A Conversation with God!

Hello God!

Hey, it’s Sunday and here I am in church, just like you asked. Aren’t you proud of me?
What? I didn’t hear that, could you repeat it please?

Oh, those are flip-flops, they are really comfortable, and I have about 10 pairs in different colors. I love these things. Wear them all the time.

Oh, those are called low-riders. Its what everyone is wearing. It’s a fashion thing. You want me to be cool, don’t you? You don’t want me to stand out like some freak or something? I know my belly is showing, it’s supposed to show. That’s why the top is short and the pants are low. Like I said, it’s a fashion thing. It’s just a belly, no big deal.

Yeah, my little sister is 5 years old. I think it’s cute that she wants to dress like me. I’m like a role model for her. I’m guess I’m a role model for my Mom too because she dresses like me too. I think it’s kinda gross, you know, because she is pretty old and a Mom and stuff.

What about my face? It’s makeup. No my fingernails are not diseased; it’s black fingernail polish. Geez, God, you are not up with the times are you? Don’t you watch TV, go to the movies or read glamour mags or anything like that? You really should, you know, so you could be a modern God and know what’s going on. You could be a really happening God.

You know what’s going on. Excuse me, but it doesn’t sound like it by your questions.

Yeah, I see that family 3 rows over, what about them? How do they look?
They look like the goody-to-shoes family, hehehe. The Dad is wearing a suit and tie and the Mom and the girls are all wearing dresses. How gross is that.

Yeah, they look neat and clean, so what?

Do they look respectful?
I don’t know, ummm, I guess.

Is your house special?
Yeah, it’s special.
Are you special?
Sure, you are God.

So why can’t I dress respectful to come visit you in your house?
I don’t know, I never thought of it like that.
No, it won’t kill me.


48 Responses to A Conversation with God!

  1. How true. In an age where Christianity is “seeker friendly” come-as-you-are, viewpoints like this are harder and harder to find. Excellent post.

  2. roopster says:

    Good post. God looks at the heart not outward things.

    See Does God care about outward things? for my thoughts on this subject.

  3. marty says:

    Great post, and how true. Times have changed so much now, it’s almost disturbing.
    The lack of respect these days all the way around. In everything we do and everyday life, I believe people have forgotten what “RESPECT” really means and how to apply.
    Tis’ a shame, because these people don’t even have a clue how their actions affect others nor do they care.
    Keep up the great work M. Love your Blogs.

  4. The Scolai says:

    Excellent post. Always a pleasure to read your thoughts.

  5. Jim Lunsford says:

    Good post. personally I think that God looks at what is in our hearts and not on our bodies. I have never understood why Christianity always denies our God given sexuality. I find your article has something for numerous beliefs. Thanks, Jim

  6. An interesting post for sure.

    I just thought it was great that a teen – I assume – was talking to God as if she were talking to a friend. Sometimes, I miss that feeling, and have to remind myself that God is not mad at me. His first words to man after many centuries of silence, were, “Fear not”.

    He is not mad at mankind.

  7. Entering an established house for the worshipping of Christ with ones belly exposed, is an act of vandalism plan and simple.

    Did I read the same post as a few of the other commenters? — Unbelieveable!

  8. Jim Lunsford says:

    Just thought I’d let you know, Adam and Eve were naked at first. That would be quuite a bit more than their belly was exposed. You did not vandalize the house of God. You merely violated some people’s perception of how THEY think God thinks. As if any of us know. Personally, I don’t really think God cares how you are dressed on the outside, it’s the inside that counts. If you choose to dress up, it would be for others or yourself. God doesn’t need it. At least that’s my opinion. Good write, just felt like re-posting after I read another post. Take care, Jim

  9. madmouser says:

    Just for clarification purposes, I am not expressing what I think God thinks about how we are dressed, not really. I was trying to make a point about ‘respect’. In this day and age where disrespecting another can get you killed, as reported in the news. I was simply trying to make a point about making God’s house a place of worship and respect. That anything you do to elevate yourself in God’s eyes would be a good thing. Letting God know that you think He is special is a good thing. Dressing specially for God is a good thing. It is meant to be a way of showing extra love for God that you would dress differently for Him than you would for your human friends. That you put God first above yourself and your comfort. We do so little to show God how much we truly love Him, its a place to begin.

