Is Anyone Else Sick of Cell Phones?

When the cell phones first came out, I thought this is great. Now I can be in contact with anyone at any time. In case of an emergency, I would always be able to call for help. If I was running late for an appointment, I could always call and let someone know without having to pull over and stop at a filthy pay phone, losing more time. I applauded the cell phone.

Now, I am beginning to hate them. So far, I’ve never had an emergency where I needed to call for help, nor have I been late for any appointments. So much for preparedness.

What I have encountered is the most rude behavior by people using cell phones. They do not care where they are while talking on their phones. They expect others to be polite while they converse, as if they were the only important people on this planet. I have been in several near crashes due to another driver talking on their phone while driving and not paying attention. Thank God I was alert and lucky enough to avoid them.

I vote this one for Queen of Rude. This woman was talking on her phone while in the checkout line at the supermarket.
She was still talking on her phone when the cashier had finished ringing up her food total. The cashier waited for a minute, but there were other people in line waiting to check ou, so the cashier told the woman she was finished ringing her up and the woman on the phone almost jumped down the cashier’s throat. She screeched, can’t you see I am on the phone, you dumbass? Then, she proceeded to tell her phone mate that she was talking to some $6 an hr nobody.

I wanted to cram that phone down her throat, but the cashier remained polite and didn’t say a word. I would have lost my job over that issue, I’m sure…

Here’s one that should make everyone feel good. You are at lunch with a male or female, doesn’t matter and their phone rings right in the middle of your conversation. they answer their phone and begin a conversation with that person. Now, don’t you feel real special. I would try to stick them with the tab, if I could. If I ever went to lunch with them again, I think I would take along a book to read instead of entertaining a conversation with them. But, that’s me.

Why don’t you tell us about a phone story that you have experienced. If nothing else, maybe people will learn what is considered rude and change their behavior, or not.


31 Responses to Is Anyone Else Sick of Cell Phones?

  1. kooz says:

    I hate them too! When I left the business world and went into radio I got rid of my cell. Going on three years now.

    • oh I hate the big smart phones, Im sick of carrying around, its all about more apps more money, my small flip phone is more useful, still! fits in the side zipper compartment of my purse, and the smart phone, even in its holder, if one tap something goes wrong, I mean I hate ity, I hate those big worthless phones that for me and my hand, could be half the size and have a flip covering instead of being so touchy if it gets bumped something happens you dont want. I hate them! I got one everyone said oh its great but it not great.

  2. the Grit says:

    Hi Mad,

    Having only had one for a few months, I still love mine. Of course, only 3 people have my number, so that may be a factor. Also, the camera feature is cool! Not to mention that I find myself feeling superior due to my ringtone selection, that being Kashmir. Often, it is the little things that count 😉

    the Grit

  3. I think many of the feminists get the ones with the strong vibration ring on it and spend a lot of time calling one another and letting it ring.

    The Big Bully!

  4. madmouser says:

    ROFL…GMS, you are so funny, I love your sense of humor. You just made my day, thanks.

  5. It takes a sense of humor to know a sense of humor, there Mighty Mouse —- I just can’t bring myself to calling you Mad.

    How about those guys with the Alec Baldwin guts walking around the village on the cell phones, trying to make everyone believe their captains of industry managing their vast Donald Trump Empire.

  6. marty says:

    Touche’ Mad…and thanks for bringing this one to the forefront. It is one of my biggest pet-peeves. I literally hate them and like yourself have not had the need to carry one.
    I have seen some of the rudest behavior since this trend became popular. I think we need stronger laws if nothing else to prevent accidents. I have seen several accidents on the news where the person was on the phone and didn’t yeild or see the other drive. Unfortunately it’s getting to the point where there are as many fatalities due to cell phones as there are drunk drivers…now that’s scarry.

  7. ladyconklin says:

    I think cell phone use has become abusive as well as the people who use them. I work in retail and I see the abuse on a daily basis. It’s amazing how people have become OUT of touch with the real world. Perhaps many have the misconception that the cell phone keeps them in touch. When in fact the real world is right in front of them and it just passed them by. A missed opportunity to connect with someone else, just passed them by, as they continued conversing with the person on the other line, who I would imagine was just having idol chit-chat. Not only that it makes it difficult for the customer service person/clerk to do their job effectively, and then to have the customer turn around a be snide with the clerk. They also hold up check-out lines due to the fact they can’t focus on what their doing. It’s like walking and chewing gum at the same time. Some people can’t do it, nor can they conduct business and be on the phone. So, I say, please leave your phone in the car/purse or at least be polite enough to excuse the caller for a minute while the clerk tries to assist you. The cell phone does not give you carte’ blanch to be RUDE.

