s that have the policy, no work no pay, and you have to wait 5 years just to get two weeks vacation (paid). But jobs here are few, and I can’t afford to loose the one I have, and I know there are not any millionares in the area, so I can kiss that Idea good-bye too. So let me know. It should be a butt whipping good time.

  12. cybil says:

    Hey Lady, that invitation was for me, but what the heck, the more the merrier and we could just march through Washington and let them know we’re MAD as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

  13. ladyconklin says:

    Oh dear, I guess I did invite myself. Sorry, but it just sounded like too much fun, and I didn’t want to be left out. I apologize for taking liberties there, so I guess dinner would be on me. Although it’s really not a bad idea when you think about it. After all they have had the million man walk and all those other rallies, so why not have one letting Washington know we’re coming to town and we’re going to be kicking butt and taking names. Who wants to be first.

  14. madmouser says:

    Well a trip to D.C. could be a blast but in the meantime email and call your Congress people and tell them NO Way Jose. We gotta keep the pressure on them.

  15. Gorilla Guys says:

    hey, what about this one?
    the US of ESE?

    thanks for this post. I had to wash up after watching “Bobby”…..this did the trick.

  16. onemorecup says:

    Dear madmouser:

    Was it something I said? Maybe something I didn’t say? Only kiddin’ with you. Please see for your Hat Tip…thanks again. Cheers!!

    btw…have you graduated?

  17. Braden says:

    Thank God it didn’t pass! It was terrible legislation and it would’ve been horrible for our country.

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