  10. Dave says:

    I don’t see how so many people missed or ignored that point.

    If someone was going to meet the President (regardless of one’s politics) or (in this country) the Queen, they would never consider wearing what some people wear to church services. Yet when they go to meet the King of Kings, the Lord of the Universe, they do it sloppy clothes.

    It is one thing if people don’t have nice clothes – they shouldn’t stay away – but it is a matter of attitude, and as you said, respect.

  11. How you are dressed when you walk into a church, reflects upon your respect for Christ and the community of Christ present in that church.

    “Adam and Eve were naked at first” is the logic of a pre-schooler, or a person leaning toward radicalism.

    “I have never understood why Christianity always denies our God given sexuality?

    An example of vandalism against Christianity.

    Homosexuals dep;ise Christianity — are you a homosexual Jim?

    I believe your statements are not as innocuous as you try to make them sound — I would say you are trying to vandalize this post and this thread. I believe you understood the crux of this post very well, but had an urge to get out the spray can and lay a little graffiti
    on it, because you are not a Christian.

  12. cumby says:

    I take a bath, brush my teeth and wear clean clothes to church but I still look like a member of ZZ Top to some. I guess putting perfume on a pig doesn’t help. 😯

  13. Jim Lunsford says:

    wow! Now I’m Gay and not a Christian. You are right on one count, I am not a Christian. Not as it is practised. I am a Buddhist who follows the Christ two laws. Love God with all your body, mind, and soul. The second being to love your neighbor like you love yourself. I try to abstain from judging others, as I don’t really like what it might say about me. I don’t really follow the old testament commandments because I figure they are the words the Christ figure over-ruled. But, they are also the words that Christians seem most pre-disposed to follow. You are right, I am not a Christian. I am an anti-Christian by my definition of Christianity. I believe in love. I believe that God loves me. I believe that you love me as well. But, I’m not gay and sex is not a sin. Our bodies were created by God and we should be happy with them. It is the Old testament which condemns, not the one which I follow. I hope that answers your allegations. Jim

  14. Jim Lunsford says:

    Sorry, but an addendum was called for. If you feel that it is more respectful and the proper thing to do, then you should dress up for church. But, if you do, you do it for yourself or others. I don’t believe God cares about our clothes. I believe he cares what’s in our hearts. If we have good intent, our clothes matter not. But, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t appreciate the effort. But what father doesn’t think their child looks perfect just as they are? Sorry for the long post, but I felt it was called for to clarify my possibly sloppy writing earlier. Jim

  15. A Buddhist community ( a real one, not one playing at it from LaLa land) would allow women to enter a temple with their belly exposed?

  16. “But what father doesn’t think their child looks perfect just as they are?”

    This father, and I let my kids know about it when they act the fool.

  17. Jim Lunsford says:

    It seems you are of the Old Testament ilk. Judging from a perspective of hate and self-loathing. Obviously you have some sexual hangups as well. After all, you went straight to gay-bashingk and think a belly of a woman is a blasphemous thing. God made that belly. Religions (which have nothing to do with God) always use sex to help control the population. I guess you bought it lock stock and barrel. I did not intend for this comment section to become a free fire zone for condemnation. I was simply standing up for this writer after you said she was guilty of vandalizing the house of the lord. Apparantly though, you are a person too filled with violence and hate to consider such. I feel sorry for you. Life is so much more precious a gift than you seem to appreciate. But just because you are filled with hate, it doesn’t mean you have to spread it all around. Try and follow your own religion. You know, those two commandments of the Christ. If you did, you wouldn’t write such comments. If those two commandments are so lala land to you, then I will gladly be a fool.

  18. Jim,

    I think you are mentally ill like most Democrats and you are projecting your dementia.

    Asking someone if they are a homosexual, and pointing out the truth that homosexuals hate Christians based on Christian’s stance on homosexual behavior is gay bashing in your demented world?

    I thought there was nothing wrong with being queer? Why not just say “no” I am not queer and leave it at that.

    Do you plan on answering the question about a dress code for real Buddhists in real Buddhist Temples, or are you going to hide your ignorance and fear of the truth behind stock Leftist tactics — that BS works on many associated with the Right, but not on me — I really know how dumb and screwed up you clowns are.

    I also think you should read the post again! I do not think this author needs stuck up for — you’re a sexist; shame on you.

