Where Have All The Ladies Gone?

I am not a prude. I am not a crazed feminist. I am a confused female because I do not understand what is going on with the women in America. The latest craze in America suburbia is not Tupperware parties, no, the rage is, hold on to your seat, “Pole Dancing” parties. That’s right, the pole dancing you find in the sleazy strip clubs.

Pole dancing is being advertised to the women as a way to excite their husbands and keep them at home and out of the strip clubs. They advertise it as another way be sexy and to lose weight, toning your muscles and giving women a sense of “power’. There are supposedly over 100 different positions using the pole. Classes start at beginner and go up to Advance and Professional. They advertise to all ages as being able to learn to pole dance.

Okay, I don’t want to picture my grandmother spinning around on a pole with her legs spread apart, and I don’t think my grandfather wants to see that either. My dad said my mother doesn’t need a pole to make her sexy; she’s perfect just like she is. I love my dad.

If I had to play gymnastics on a pole to keep my man interested, I would think my man was a pervert and he’d be history, instantly. What I wonder is, what happened to behaving like a lady? Is it too old-fashioned for women today? Don’t they like being respected by men? Are they so consumed by feminism that they are trying to become more manlike?

I believe women should not be denied their chance for a great education and going into the workforce and becoming accomplished. In the workforce things should be equal. The workforce has an objective, a bottom line and it doesn’t care what gender gets the job done as long as it gets done.

Outside the workforce, its a different world. It does make a difference whether you are female or male. Like it or not, women carry a huge burden of risk in their interaction with males, especially on a sexual level. Men do not get pregnant, but women do. Its not the man’s fault. (I have thought it would be pretty funny to see men handle a pregnancy).

Women, do you really want to get married, have children and your children find out that you were nothing more than a common whore. You drank, smoked, did drugs, had sex with everybody. Is that how you want to represent yourself to your children? Come on…please start showing some signs of respect for yourself. Control your urges, your a big girl, you can do it. Reach the point in your life when you can demand respect and get it because you deserve it.

Become the kind of lady your husband can take home to meet his family and feel proud. If you are invited to a pole dancing party, tell the hostess, sorry you can’t make it. You will be busy making passionate love to your hubby, all night long, while the kids are sleeping over at your Mother’s. And do it!


32 Responses to Where Have All The Ladies Gone?

  1. Hmmm! — Get my wife her own pole for dancing?…100 positions?

    I don’t think so. She’ll end up spending too much time polishing her pole, and I do not want anything interfering with my getting my pole polished.

    I’m truly sorry for the above — Please don’t report me to Sharpy Sharpton and get me taken off the WWW.

  2. madmouser says:

    Oh My Gosh, I am rolling on the floor with laughter. You are one of my favorite blogging buddies. I know you will be truly sorry for that statement, if your wife sees it. hahaha…

  3. ladyconklin says:

    Who needs a bleeping pole. Sounds like these women have no imagination at all. Maybe they should trying contacting an older generation of woman who never needed a pole and ask them for some advice. Touche’ to “greetingsmyson”. I thought that was pretty funny and it took a second for me to contain myself. Thanks I needed that today.

  4. kooz says:

    I was watching a show about renovated and new streamline camper trailers for the rich. I guess many hollywood stars like to go camping in style.

    Anyway…Pamela Anderson bought a brand new streamline camper equipped with a big screen t.v., all white leather seats and interior, and a bar. She said she bought it for her and her kids to spend time together…

    …Which is why I found it odd she had a miniture strippers pole in the master bedroom. Appearently, the need to strip is so strong for some women…that they will do it on a 3 foot pole in a camper with their kids in the next room playing video games on a big screen t.v….somewhere in the woods.

  5. madmouser says:

    Will her big plastic inflated boobies fit on a 3 ft pole? Doubt it…Maybe she has her kids in training. I wonder at what age she will let her daughter(s) get inflated? 8 -10-or 12?