  8. lulu83 says:

    I have to agree, mobiles are getting a bit annoying!

  9. My only phone is my cell phone. My family and friends love the fact that I don’t change my number every few months or year when I move. As someone who also drives long distances on a regular basis, the cell is almost a necessity. Yeah, I’ve used it and needed it – the occasional car disaster, traffic, etc.

    A few weeks ago, I was at Trader Joe’s in the checkout line when my friend called. Trying to be a not-rude person, I picked up, said, “I’ll call you back in two minutes.” The cashier said, “No, three minutes,” and held out his hand for the phone. He promptly proceeded to carry on a conversation with my friend who lives 3,000 miles away while ringing me up

    Anyway… I do take issue with people who won’t get off the phone, whatever end they be on. Some people simply do not understand something like, “Traffic’s rough, gotta go,” or “I’m in line now, can I call you back?”

  10. I have one, don’t really use, but my son does! I don’t even know my #.
    I enjoy looking at students during school who have them out and saying, “I know I don’t see a cell phone in the hallway”. Okay, so everyone likes to feel the power once in awhile!

  11. abu ameerah says:

    cell phones = electronic leash

  12. marco says:

    Sporting Events: EVERYONE behind the backstop should be banned from having a cell phone during the game. that’s all you see, and hear.
    Movies: The call to silence isn’t working. I was sitting in a theatre last summer and this lady was talking on her cell as if she was in a park. I tried shusshing her, didn’t work. I went out and told the theatre manager to either tell her to shut up or give me my money back. prob solved, but what a pain.
    Bluetooth: I remember when I used to move to the other side of the street when I caught someone talking to themselves. Now, you just come to expect it. So now how do we tell the difference between a pretentious schmuck with a bug attached to their ear and someone who is in dire need of happy pills?

  13. Justin says:

    I too am sick of cell phones… remember when you weren’t so “available”? I don’t, I feel like I insult someone if they can’t get ahold of me nowadays! haha

  14. penandink says:

    Cell phones have a certain place in life and can be of some use. But here is a list of the following places they should not be allowed. In your car while driving, movies, grocery store check outs, banks, department stores, your JOB, and so on. I think they should be used for emergencies only, and not be part of your body, like those ones the people wear in their ears, and you can’t see them, so you think this person is talking to their self. That’s just creepy. Please, Please, use phone etiquite. You would be doing all of us a favor. Thank you m, for bringing this pain in the behind issue up.

  15. brahnamin says:

    i call my cell phone *the electronic leash*

    i will keep it because my wife and i both work 2 hours from home and we want the kids to be able to get in touch with us at need

    but in my ideal world, my cell phone would live in the car and nobody would have my number

  16. dekerivers says:


    This week we were made aware of a horrendous car accident on the Madison beltline resulting in the death of a young man. Others were also injured in the accident. The multiple car crash was awful in and of itself, but got worse when I read the details.

    Lt. Lance Langer, of the Madison Fire Department, said that he couldn’t get his ladder truck through, so he got out and started knocking on the windows of vehicles blocking the way. “I know one gentleman was on his cell phone; another gentleman was eating a muffin,” Langer said.

    For the whole account of this mess read my post.

  17. blacktygrrrr says:

    Hello MadMouser. You were one of the first people to ever comment on my blog. It has really grown, and been quite a steep learning curve.

    I am contacting my fellow WordPress political bloggers.

    I would consider it a privilege if you would add my blog “The Tygrrrr Express” to your list of linked sites if you feel the quality is high enough since your last visit.


  18. marshe lynch says:

    It’s a pity, but I’ve started to decline dinner invitations from friends because of their rude behavior when it comes to their cell phone use. I got tired of having every conversation that was started interrupted by them answering their phones. And I would always get, “sorry about that”. That proves they know they are being rude, but they’re not sorry at all.
    In essence, I feel my personal space is being invaded. Most of us as kids were taught not to interrupt the one who is speaking. Well, don’t these cell addicts see that it is the same?There is no reason outside of an emergency when we should even have our phones visible to us or anyone else while in the presence of others. Plain and simple: Turn it off for an hour or so when you’re with others.