    Wasn’t that American from LaLa land caught fighting with the Taliban an American Buddhist. That Lundh fellow, the guy whose father left his mother for another guy.

    And Jim, I have probably seen more womens bellies than you can imagine, and they are not blasephemous. But dressing to show your belly in a Christian Church is ignorant, in your face, disgraceful exhibitionism — well except to a spiritually neutered,, new wave, quasi-American, bead shaking, tambourine pounding, let it all hang out Buddhist.

  19. Jim Lunsford says:

    I will end this argument as the only thing that can happen is that you display even more ignorance. I called it gay bashing when you immediately called me a homosexual, with no reason, other than a childish striking out in anger. I personally don’t care of someone’s sexual preference, but then again, I am not of a religion of hate. I defended this post, because you attacked her. You only seem to attack. Or you gay? Most gay bashers seem to be. i am not a democrat, I am a buddhist. I am not a republican, I am a buddhist. I’m sorry, but your god seems a bit of a hateful figure. Hates what he created. As far as the taliban is concerned, they didn’t come over here, we went and started stuff up with them. Maybe you should really consider some counselling.

  20. Jim Lunsford says:

    By the way, I don’t own a tamborine. Could you please at least try and make some sense out of your argument, it reeks of dementia. Now go and congratulate yourself for spreading all of your “Christian” love. It is the same kind of love which hung Christ on a cross.

  21. Jim, since you are a Buddhist, I have recommended reading for you. Read The Lotus and The Cross. I think you’ll find it interesting.

    I don’t think you realize what the author of the post was saying. I think she was saying that we need to be more respectful of God and His house and demonstrate that by the way we dress.

  22. Jim Lunsford says:

    I actually do understand her post and what she meant. My response was my personal opinion. I thought it was clearly stated, but apparantly it really ticks off hateful people. Also, the continuation was a response to the worship my way or no way person. Note in my first remark that I stated it was my personal opinion. I just didn’t realize that there would be a war erupting. My second remark was in response to an attack against the author. She seems a nice person and a talented writer and did not deserve such a vicious attack by such a small person. I will try and get that book, but to tell you the truth, I have read as much as I really want anymore. Nowadays, I attempt to live the words.

  23. Jim,

    I really do not want to be responsible for the harm you could inflict on your person by your repeated circumvention of the topic at hand — man, you spin like an Olympic Ice Skater at the end of their performance.

    I will leave you be, to follow your own devises after making this final point to the people who gather here.

    Jim tried to intimate that his Buddhist faith was so much more tolerant than the evil Christian faith, and Buddhists would not give a bare bellied woman worshipping in a Buddhist Temple a second thought.

    Well, anyone that has traveled to countries that have Buddhist Temples in them know that this is flat out wrong.
    Tour guides will actually warn tourists with the following information:
    Temple dress code:
    All Buddhist temples in Thailand have very strict dress codes, similar to Christian churches in the West. Shorts are not acceptable attire in Buddhist temples-men should wear long pants and a clean short-sleeved shirt. Woman are best covered in either pants or a long skirt, and shoulders should not be exposed. Leather sandals are better than shoes since footwear must be constantly removed. Rubber flip flops are considered proper only in the bathroom, not religious shrines. Buddhist temples are extremely sacred places; common sense dictates that you dress appropriately when visiting any place of worship..

    The following is a pretty good site for those inclined to start learning about true Buddhism, which is more of a personal philosophy than a group religion.


  24. Jim Lunsford says:

    I did not answer your question, not to skate around it, but because you are an ass. and for once you did get something right in your haze of hate. Yes, buddhism is a philosophy. Christianity is an opiate of the masses. A way to control the population to fleece them of their personal power and money by exploiting their bigotry. It is easy to get the followers to follow the old testament, but hte new testament is a different thing. Too much tolerance and love. Just the hate that put the Christ on a cross. I’ve never been to Asia. Much of the world yes. Bot not Asia. I don’t go to temples. Those are for religious people. I despise governments, and so belong to no religion. As for what is blasphemous to God, I doubt you have much personal knowledge of it. Not a person who has gone from immediately calling me gay, then accussng me of being in the taliban (because I am buddhist, oh of course!). You are a hypocrite of hte cross, too much hate in your heart to let in any light at all. A typical Christian.

