You Go First, Maybe I Will Follow

On second thought, no, I will not follow because I know you will not go first…

There were 8 Democratic candidates attending the Debate the other night and guess what? For all their bitching and complaining about humans destroying the planet, they each took a separate plane to go to the debate. Excuse me, you people are in the same party and you couldn’t get along well enough to all share one plane? Was that 40 minute flight gonna provide you with that magical answer to a question for you to run away as the winner of the debate? NO!
If you were not ready before the plane flight, cramming on the plane flight would not help you. So, you either know this Global Warming is a hoax or you think you are so much better than us little people and the rules you make for us to live by, do not apply to all of you. The special people.

Get real, we know you are scumbags, corrupt politicians down to your toes. You are not better than anyone, in fact, you are below most people that I know. My friends don’t steal, lie, cheat or pay $300 for sex.


45 Responses to You Go First, Maybe I Will Follow

  1. the Grit says:

    Hi Mad,

    Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll by carbon indulgences. It’s not like they haven’t raised enough money from self loathing rich liberals.

    the Grit

  2. Nah – they’ll cut funding for a highway expansion project so that the hoi polloi can walk to work, be environmentally friendly, and lower everyone else’s insurance premiums by keeping in shape. 😉

  3. Yup, the private planes was a bit inconsistent, but then again the GOP guys are about as bad in most cases.

    Remember, of the 535 elected officials the vast majority of them were millionaires – which is why they could probably afford to run for office. Do they really represent John and Jane Q. Citizen?

  4. madmouser says:

    We could all be millionaires if we didn’t have to pay for everything we do out of our own pockets like these millionaires. You are correct, they do not look out for John Q Public, nor do they think they must live by the rules they pass for us. Well, I for one, am sick and tired of their elitism. We should vote for non-millionaire people and send them to Congress and the White House at least once, to see if it makes a difference in how we are governed. It couldn’t be any worse than what we have now.

  5. Gorilla Guys says:

    I paid three hundred dollars for sex. But it was for dinner at Nicks Fishmarket in Chicago, and I was married at the time. I guess that doesn’t count.

  6. James Boren says:

    There is a huge disconnect between the liberal elites and the general public. They think that we are too stupid to make it through the day without them telling us what to do and how to do it.

    I am also of the opinion that the liberal elites think that the only reason that socialism hasn’t worked is because they have not been in charge of it.

  7. madmouser says:

    James, i particularly like your last statement and I think you have hit the nail on the head.

  8. madmouser says:

    I love the Gorilla Guys, you can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. You guys are the funniest guys on the ‘net’.

  9. JB~
    Hitler’s philosophy was to be in charge of socialism. We can see how well THAT worked out!

  10. It’s not the GOP running around trying to get people to fear a baseless Global Warming lie, in an effort to establish a need for the Marxist rule of the planet and the destruction of Capitialism.

    Demon-ism teacher, Demon-ism! — But the “rats” are good for your union, don’t you know!

  11. bloggernista says:

    Yeah, I am sure that the Repugs candidates are all flying together to the Cali debate. Right?

  12. Now, now you big palooka, you know very well that’s not what I meant.

    Personally, I believe a person has the right to fly the way they want according to their means. And by fly I mean in some sort of aircraft, and not by the means of an illegal substance — which by the way, many Demo-rats are all for the legalization of substance high flying.

    You’re not into that ecstasy crap young man? — hmmm!

    We’re moving in the direction of another period of planet glaciations anyway, so don’t sweat the fumes.

    Al Bore did not invent the Net and knows squat about the history of climate change. He and hippy-dippy Tipper wants to be a part of the Marxist aristocracy that tells us how to live our lives, but wants to be free to live their lives with excitement and spontaneity — If I could afford a private jet, screw the cattle car.

  13. madmouser says:

    Greetingsmy son, you left out a ‘broom for Hillary’.

  14. Here’s the best I could find this Am Mighty Mouse.

  15. Witches can morph into spider I believe.

  16. madmouser says:

    GMS: That photo is priceless. thank you…I love you too! (as one of my favorite bloggin’ buds, I don’t want your wife to get upset) or accuse you of anything unholy. 🙂

  17. madmouser says:

    hey, bloggernista, I don’t know how they are traveling, it hasn’t been reported that I am aware. However, the repugs as you call them are not the ones hawking global warming BS, either, its the Dems.

  18. Right back at you, “The Mouse That Roared” (if you have never watched that Peter Sellers movie, you’re missing a great one).

    What can we say MM? — we’re just loveable people…Did you notice Theo called me Dear.

