Duke Lacrosse Players: Innocent

It was announced today by the Attorney General of North Carolina at the news conference held in Raleigh, N.C., that the 3 accused Lacrosse players were innocent, not, not guilty, but an affirmative ‘Innocent’.

The Attorney General also stated that the prosecutor had over-stepped his authority, plus did not consider the evidence appropriately. So much so, that the Attorney General has proposed a new bill stating the the Court can take away a case from any prosecutor where there is just cause, (as in this case). Good for him. He said the innocent needed protection as well as the guilty from abuse or misuse of justice.

All I can say at this point is “HURRAH’ and I hope they sue everyone involved and prosecute the female who caused all of this to happen. She needs to go to jail for her actions. I also hope they can sue the 88 Duke professors who called them horrible names and wanted them kicked out of school.
The professors do not abide by the adage, innocent till proven guilty. They are the ones who should be dismissed, the arrogant Communist!


6 Responses to Duke Lacrosse Players: Innocent

  1. Let us “Right-thinking” people use this “Nifong’s Nappy Headed Ho prosecutorial gulag-esque travesty of justice,” as a rallying cry pointing out what the Democrat left has done to our legal system.

    Never forget that three well groomed, well spoken white boys from good families were falsely accused of raping a nappy headed, bi-polar, story changing ho with different types of semen in her cochee, and none of it was the LaCrosse players.

    This kind of Democrat Gulag-esque justice is being used to try and get the Attorney General to resign.

    And there will be more — never forget Nifong’s Nappy Headed Ho Gulag justice.

  2. Bones says:

    They’re only innocent cause no one can prove they DIDN’T say ‘nappy headed ho’. Damnit, getting my stories mixed up… These kids getting freed was some great, and refreshing, news.

    Here’s a quote from Drudge that he just posted:

    The fun continues!

  3. See, you can call white male lacrosse players rapists, but you can’t call black female basketball players ‘hos. Sheesh. Y’all should know that!

    What pisses me off is that this makes it that much harder to bring charges of rape. It’s second only to murder in how vile a crime it is, and it’s almost impossible to prove. Yet the Left just made it tougher for women who were attacked to bring this forward.

  4. madmouser says:

    The 3 of you are correct. GMS is right on with the Gulag statement and Bones is hilarious with the 2 stories mixed together and of course, TO is right in how this case has set back real justice for women who are really raped.

    The question is, How can we overcome this obstacle and stop it from happening again? I don’t know the answer yet. One thing I do know is that I do not want Sharpton and Jackson being the speech police for the nation.

  5. “The question is, How can we overcome this obstacle and stop it from happening again?”

    Being that I know the true meaning behind Christ’s words of, “turn the other cheek,” and therefore am not keen on involving lawyers and the courts to solve every offense known to mankind. I think in the Nifong–Stalinist–Gulag travesty of justice case, the victims of his Inquisition must sue with dogged alacrity every person and entity that played a part — A big damage award will make every Leftist DA in America think twice about prosecuting someone without a iota of evidence and ignoring exculpatory evidence to boot.

    You see, I just did a little something about it, simply by putting my opinion on the WWW, and stating in so many words that the Duke boys owe it to their country to sue and sue big time.

    As far as the rape component involved in this debacle:

    Along with my appointment of Prison Czar, it would be wise to also appoint me to the office of Rape Prevention Czar.
    I will eliminate 75% of all rapes within 5 to 10 years by simply executing or imprisoning “THIRD” offender rapists.

    Yes, there is a rape problem, but it is more of a “recidivist rape problem,” and again Democrats are at fault.

  6. madmouser says:

    I agree, as usual.

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