  25. Squeeze an orange, and what comes out!…Orange juice of course, because that is what is inside.

    I squeezed Jim the Christian hater and Jim said, “You are a hypocrite of hte cross, too much hate in your heart to let in any light at all. ***”A typical Christian.”***

    Your goofy Buddhism Jim is nothing but a protest against Christianity and a manifestation of your sick ignorant knowledge of Christianity — You’re not even a good Buddhist, but an excellent Democrat.

  26. Jim Lunsford says:

    As I said before, I am not a Democrat nor Republican. Somehow, though I expect you still think that riles me up. What I am trying to do is educate you as to your childishness. You apparantly know nothing but attack. Exactly the kind of Christian that gave us the Inquisition. That gave us slavery. That gave us the Crusades. That gave us everything that is vile in religious oppression. You are unable to understand that your opinion is yours, and yours alone. The idea that the world does not run according to your understanding is beyond you because you are intellectually lazy. That is the sort of Christian that I hate. The kind that says, “If the King James was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me” crowd. You immediately assume that you know everything, when you are too ignorant to know your own thoughts. Or how your thoughts are actually seen by others. Please understand that your opinion of what makes a good buddhist is coming from someone I have no respect for. I do not have respect for those who think as shallow and only know how to attack. In short, you’re pretty freaking boring. Good riddance to more trash that can’t understand their own religion, much less judge another.

  27. “Rev Jim Lunsford

    First Cannabist Church

    Faith is Doing”

    Your nothing but a burnt out pot smoking 60’s whana-be! Your a Jim Ignokowski on Taxi!

    Peace man! Right on-left on! Free Angela Davis!

    What sign were you born under man? A stop sign.

    “Don’t Bogart that joint!”

  28. Jim Lunsford says:

    As I said, you are boring. And of the Old Testament. The Ignorant Testament.

  29. And you’re the kind of “Power to the People” Leftist that got 160 million people murdered by their own government in the 20th century.

    The inquisitions claimed around 5,ooo lives and happened hundreds of years ago.

    And Islam is the one that started the Crusades, not the Christians. Christians were fighting back for lands taken by the Moslems.

    Pick up a history book and put the wacky tobaccy pipe down.

  30. Jim Lunsford says:

    I have a master’s in History. You are an idiot and I will no longer argue with you because there is no helping a fool. By the way, the Christians were the bloodthirsty ones in the Crusades. Christians also murdered in the Americas. Christians have murdered everywhere they went. Why? because you only follow the Old Testament. There is no love in Christianity, because there is no Christ in it. Only the Old and overthrown testament for Christianity. Read of the murders at the beginning of Christianity. Read of the wars going on now. These wars are rooted in the Christian law which is formed off of the ten commandments. Yet, there are only the two in the New Testament. And they take priority over those damned ten commandments. the ten that the churches cannot follow. Goodby to a fool, Jim

    P.S. Pick up some weed and put down your vioxx and whiskey and tobacco and all the other wonderful gifts this christian government wants for it’s people. Gifts that kill it’s own citizens are welcome. Gifts that heal are to be condemned. How wacky is that?

  31. It sounds like you have a masters in History, from Berkeley.

    Remember skippy, 170,000,000,000 murdered by secular, aetheist, leftists in the 20th century.

    Also remember Indians in the Americas were torchuring and murdering each other long before the white man Christians came on the scene. Many Indians looked upon them as liberators.

    I’ll let you get back to your “Acapulco Cucaracha” — You have already lost your memory from sucking that weed — you said, “you were done with me” five posts ago…something to ponder hmmmm!

    You thirst for the truth eh.

  32. This seems to have become a personal feud between greetingsmyson and Jim Lunsford. While I am more in greetingsmyson’s camp, I would say to you that perhaps you should show a more Christian attitude in your commenting. Jim is way off, I’ll agree. But show him gently, not insultingly. (yes, I fall into this trap as well, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.)

    Jim, the people who murdered in the Crusades were very infrequently true Christians. But they did not massacre. In many instances, they were massacred.