  19. HARRUMPH! I called you “m’dear,” which is an entirely different thing.

    Ya know, people get all bent out of shape when called “dahlin,” even when said in a Southern drawl over mint juleps. Sigh…. 😦

  20. “HARRUMPH!”

    Do you need a Tums??

  21. bloggernista says:

    M.M., so you think global warming is BS and a partisan thing? Youd od realize that global climate change is not going to affect the liberals, right? Or maybe it really is something that the liberals made up and then set about convincing thousands of scientists to validate our socialistic attempt to create hysteria among the masses while destroying the American economy.

  22. Blogger,

    -During the 70s, scientists, in peer-reviewed journals, warned of the dangers of global cooling.
    -During 1000 CE, Greenland was temperate, England was wine country, and the world was pretty toasty.
    -Victorian England had far worse air pollution than it does now
    -There used to be rain forests as far north as the Arctic Circle.

    Anyone who fails to grasp the fact that the earth goes through radical climate changes, unaffected by human industrial activity, will come to wildest of conclusions. There is a difference between correlation and causation, and no one has established a CAUSAL link between global warming and human industrial activity; it is impossible to rule out natural climactic changes.

    To illustrate the difference between correlation and causation, I’ll offer you two statistics: in the summer, gas prices rise. In the summer, people eat more ice cream cones than they do in the winter. Therefore, eating ice cream causes higher gas prices. Now, that’s obviously rubbish. The real issue is that during the summer, its hot, so people eat ice cream; during the summer, it’s hot and students don’t have school, so people drive to vacations a lot more and the price of gas goes up.

    There are a lot of scientists who are calling b.s. on global warming. When AEI offered $10,000 in grant money to study alternate theories, the Institute was received with a firestorm of criticism. Do you really think that America is too pure and good for propaganda and bias?

  23. madmouser says:

    Theobromophile, you are exactly correct. What I do not understand is how so many people can believe the contrary. I do not understand that kind of reasoning. I understand the scientists who have signed on because they want funding. Follow the money. And, I especially wonder how people can believe a snake oil salesman like Al Bore.

  24. bloggernista, I was going to add my two cents worth, but I figured you ladies were having such a wonderful informative conversation, I’d keep my beautiful nose out of it.

  25. cybil says:

    My Mother told me years ago that if the communist could rule a generation, they would rule the world. Now how does that fit in with all this other political crap. Think about it, as for as our government and who’s sleeping with the enemy, and what if anything is anyone doing about it, besides sounding off. I am very concerned about were all this is going and how we’re going to end up. It’s a shame that you can’t trust or believe in your own government. Thats really scarry. On the other hand, apparently theobromophile you have never had a mint julep and probably don’t know how to say dahlin’, which is pronounced “darlin” in the south. Dahlin’ is how they say it in Hollywood and we all know that’s just acting. I say “darlin” every day at least 50 plus times and I have never had anyone offended by it. If anything, they have found it comforting and caring. So please if you can’t walk the walk or talk the talk, don’t knock those who can. And theo, I’m not picking on you, I’m just trying to enlighten you.

  26. Cybil honey,

    On Tuesday, I made mint juleps. Quite funny that you should pretend that I’ve never had them. I spent a few years living in the South; you would know that if you bothered to look at my blog before being a patronising little babycakes.

    So mock away, honey – because you’re dead wrong and I don’t mind pointing it out to you.

  27. So please if you can’t walk the walk or talk the talk, don’t knock those who can. And theo, I’m not picking on you, I’m just trying to enlighten you.

    Let’s see: you’re a complete witch and then you say that you’re really being a sweetie. Completely sad, because I’ve known so many Southern ladies who don’t feel the need to be two-faced. If you’re going to be condescending because you can and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, go ahead – but don’t pretend to know about my life (and it’s actually funny how wrong you are) and don’t pretend to be anything but a cruel little twit.

  28. I suggest Theo dahlin and Cybil babycakes mud wrestle to solve their differences. MM is the referee and the guys sit around watching while drinking mint juleps, wise cracking and field testing different makes of stun guns.

  29. Can’t you just see and hear it…”Let’s get ready to “mud–bowl!”

    Theo enters the ring to the music of Helen Ready — “I am woman here me roar in numbers to big to ignore.” — “I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!”

    Babycakes Cybil enters the ring to the music of “Gone With The Wind.” — “My,My, I believe I’ve got the vapors,” she says while waving her hand to cool her face — She walks over to Theo’s corner and as Theo brakes into singing, “I’m Every Woman,” by Shaka Kun, babycakes looks her in the eye and says, “Frankly Theo, I don’t give a damn.”