  6. lewisintex. says:

    Excuse me, but the last time I checked, a REAL LADY didn’t need a pole.

  7. The Scolai says:

    It’s often been said “When women lose their morality, our society is finished.” This is because men are figuratively nothing more than “shaved apes.” I don’t believe in Evolution, just the ability of women to civilize men.

  8. arclightzero says:

    This is one of those things I have long been wondering about. As a reasonable, sensible guy, I find the strange decline in women to be alarming. I am no prude either, but I have boundaries and I am finding that many of the current trends among women to be outside the range of what I would like a woman in my life to exhibit.

  9. lewisintex. says:

    Thanks arclightzero for putting it so nicely. I feel the same way. It’s sad to see all the real ladies of the world disappear. I figure by now, most of them are in their late 40’s and up, and probably married or don’t want to be bothered with all that stuff anymore. The others are probably to busy with climbing the corporate ladder. All the same it’s a lost art and culture and we can only hope someday, maybe one of these older ladies will open up a school to help bring back nice respectable ladies.

  10. navigolucky says:

    The strange decline in women? I feel like I’m on the planet of the apes, as in ape-men. Women are wondering the same thing, where all the decent respectable men are who aren’t sleazy, philandering, unemployed, broke, uneducated, sex-crazed, beer-bellied coach potatoes who can romance ladies and make them appreciated. There’s a whole media industry geared towards the whining of women over the lack of decent men, i.e. Cosmo magazine, Glamour magazine, Sex and the City, chick flicks…etc.

    Ladies don’t just come from a certain generation. And ladies from a former generation weren’t any better able to keep their husbands from running out to strip clubs or sleeping around. They were just too financially dependent to leave those philandering fools. So enough with all this romanticizing the past.

    And in regards to Lewisintex, how does “climbing the corporate ladder” detract from being a lady? Does being a lady somehow entail women having to be less ambitious and leave all that for men? Really, just as men need a fulfilling career in addition to be being a husband and a father, sometimes women have the same need to have a fulfilling career in addition to be a wife and a mother. Have you ever seen Delphine Arnault? She is gorgeous, well-educated, very feminine, 32 years old, and also one of the richest women in the world as the director of LVMH, who controls Louis Vuittion, Moet Hennessy liquors, Dior, Chanel…etc.

    Generalizations are dangerous. That’s just as bad as my friends up north who think that all Texans outside of the big cities are uneducated, gun-toting, in-bred hicks who prefer their wives barefoot and pregnant in their trailer homes and think anyone who is Latino or Hispanic is an illegal Mexican. (All of which, I hope, is untrue). But they rely on the same reasoning that you used to come to your definition of ambitious women in corporations being unladylike: you meet (or read about) a few bad apples and then you think “oh, they must all be like that.” perhaps you ought to read more into probability and statistical theory before making generalizations based on your personal observation. if observation alone were good enough to make irrefutable truth, than we would still think the world is flat and that the sun revolves around us.

    And how did a pole get associated with feminism? If anything, feminists would abhor how the pole objectifies women into sex objects for men. And most people don’t seem to understand the nuances of feminism anyway. It’s a methodology for academic research, from historical revisionist views to sociology to psychology and organizational behavior, just as Marx developed a sort of historical or material dialecticism to view the progression of society in economic terms. Why give feminism a bad rap? Yeah, radical feminists are bad, but so is anyone with extreme ideas (like xenophobes, etc). Feminism pushed to have your great grandmother vote and fought for your mother go to college and improve her self-esteem as a person who complements her man, not as a sub-standard citizen. If feminists hate men so much (see madmouser’s post on female artificial sperm creation), then why would they want to be manly?

  11. navigolucky,

    feminism did squat for women.

    The Industrial Revolution providing jobs that women could actually perform, given their lack of upper body strength, did the trick.

    Farming was not a gals strong suit.

    WWI with all it’s health care jobs helped also.

