Imus Gets an Early Vacation

I am sure everyone has heard the much talked about Imus comment when he called the Rutgers girls basketball team members ‘nappy haired ho’s’. A really nasty remark if I ever heard one, but that is not the first time nor the last that black girls will be called nappy haired or ho’s. Ho’s being the most common name used to refer to black girls by none other than black men.

There is a band called ‘Nappy Roots’. Most of the black music has the word ho’s in the lyrics. In fact, these songs have the nastiest lyrics in music history. Black comedians use the word ho’s over and over again. Check out the lyrics of Snoop Dog, Acon, 50 cent. You will be shocked by the subculture.

Black people support these artists by buying their music, going to their concerts and purchasing their merchandise. They seem to approve of this subculture. Yet, they get offended when someone outside their race uses the same verbiage. Who is the real racist?
The white guy trying to fit in or the blacks that want exclusion???

I do not like this subculture and I refuse to participate. I do not like to hear it from anyone, no matter the color of his or her skin. Imus is a slug, no doubt, although I have never listened to him. I have heard some of his comments and they were disgusting. However, I think it is hypocritical to chastise him and not chastise the Black music artists. I believe when the black population insists on being viewed in a different and more complimentary manner and rebuke this subculture; we will see a drastic change in its general use. But, while the blacks remain silent, it can only lead others to perceive they believe it to be true.

It is very sad because so many blacks are working very hard to get an education, become part of the mainstream America, get good jobs, become affluent and live in middle class and above residential areas and be a positive example to others. They have to suffer the indignation of this subculture through no fault of their own. Whenever they decide to boycott this music and subculture, I will be glad to march with them.

A final comment on Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both, who have used racial slurs often, should just shut the bloody hell up. They are both fakers.


14 Responses to Imus Gets an Early Vacation

  1. ladyconklin says:

    Applause, Applause. Well done m. Thanks for putting it so wonderfully. I too am sick of hearing about how deprived this race is or how deprived they think they are. Seems to me, they have brought all this anquish upon theirselves, by being sheep and going along with some un-educated persons idea of what’s cool. Gee it’s really taken them to a higher road, huh. If only they could use all that energy to do something positive. If only the could see outside the box. Unfortunately I don’t think all the flash cards and visual aids in the world are going to help these people, because they don’t want the help. They like things the way they are. They have proven that over and over for generations. So they need a reality check, and I would love to give them one. Bill Cosby is the only Black Man I know who gets down on these people and he’s right. Wish they would listen to him instead of Sharpton & Jackson.
    All they do, is just blow smoke. Gosh, think that smoke could be pot, beings neither one of these men have a leg to stand on. I know several black people who are educated and hard working who are embarrased of their own culture. Now that’s sad.

  2. arclightzero says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  3. While many of the things you say are true, that doesn’t give Imus license to spout his daily vitriole towards any group he happens to think may get him a bigger yuck. Imus is in the power game, and should be held to higher standards than a shock jock. It’s not that his position gives him coverage, it gives him higher accountability. MSNBC and CBS Radio are being duplicitous. Had this been anyone else they would be on the way out.

    That Al Sharpton interviewed Imus is immaterial to the charges. This was all over the web and the heat was rising before “Rev. Al” got his paws on this issue.

  4. So school teacher tell us, who should have the license to say what can and cannot be said — the academic low achievers of the NEAR? — or their fellow Democrats?

    Actually, Imus can be hallarious at times and does a hell of a lot for kids charities.

    I loved it when he ripped the “Hildabeast ho” at the Correspondence Dinner a few years ago. A part of his act was that he laid a file on the podium and looked at The American (Union’s) Idol and said, “I found the files you claim you, ahem, misplaced.” — something like that.

  5. That’s the NEA; National Education Association, not NEAR.

    I don’t know how these things happen.

  6. I don’t think she’s trying to justify what Imus did, voice. I think she’s saying that this rap/hip-hop culture is wrong and should be held to the same standards as everyone else.

