Drug Test Congress

Nancy Pelosi can take credit for two new firsts:

1. Led the House for the first time in American history to stop funding the military during wartime.

2. Subpoena White House Aides too testify under oath as to the firing of federal prosecutors.

Hey, San Fran Nan: I’ve got a good one for you. How about random drug testing for the Congress.

These people are voting on issues that impact all Americans, they should all be of a sound mind and not on drugs while doing this important work. We, the little people have to be drug-tested as part of our application for jobs throughout the country, so why not the Congress? I’m guessing we lose about 40 people after the drug tests, because the penalty is giving up their seat and banned from seeking office for 5 years.


8 Responses to Drug Test Congress

  1. I don’t know?

    Can you imagine being of a sound mind, and having to deal with these Godless, treasonist Democrats while serving on Capitol Hill.

    What drugs are you going to test for, since a sane person would need something for the pain?

    All kidding aside — these Democrats are a new breed of the scum of the earth, and recent polls are showing most Americans are growing tired of them quickly and realize they made a mistake putting people with a teenager’s mind in positions of power.

  2. madmouser says:

    I read somewhere that Congress has a lower rating than Bush, so that has to near rock bottom. And, they deserve it. These women are very scary. Believe me when I say there is no one more venomous than a woman. Snakes run the other way when Hillary or the Democratic women are nearby.

  3. cumby says:

    Start with Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean. 👿

  4. mpinkeyes says:

    realclearpolitics.com has Bush’s approval rating currently at 34.5%. Congress at 30.8%. Drug testing them is probably not a bad idea. Although I agree with greetingsmyson, I would probably take drugs if I had to deal with those people every day

  5. Heck just reading about these guys makes me want to hunt for my local dealer, and I haven’t smoked and inhaled for about 28 years!

  6. the Grit says:

    Hi m,

    Technically, since we still had some military in country, the Democrat Congress that cut funding to South Vietnam falls into category #1. That cost several million people their lives, and sent millions more to “re-education camps.” The decision of this crew would do far worse.

    As to drug testing, it seems to be all the Capitol Police can do to keep them from smuggling in firearms 😉

    the Grit

  7. The Dude says:

    At least give them breath tests before they begin each session of Congress….

  8. ladyconklin says:

    I agree. Give them the ol’ breath test before entering a government building. This should also be done before lunch and after as well as before the leave for home. Might suprise some of you how many drink while working or take a few pills. I also agree, you would almost have to take drugs to put up with these arogant clowns who think they walk on water. Wonder how many drinks they have before beliving they can…hehehe. Fire them all, get some new blood in there that isn’t tainted and start all over. I think it just might be the solution, or at least we might stand a better chance of making it. Can you imagine someone who’s had one to many, saying push the “Button”, then later waking up, wondering what the heck happened. Vote early if you want to live. Vote carefully too.

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