    While all this is taking place the guys are running around, plastered with sprigs of green mint in their teeth, tazzering each other with stun guns, laughing like hyenas and flopping on the floor like fish just caught and pulled on to the wharf. Many have soiled themselves from the sparks that have shot out their butts, and some are yelling at the wrestlers, “take it off baby,” while others are screaming, “No, No, baby, keep it on, or put it back on.”…

    …and the one that starts taking it off is bloggernista!

  30. Cybil says:

    Thank you Greetings My Son for putting it so colorful. I don’t know why Theo had to go get so hasty about the whole thing. I was born and raised in the south and my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap for speaking so hatefully. I loved your take on the whole thing with the Helen Ready and Gone with The Wind, now that was priceless. I wasn’t trying to offend anyone…but I’m pretty sure my facts are correct, although I may not know how to make a mint julep as well as Theo, but then on the other hand I don’t drink either. That’s not to say I don’t know how their made, I just don’t choose to drink. P.S. I’ll keep my clothes on if you don’t mind.

  31. Cybil says:

    Theo…I’m sorry you felt it necessary to go through all that name calling. I didn’t say anything harsh to you and if you took the walk and talk thing as a hit, I do apologize. It wasn’t personal and it wasn’t meant to offend anyone. I would never hurt someone’s feelings on purpose and/or do any name calling. I was always told that it didn’t make anyone look good and it just wasn’t a very nice thing to do. I hope we can avoid any further name calling in the future.

  32. Cybil,

    people from New England are not know for their sense of humor and are really wound up tight — I think it’s the nasty weather, leftist influence, over population and the cost of living for what little you get out of it.

    And their moving to the South, entirely in too many numbers. We are being invaded by the North and the South if you “axed” me.

  33. lewisintex. says:

    Well Theo you sure had me fooled. Here all this time I thought you were an educated person, yet you come across with your gutter mouth putting someone else down. All it did was cheapen you and made you look like some trailer trash with a dictionary. I really don’t think babycakes was trying to take a shot at you and it appears others feel the same way. All I can say is, it sure is refreshing to see that there are still some real southern ladies out there with some class, something this future generation and yourself seem to be lacking. I believe GMS pretty much said it for all of us, and I too loved his take on Helen Ready and Gone With the Wind. Also, I understand this is MM’s blog and not yours. Perhaps your sassy mouth would be better appreciated on a different blog, as your opionion didn’t fair well in this one.

  34. madmouser says:

    I want to make this into a video. You guys are absolutely ‘the Bomb’ as Randy Jackson from Idol would say. sorry, I have been out of the picture, been down with a nasty little flu bug. Now, I have a chance to say, “I’m back”.

    I will referee wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit, that should get things rolling and then here come Cybil and Theo in their costumes, one is a leopard print bikini and the other is a gold lame’. GMS is the ring announcer in his tux and tails. We must get video of the spectators flopping around. Too cool. GMS, you might consider saying, Let’s get Down & Dirty!

    I hope I can come up with another topic that is as much fun. Thanks everyone, you are all good sports, except Bloggernista. He needs to take a chill pill.

  35. It’s good that you’re back — You’re not contagious are you?

    Down and dirty works, as does most of the rest, but what is gold lame’?

  36. Cybil claimed to know more about my life than I do. She made some incredibly snide comments about walking the walk, talking the talk, and generally attacked me out of nowhere. If she’s then offended when she gets it back, she might want to reconsider her tactics in the first place. “Just trying to enlighten [me]” is about as patronising as it gets.

    Y’all might want to re-read what I said before Miss Cybil went on her little patronising hissy fit.

    Incidentally, my mum says “dahlin,” in a very sweet manner – “Great to see you, dahlin, have to pick up the kids from school now.” No, she’s not Southern, but it’s not just a Hollywood thing.


    You ought to read MadMouser’s comments as of May 10th, 2007 at 8:54 pm.

  37. lewisintex. says:

    OMG Theo, you are wound up tighter than a two dollar clock. At this point it really doesn’t matter who say’s what and in it what way. The glamour of the whole thing has now been shot down the toilet. So If you are what you say you are, then drop it and move on. It appears that is what Cybil was trying to do. Theo let it go…you aren’t making your point sound any better the more you carry on. Enough said. Hope you can get some rest now and put this behind you.

  38. Lewis,

    “Here all this time I thought you were an educated person, yet you come across with your gutter mouth putting someone else down. All it did was cheapen you and made you look like some trailer trash with a dictionary.”