  19. ron says:

    It is also funny when one of these addicts lose the phone and realize they havent memorized a phone number in many years

  20. BigLenNC says:

    I know this is an older post, but I must agree that people are becoming rude when using cells. I have one as my primary line, but I don’t interupt conversations to answer it, and I step outside if I am going to make or receive a call in a public place. They are convenient, but you don’t have to live on them!

  21. tony says:

    Agreed!! Its a old post,but is so accurate…I own a iphone but i do cut it off for days at a time! The older i get the sicker i get of everyone else talking on phones. I was in a motorcycle accident which was caused by a woman on a cell phone! I also do not take calls in public i hit ignore! I also do not pick up my phone while driving! Glad to see im not the only one that has these feelings!

  22. Noll says:

    This post may have some age; but its relevance to today’s culture is still spot on! I am just as sick of email these days, our communications skills are dwindling . . .

  23. Steve says:

    This author is spot on, absolutely correct. In Vancouver all I see these days are “commuter monkeys” on ferries, subways and buses poking away at their smart phone screens. Nobody talks to anybody, they just stare transfixed at their cell phones, usually Facebook. I also don’t like Facebook. I tried it and have an account but its just boring. I think the digital age has given us diarrhea of the mouth, e.g. way too many communication options–even though we have only so much to say. Smart phones, cell phones, Twitter, Facebook, email, blogs, web pages, etc. In a way profit-driven tech companies are to blame for forcing us to buy into this social media gluttony. Just don’t like it. Much prefer person-to-person conversation.

  24. Observer says:

    You know, it terrifies me what life will be like in a few centuries, hell, even a few decades. Will everyone be surgically attached to a monitor? Will everyone be living in their home, Digitally downloading Movies, Music, Books, Video Games, and have groceries delivered by mail? Will physical formats/items other than food cease to exist? It seems society wants to be isolated from one another. The magic, wonders, and opportunities of life is being replaced with technology that needs to be repaired or just plain replaced every few years. The saddest part is this is coming from a technology enthusiast, so you know it must be bad.

  25. Edward Smith says:

    I am ready to dump my Galaxy S III, I am fed up with begging cell phone companies to send me a manual for the phone. Samsung refuses. They want me to print my own. What an insult. I try to reach a Samsung call centre, I get the call centre on the phone and they refuse to tell me where they are. Their greeting is not “hello” by “What is your cell phone number?” How rude.

    I am tired to texting people when a simple phone call will do.

    I am tired of 101 features and bells and whistles on my phone that I don’t need or don’t even use. I see I am not alone.

  26. Edward Smith says:

    I forgot to add to my earlier post that when I retire I am going back to a landline. I will send my cell phone back to the CEO of Samsung.

    On bus stops, I see people obsessively clutching their phones and pretending to check for messages over and over and over again. How sad. The art of conversation is being lost. I can understand young people in their 20s being attached to phones — they grew up with technology — but now even older adults are becoming more and more reclusive. By the time they are 50, they will be living in a cave…

    I am tired of being available 24 hours a day. I don’t need a cell phone. I am just not that important. I am going to start by leaving it in my vehicle when I go to shop or have a meal with others. I am going to slowly wean myself off my phone except when required to carry it for work. Ahhhh…. I feel better already…

  27. A large number of people today can’t go any length of time without getting on their phones for some reason or another, I’m not one of them. If it wasn’t for my business, I would likely not even have a phone.

  28. I hate that in the not so far off past that at closing time at the bars and dance clubs you could gather a group of interesting people, and head to a destination, maybe someone’s home, and sat around and have deep discussions about life, death,sex and other intriguing subjects. Or just got stoned.Now everybody is to busy texting,
    or talking to some idiot on the phone.

  29. roadwarrior says:

    Although I still have a cell phone , I really wish I didn’t need one. It is far from being the center of my life. I’ve never really been fascinated with it , or the technology as it got more involved. It’s just a convenience to me since I am on the road all day for work. (yeah , I have had a couple of emergencies and was glad I had it.)
    I don’t do Facebook , Twitter , or any other social media and the more I see everyone else so self involved on their “smart” phones , getting dumber and dumber , it just makes me long for the days when they didn’t exist.

  30. Jacob says:

    im going to go put my Iphone on silent and leave it in my room for today – sent from my Iphone

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