  12. navigolucky says:

    I don’t see how feminism did “squat” for women. Jobs, relatively equal pay, college education…a lot of this didn’t occur until the 1960s and 1970s. The proportion of women getting PhDs, becoming doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, or even going to college didn’t increase until then.

    The industrial revolution provided jobs for single, unmarried young women, like the mills in Lowell, Massachusetts. And in regards to “providing jobs that women could actually perform, given their lack of upper body strength”, some places chose children and women because they were better suited for it then men, not because they were weaker than men. For example, textile mills required small, nimble fingers and thus they employed many children and would not employ men. There are still a number of factories in Southeast Asia that only employ young women today for similar reasons. And in today’s society, I think brains counts just as much as brawn, since the economy is switching to that of technology, science research, information, and services over agriculture and heavy industry.

    And even before the Industrial Revolution, women still had jobs as teachers, seamstresses, milliners, helping to run house and farms. And despite paying taxes with their wages, women still couldn’t vote until the 20th century.

    And look at all the women in third world countries who contribute to farm labor. Some countries, 75% or more of women are engaged in agricultural labor. I’ve worked on farms on two continents. You need strength AND endurance. Women, in general, may not have the brute strength of a man, but endurance we have. And depending on the crop or livestock plus the available technology, farming can be a “gals strong suit.”

    I won’t even bother addressing the WWI comment, as I fear that I have wasted my time in addressing the other comments. I can’t believe I’m arguing this over the internet because people are slow to change their minds. But I hope maybe you look at some more facts and rely less on stereotypes. Whether you hate feminism or not, it did benefit women. When I was a kid, I hated broccoli and pretty much all vegetables. But they were still good for me, regardless of whether I disliked them. I just didn’t know (or care) about their nutritive value because I couldn’t get over how broccoli prepared in one way was rather bitter to swallow. Prepared in other ways, it was just divine. Do you understand the analogy here?

    I don’t know why some men resent feminism so much. Ok, SOME feminists are abrasive, even to me. But even if individuals feminists suck, what they did on the whole for women and the results they achieved do have SOME positive impact to improve women’s lives. What satisfaction do you get from denying that feminism helped to fight for women to pursue opportunities outside of the domestic realm? Women in the US are still having babies, still getting married, still cooking dinner, still ironing their husband’s shirts. Maybe their husbands have to pitch in more bc their wives have less time to do all that now that they are bringing in a second income. But how is helping your wife, be it washing dishes or babysitting the kids, not something you would want to do anyway out of love?

  13. navigolucky,

    There were three great transforming forces that changed a women’s world and dwarfed the effect of the political attacks on the legal system and institutional structures made by feminists.

    (1)The growth of the advanced capitalist economy. By 1914 great numbers of new jobs were created — typists, secretaries, telephone operators, factory hands, department store assistants and teachers — Almost none of these had existed a century earlier.

    These jobs brought a huge practical shift of economic power to women — The feminists did squat in this regard and are extremely over rated in history by the minds of mush — Once women could earn their own living they were able to begin transforming family structures and that transformation is still evolving. Feminists are coning you gals into thinking they had some great part to play in women’s success.

    By 1900, a job in industry or commerce meant a chance of liberation from parental control or the trap of marriage based on drudgery and necessity. All and all these jobs stimulated the need for women to get educated and professionally trained — Christ’s Western World needed them in a new economic climate and structure.

    (2) CONTRACEPTION! Women could now control the demands of childbearing which beforehand completely dominated a women’s life.

    (3) Technology — piped water; gas for heating and lighting; the cleanliness and flexibility of electricity; detergents; better shops to meet household needs; washing machines; ect, ect, ect………..The technological explosion positively impacted domestic routine and drudgery, freeing up women to pursue activities they felt were more liberating.

    Yes my Dear, the antics of the Femini-Nazis and suffragettes pale in comparison to the three forces I pointed out above with respect to a women’s liberation.

  14. Oh, I forgot to enlighten you (it is fast becoming my duty here) on the part WWI played with regards to providing jobs for women and thus a great degree of freedom as explained above.