  7. the Grit says:

    Hi all,

    I think that anyone who listens to Imus has no right to complain at being shocked at anything he says. Pushing the limits is, after all, his job, just as race baiting is the profession of Sharpton and Jackson. What bothers me is how sensitive we, well y’all actually as I could care less, have become to mere words, and a constantly changing list of words, I would add. It is almost a full time job just keeping up with the current politically terms that one can use, or which no longer have their original meaning. Really, if our President can withstand the incessant comments from his political opponents about his intelligence, Southern heritage, and religion, then the rest of us should get a life.

    the Grit

  8. I am sad about this fire.

    Asher Heimermann

  9. The rap culture is wrong, and a positive fall out of this incident is that their equally disturbing inputs to society are being challenged by people. Hopefully, the leadership of the Black community and others will hold these “artists” and the corporate interests collective feet to the fire.

    This issue has “nothing” to do with Free Speech. This wasn’t government clamping down on Mr. Imus; it was his sponsors.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  10. lewisintex. says:

    No one should have carte blanche for bashing another society. Although on many occasions I have heard more black entertainers demean their own race than anyone. Even Foxworthy’s RedNeck group isn’t so crude. They pretty much tell it the way it is with humor. I don’t ever recall hearing them say anthing about a redhaired ho’. That would be in poor taste no matter who you are. So, see, even Rednecks have some class. The Rappers who thought it was cool, aren’t. Those who listen to the Rappers who think their cool, aren’t. So to respond to the stick and stones will break my bones, but names will never harm me, theory. Your right to a degree. I for one am just tired of having it jammed down my throat everyday, and apparently you aren’t subject to this verbal abuse or you wouldn’t be defending it so nicely.

  11. Karen says:

    I don’t even see it as much racist as I do sexist. “HO” offends me more than “Nappy” you can be white, mexican or whatever and be nappy although it is a african american slur for the most part. Being called a whore by someone who doesn’t know me or my teammates? UNFORGIVEABLE for a man in his position.

  12. despicable says:

    A BLACK person called me a “white nigger!” I am white, and and I knew that coming from a black person that the word “nigger” was a compliment!
    A WHITE person once called me a “nigger lover!” and I knew that the word “nigger” that he used was NOT a compliment!
    The same word may have a different and opposite meaning depending on who says what to who.
    People living in a different environment and culture than say the average middle class white person will view, let’s say,”the police” in a different and perhaps opposite way!
    The police are viewed, not as the protectors of citizens and agents of law and order, but they are viewed as an occupation army, and an enemy of the neighborhood.
    This impression of police power in depressed areas of our country, and also the entire planet, is an understanding that was gained by generations of poor people that had bad experience with the police in America and in the ghettos of the world!
    Rap music in America is the honest portrayal of the mind set of a culture that is much different, from middle class white America, because it has had a much different life experience.
    It is only ignorance that prevents people from opening their eyes, and seeing beyond their narrow vision, of what exists outside of their small narrow world!!

  13. madmouser says:

    If a Black person called me a white n*gger, I would ask, what do you mean by that because I haven’t the wildest idea, but I do know that it doesn’t sound nice especially after all the ranting about the word and having it banned.

    As far as people living in a different culture and environment, why should I have to lower myself to get in the dirt with them? You say they view the police as an occupation and an enemy, I guess thats because they want to break the law and not have anyone interfere with them doing their bad deeds.

    Everything you said is a pile of doggy doodoo. Get real. We cannot have a hundred different cultures all demanding we honor their lifestyle if it breaks our laws. If they don’t like it here, fine, get a ticket and leave the country. Try France, they are a bunch of cowards, so you van riot and damage property, & steal, all in the name of your culture.

    But, we are not going to let you get away with it here. Either assimilate or leave. And take your bloody, vulgar Rap music with you. You are polluting our country.

  14. Orville Redenbacher said,

    “It is only ignorance that prevents people from opening their eyes, and seeing beyond their narrow vision, of what exists outside of their small narrow world!!”

    Exactly, so get the word to those people of color who choose to dwell in the narrow world of the vulgar, Rap subculture that MM pointed out.

    No one ever called you a “white totsooni.” — Cut it out!

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