  39. cybil says:

    Ah, it all comes together now. I see why there is a problem. Theo still speaks in the Queens English, where I speak southern english. Like the difference between Mum and Mom, that right there was a dead give away and certainly explained why you are so uptight. I’m curious though where in the south you lived for awhile and what type of environment you lived in, as it makes a huge difference in your tolerance level and how to except an apology when given, not to continue to make a mountain out of a mole hill, so you have once again left yourself wide open for the barrage of statements that will come your way, and I can see why your not married yet. Your so full of hate and recentment it’s like having a barbwire fence on for a dress. OUCH who wants to come near that and with that mouth. Surely you don’t kiss your Mum goodnight with that mouth, I hope.

  40. Cybil,

    I must say, telling me that I have a personality like a barbed wire fence isn’t a very sweet thing to say!

    Re: Mom v. mum. In some parts of the South (or southern-ish areas, such as rural Maryland), everyone is Mamma (blank). For example, if you had (or have) children, their friends would call you Mamma Cybil and your husband would be Daddy (whomever).

    There’s a few people from Down Under running about my family tree, so I’ve picked up some of their speech habits.

    In all seriousness, Cybil, I missed any apology that was given. Furthermore, apparently, in your world, calling someone “honey” is a sign of a trashy mouth — and, in my family, a trashy mouth involves swearing, cussing, or using bad grammar. (Frankly, I am confused as to why it’s okay for you to say that I’m like a barbed wire fence, but it’s not okay for me to point out that you’re not a very nice lady.)

  41. cybil says:

    Theo, the reason you can’t point that out to me is, you don’t have a clue to the definition of what’s really southern. I hardly call Maryland a southern state. So it appears you also have your geography screwed up along with a few other things. Ok the barbwire dress was a little harsh, but the rest seemed to fit you very well. Talk about two faced, I think you just won the academy awards for that one. As for some of your family members coming from down under. Down under what, the nearest rock. Good grief, well I guess you could consider that part of the south. Ok that was a little hasty too, but I didn’t start out being hasty or nasty, you did. I can back up my facts better than you think. You see you don’t know me either, although you would like to think you do. So be careful what you dish out for now on. P.S there will be no further attempts at an apology, as you wouldn’t know one if it hit you in the face.

  42. lewisintex. says:

    By the way Theo, Mamma is not really southern either, it’s just plain country. Mam as in yes mam or no mam is southern.

  43. Cybil,

    I believe that I distinguished Maryland from the South.

    Ok that was a little hasty too, but I didn’t start out being hasty or nasty, you did.
    1. Do you not have a delete button on your computer?
    2. I LOVE it! You turn on your vicious streak and then blame me for it.

    “Down under” generally refers to Australia or New Zealand. I do not know why you would attack people who have never done anything to you, but that seems to be your raison d’etre.

    Two-faced? LOL! Oh Cybil, you’re the one with that problem! You’re the one who would “never” be nasty to anyone, yet made all sorts of cruel comments out of nowhere. You just started attacking me for my mint julep comment and haven’t stopped since. Now you want to play the Southern lady card. Oh, it’s cute and charming and works when no one is recording you, but you must remember, darlin’, that, on the internet, you don’t get to pretend that you were never a vicious piece of work and didn’t start it all. 🙂

    Again, to my favourite vicious piece of work: Southern lady, my foot! You’re about as cruel and two-faced as they come.
    “Barbed wire dress,”
    “walk the walk, talk the talk,”
    “[your family came from] under the nearest rock…. I guess you could consider that part of the South,”
    “you have your geography screwed up along with a few other things,”

    yes, Cybil, you’re about as nasty as they come. Again, I hope you don’t kiss anyone with that despicable mouth of yours.


    First: “Mam” is not Southern. “Ma’am,” however, is Southern.

    Second: please let me know who (besides yourself) dislikes “Momma” or “Mamma.” It is well-recognised among my Fort Worth family as being acceptable.

  44. PS Cybil,

    I do want to thank you. As one blogger said, it’s easier to deal with the hatred that comes from other people on the internet when they are obviously unhinged.

    “Barbed wire dress,”
    “walk the walk, talk the talk,”
    “[your family came from] under the nearest rock…. I guess you could consider that part of the South,”
    “you have your geography screwed up along with a few other things,”

    are not things that normal people say. Again, you can get away with your two-faced viciousness in the South, but you can’t when people have a nice record of your nastiness.

  45. Theo,

    don’t make me list the colorful statements you have made about people — you’re no Mother Teresa tootse!

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