    In 1914 the whole British Empire had 18,000 hospital beds and four years later it had 630,000. Can you imagine the need for health care workers world wide??????


  15. navigolucky says:

    Please read my former arguments, or please reread them more carefully. I did not try to prove that feminism achieved EVERYTHING equal for women. I simply refute your statement that feminism did NOTHING (or “squat,” as you more eloquently phrase it) for women. Feminism did do something: it pushed for societal acceptance for women to earn college degrees to pursue occupations that had been traditionally closed to women.

    Women were not liberated to go to college or earn PhDs or MBAs or JDs in the early 1900s by their jobs as secretaries, telephone operators, or working in hospitals during WWI. If they worked in the hospital, it was as nurses, not as doctors. If they were teachers, it was at a middle school, not at a university as a professor. It wasn’t because they didn’t choose to. It was because it was socially unacceptable and the opportunities for university study did not exist. The various feminist movements in the 1960s and 1970s (yes, there were different branches…not some single consolidated ideological group) pushed for women’s educational equality and helped to bring its success. They were not the sole cause, although very few things can lay claim to direct causality.

    You posit that these jobs encouraged women to get educated and professionally trained, yes they did. But my point is that these jobs did not require a college degree or a post-graduate degree. The increase in women receiving college degrees did not begin to increase to levels comparable to those of men until the 1960s and 1970s, thanks in part (although not completely) to feminists, both male and female.

    As for your other points, I agree that contraception was another big role in the liberation of women and changing of the family structure. The technological explosion of which you speak is kind of vague though. The development of washing machines available to the average household and gaslights were decades apart. Refrigerators and other appliances were available in the 50s to make it less time-consuming to prepare family meals, but women were still shut out from attaining certain occupations.

    The right to vote is another landmark for women’s liberation bc it was one of the first political legislations that acknowledged women’s opinions as carrying the same weight of men’s opinions. Imagine living in a society where you cannot vote, despite working as a telephone operator, store-clerk, typist and paying taxes with your wages.

    If you knew much about history, you would know that reading a few history books won’t cut it. History is about the interpretation of events, which automatically brings in questions of bias from the historians’ perspective.

    For example, that the treaty of Westphalia was signed in 1648 is an event. Historians, however, would offer many different points of view as to the interpretation of the significance and what socio, political, economic, and religious factors led up to it. Did it give rise to the modern nation state, what did it mean for European identity, the political clout of the Church, etc.

    You’re not going to find a single “right” point of view by reading a “real” history book. If you’ve ever done scholarly research using peer-reviewed journals rather than “popular” history books sold in Borders or Barnes and Noble that are accessible for the minds of the general public, then you know what I mean. This is not elitist or to put you down. But historians, as do most academics, with PhD divide their work into scholarly articles for a specialized audience in their field and then more accessible works for general publication.

    Feminazis? I don’t understand why you would compare feminists to the Nazis, who undertook a mass genocide against Jews, homosexuals, political opponents, mentally disabled, physically disabled, prominent artists/musicians/writers, Catholic priests, dissidents, and Roma. I’m guessing it’s some sort of witty portmanteau, although the humor is kind of lost in light of the atrocities committed by the Nazis.

    I’m sorry that my responses are so long, but I try to be precise. Still, I gracefully back out of this debate bc I think it is getting kind of futile, and your responses are becoming progressively ad hominem. It was nice exchanging ideas. I’ve got to go back to studying my econometrics and differential equations.

  16. Oh, now I understand, you’re just a brainwashed student a few days removed from her salad days.

  17. Who was the feminist that said, “if you want to know which sex is most important to a society, see which one comes in and does the repair work after a natural disaster?”

  18. Femin–Nazi — “We’re here, we’re queer (read the Pink Swastika) and we’re in your face.”

    Obviously, the Goebbles German–Nazi like propaganda machine of the Feminist movement has convinced the minds of mush that the Patricia Ireland’s of the world has saved womanhood.

