Heartless John Edwards

I am very saddened by the news of the reoccurring cancer in Elizabeth Edwards. The fact that it is fatal, no cure, has to be the worst news a family can hear, especially, a husband.
I must say that Elizabeth is a very strong woman, a courageous fighter and a true mate to her husband.

She wants him to continue his dream to the White House as planned before they received this dreaded news. She does not want to be the reason that kept her husband from achieving his goals. This is a very brave and unselfish act on her part. I would call that true love.

Now, John, on the other hand, I’m sure is devastated by this news as well, but, yet, his dream of becoming President is still at the top of his list of priorities. Knowing his time will be shortened with his wife, he elects to travel away from her, campaigning for the Presidency. I would hope my husband would elect to spend every minute possible with me, making lasting memories that will have to last a lifetime. His being here for me, and making sure I know how much I am loved. Of course, I would insist on him continuing his dream for the White House, but secretly, I would hope that I came first in his life.

I cannot vote for a man who puts his dreams ahead of his wife at such a crucial time in her life. John Edwards have you no heart or no shame?


12 Responses to Heartless John Edwards

  1. Some people, like Edwards, just don’t get it.

    Though I wonder if she hasn’t insisted on him going on.

  2. The need for power in some people, and they are the exception, trumps all else.

    All things in life are a matter of being properly managed, especially health care matters of a loved one.

    I don’t care what she insists, that “man” needs to be there TCB-ing!

  3. Gorilla Guys says:

    Insistent or not, the guy has to know what the right thing is in this case. They just found a hot spot on her rib cage? Elizabeth is a very brave, very loving woman who is doing right by her man, despite the odds she now faces.
    It’s not too late for John to do right by her. Let’s hope he gets it before its too late.

  4. skywindows says:

    Our 10 yr old daughter this winter just went through “incurable” bone cancer in her pelvis. We dropped everything to be with her. She was treated through surgery (right side of her pelvis bone is gone now) but she is considered to be in remission. Our lives dropped out from under us when we heard the news, and spent every minute with her that we could. When we couldn’t, we were making sure her siblings were getting attention.

    My first thought when I heard this news was exactly what you stated above…How selfish can you be to continue campaigning during what could be the last moments you spend with your wife?

    It is because of this selfish decision that I will refuse to vote for this man.

  5. cheeky says:

    being a wife, im sure she wants the best for her husband and also not hinder his dreams. but then again, as a husband shouldnt he want the best for his wife as well? wedding vows, declarations of love etc is all crap… it’s time like these that test your true devotion to your partner.

  6. skywindows… I applaud you. And I will pray that your daughter’s cancer continues to be in remission, though I don’t think you want me to be praying that she is in remission. 🙂 And, I too cannot understand why this man, regardless of what his wife might have told him, continues to be concerned by only his political welfare. One is forced to wonder what he would do if he was given the “keys to the kingdom” so to speak. Would he really mean it when he swore to “protect and defend the constitution…” I don’t think so.

    The Bible says this about such men: “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.” (Luke 16:10)

  7. skywindows says:

    TLD- I appreciate your prayers… I have no beef with you, I disagree with your politics at times, but I can still appreciate a kindrid soul if they agree with me or not. My husband, well…

    He can speak for himself lol.

    Regarding John Edwards….

    The bible also says that “you shall know by their fruit” and John Edwards is producing some rather funky fruit with his decisions…

  8. In the end it is really their decision, and the only ones they have to answer to is their own conscience.

    I don’t support or critique the decision that I am sure this couple made. I also wish both of them well with this issue.

  9. arclightzero says:

    Once again, the democrats like John Edwards prove that family values aren’t popular compared to the pursuit of more power. It’s sad. I feel for John and Elizabeth, and I don’t think that putting that sot of stress on a relationship is the right thing to do. I mean, can you think of anything more stressful than pursing the presidency of the United States? He needs to rethink his priorities, and consider her… I suspect she wants him to keep going after the election because she doesn’t want to feel like she is holding him back from something… But deep down I bet she wants him to stay with her and support her 100% through these times.

    but maybe that’s just me…

  10. Brian says:

    I understand why so many people feel that John should stay at home with his wife, but ultimately it’s their decision. But there is another way of looking at it, too.

    Why does everyone expect a person with cancer to stop living as soon as they are diagnosed? Why do you expect the people around them to stop living?

    There are plenty of examples in the real world of people who have jobs that they can’t just quit in order to spend more time with their sick loved ones. Some of us are separated by geography, too.

    Becoming president is what John Edwards considers to be his job right now and I suppose he feels he is putting the country’s interests before his family’s. Whether that’s courageous or insensitive remains to be seen.

    Cancer is an epidemic and it’s a tragedy whether it affects Democrats or Republicans. I wish her well.

  11. christianconservative says:

    Tough news to take in as Edwards was my favorite Democratic candidates.

    Always interesting to see where these people’s priorities lie.

  12. michaelindc says:

    Most Americans agree with the Edwards’ decision. Think if your husband or wife gave up her job, especially if that job was motivated by a service or a calling, rather than just money…a job that your entire family has been invested and involved with for decades…

    Giving up is bad for the cancer victim. John and Elizabeth didn’t give up and stop what they were doing when their son died…they used that tragedy and created a foundation and that tragedy inspired policy John put in place. John is now dedicated to fighting cancer.

    John and Elizabeth, to anyone’s best knowledge, made the decision together, and I think it’s a noble decision. Tony Snow thinks so too.

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