Who’s the Racist Here?

I want to know since they are condemning Imus for saying ‘nappy haired ho’s’, if they are going to condemn Chappelle and Chris Rock and others for their callous references to black ho’s? If not, then they owe Imus an apology. To single out Imus, a white man and to let black men get away with even worse statements is nothing less than Racism by Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the white’s who bow at their altars.

Condemn one, condemn all, or do not condemn any.


8 Responses to Who’s the Racist Here?

  1. Ariel says:

    I strongly agree with you,I’m black and spanic and I still can see the black american double standard about racism it is just going too far,I’m just hopping for a reverse racism lawsuit from that Imus guy.

  2. ladyconklin says:

    It appears more and more that the Blacks are more racist then anyone, especially the white people. Fortunately, the White’s where brought up with loving and caring parents who worked very hard and didn’t live on welfare or off the system. They taught their children to have respect for others and good manners. It is a rare day when you see a Black person with all of the above. I don’t look down on these people because they have no manners or class, I feel bad for them that their parents who had they same opportunities that I had, chose not to take advantage of them and ended up being mis-guided, un-educated loosers. It’s their own fault, and they still have a chance to fix it, but they choose not to do anything as they are content living the way they do, and using us as an exuse for everything that goes wrong in their life. “Quote”, If you aren’t happy with the way things are, then you can only blame yourself, as you DO have the right to change that.

  3. Karen says:

    Yes I can agree with alot said here. However, I do believe the difference, imo, are remarks based in a comedic context as that is their mission to get laughs as opposed to a radio announcer attempting humor and totally missing the mark. He needs to keep his day job……. wait…….ooooooops.

  4. Villager says:

    Mouser – Imus was on the public airwaves…as such the standard for his speech is different than a hip hop rapper. That being said, I agree that we should condemn the use of poor taste no matter where it comes from. My blog talked about this issue earlier this month. You are invited to visit the Electronic Village if you have time/inclination.

    peace, Villager

  5. jweaver says:

    I have to disagree. Imus is not innocent because Jackson and Sharpton are not held to account. I mus has a history and he well should have been gone along time ago. Now we should turn our atttentions to those other two…

  6. The Dude says:

    Hey Mouse…..
    How about Oprah’s speech at Howard University? Why does she get a pass?

  7. english mastiff

    english mastiff

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