    Speaking of Patricia Ireland — Did you know that during the week she lived with her bow–dyke, ahem, lover, and on the weekends with her male husband?…Femin–Nazi — “We’re here, we’re AC/DC (read the Pink Swastika) and we’re in your face.”

  19. Kita Kazoo says:

    Silly women do silly things… Always have always will.

  20. Greetings,

    Engineering has existed for centuries, requires minimal upper-body strength, but has not been available to women until feminism opened the doors of academia.

    I happen to like my right to vote. Thank you, Susan B. Anthony – a lovely, tough old broad who hated being a second-class citizen and wanted to empower women so as to avoid abortion.

    Beyond that, yeah, some of the results of second and third wave feminism leaves a lot to be desired. I’m pretty sure that I’m a complete human, and I’m pretty sure that I’m a rational human, so I’m happy that I have equal rights to my male peers. 🙂

  21. Theo said,

    “I’m happy that I have equal rights to my male peers.”

    So am I — I have a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter — It was the need for more engineers after the Industrial Revolution that evolved into women getting these degrees and practising engineering — not feminism.

    All the dyke feminists have done, and they still are, is gender baiting and trying to get fools to believe — “everything you can do I can do better.” When in fact, males and females are wired differently and each brings a very specialized set of benefits and talents to the table.

    Do you think maybe it could be, women trying to be men that accounts for the lop-sided cases of depression amoung women verses men?

  22. Factually incorrect, as women are still working on breaking into the sciences. How about the women at MIT a few years back who measured lab space to prove, mathematically, that they were shorted square footage? The Industrial Revolution did not really bring an increase of women scientists, as it was still socially unacceptable for a woman to work outside the home. It has been the steady push of passionate, talented women that has opened the doors for others.

    I, for one, thoroughly believe in equality and also believe that equality does not equate to simililarity, and, in fact, is undermined when we demand that people act in an identical fashion to be considered equals of each other. Nevertheless, women do not receive equal treatment to that of men. We are given the quintessential trap: either deal with inequality because we are “different,”or, when we prove ourselves similar enough to merit similar treatment, be damned as “dyke feminists… trying to be men.”

  23. To answer the real question: to a large extent, I’m fairly old-fashioned. I’m a big prude; I would not pole dance instead of throwing a Tupperware party (well, I wouldn’t throw a Tupperware party, either, at least not as long as there’s wine and cheese in the world); I love to cook and don’t think of it as domestic servitude; and I have no problem telling men that I will not be physically intimate with them.

    Rest assured that most of those qualities are not appreciated by men. They see a woman who has sexual morals and see a challenge, not a lady to be respected for her strength of character. They see abortion as a means to screw about without consequences (you know, that pesky child support stuff). Very sad.

  24. theo writes,

    “Rest assured that most of those qualities are not appreciated by men. They see a woman who has sexual morals and see a challenge, not a lady to be respected for her strength of character.”

    The one that cares for you and wants a solid relationship will appreciate these qualities — have you tried not talking so much.

  25. have you tried not talking so much.

    Again, with the personal attacks.

  26. flavie says:

    out of control – a woman I know at a posh spa says that around Valentines day her salon gets requests over the phone from women who want to know if they will die their pubic hair red and wax it into a heart. Sigh….

  27. Hmmm!… A spa charge rather than paying for roses.

    I could save some money and perhaps get in the “Valen-times” spirt myself and get “Mr. Happy” to resemble an arrow.

    See, and my wife says, “I’m not romantic enough.”

  28. Gorilla Guys says:

    I just bought a pair of Terri Hatcher’s panties on Ebay. How’s that for feminism?

  29. Gorilla Guys says:

    WTF? YOU’RE the one who outbid me? Dude, we have to compare notes more often.

  30. madmouser says:

    Greetinsmyson, should I now call you ‘straight arrow’?

  31. washing machine problems…

    Where Have All The Ladies Gone? « The Mouse House…

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