    The Old and New Testaments entirely agree, Jim. If you spent a lot of time studying the Bible and had taken college courses from Bible scholars on it, you would know this. But you don’t, because you are one of a small, loud minority that criticizes the Bible in it’s ignorance. The Ten Commandments are rooted in the two of the New Testament. I could go into how, but I get a feeling you would not listen.

    greetings my son has not been the most Christian in his manner, but you are pretty full of some inconsistencies and errors which you are probably not aware of. I too, am better read than most of the world, and if you are really looking for the truth as you say, than I would encourage you to read The Lotus and The Cross. It is a fascinating comparison of Buddhism and Christianity. And, contrary to what you will think, it does not always condemn Buddhism.

  33. Jesus said,

    “Love your brother like your soul, guard him like the pupil of your eye.” — The Gospel of Thomas (Gnostic) #25

    I will take what the thelonedrifter has said to me — as one Christian brother guarding another, and therefore warning me with respect to how Christ would want me to treat an enemy of Jim’s level.

    I apologize Jim for the insults.

    If you have a mind to; please give me your historical perspective and knowledge with regards to the Christian Holocaust which very few people even heard of.


    Was it even a part of your history curriculum? — Just a honest question.

  34. Jim Lunsford says:

    lone drifter, I never said it wsa inconsitent. I said the New overthrew the old. As for Greetings. He is just an ass. save your insincere apologies for the author of this blog. The one you said was vandalizing the house of god in your first post. As for the crusades, many true muslims were murdered. The concept of mercy doesn’t hold much for the pat robertson crowd of christians. But on your comment on reading. ONe of the better parts of college is that you are forced ot read much that you don’t like or agree with. I would rather read one book that I disagreed with vehemently than a hundred that I did agree with. That disagreement is called learning. Christianity is a political machine like all religions. One of the basic tenets of any religion is to never question a word as it comes straight from god. Hint; it was written by the hand of man, edited and translated by the mouths of man, and published and propogated by the mind of man. The Christ figure was enlightened, but that doesn’t make the rest of the book so. The rest of the book only shows the idiocy he overthrew. The idiocy that only knows hate. Good-day, Jim

  35. Jim Lunsford says:

    This is all a bit blunt, but I’m in a rush and have a lot going on. Too much to waste a lot of time with this

  36. Now mind you Brother “tld” I am only thinking out loud, but I believe maybe the following could be in order — just a thought! — as I turn the other cheek again.

    “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear (in my case only try to tear, one has not done it yet) you to pieces.”–The Gospel of Matthew 7:6

    He actually believes MM was the belly showing girl in Church???????????

  37. Jim, I must say, you are making it difficult to have a reasoned discussion with. And if you do think MadMouser was the girl showing the belly, I might mention she (at least I think it was she) sent me an e-mail thanking me for understanding what she was saying.

    Here’s what you seem to have missed. You say that Christ overthrew the “idiocy” that was in the rest of the Scriptures. Did you know that Christ said: “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” When he said the law, he was referring to the law of Moses, part of which is the Ten Commandments. The law and the prophets make up almost the entire Old Testament. Every prophecy foretold in the Old Testament about the Messiah was fulfilled in Christ. Even now, the prophecies of the end times, found not only in some of the the last books of the Bible, Revelation and I Thessalonians in the New Testament, but also in Ezekiel and Daniel, are being aligned and fulfilled. Did you know that the Bible said that Israel, after being “scattered” for thousands of years, would one day become a nation again. That’s in the Old Testament, Jim. In 1948 that prophecy was fulfilled. Did you know that the Bible says that a Russian-Islamic coalition will, in the end times, attack Israel, yet Israel had to become a nation again for that to happen. Did you know that it (the Bible), names each of these countries and they all exist today. And, of the Islamic coalition, only one is not under a radical Muslim government. That is Turkey, which easily could some day soon.

    Jim, Christ quoted the Old Testament many times. If he was “enlightened” as you say, then the Old Testament must be right. Because if it is not, Jesus is a liar. Did you know that Jesus also said these things about Himself in relation to Scripture: “And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. ” and this… “While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled. ” He did not disagree with or do away with Scripture. Scripture was pointing to Him.

    Oh, and Jesus is not merely enlightened. He’s alive. Which means that He is God, because He was dead, and rose again.

    But, greetings my son, you have a point. If Jim continues to mock and refuses to listen or answer me, I will let it drop.

  38. Jim Lunsford says:

    Sorry, but Jesus didn’t become a god until long after he died. That famous council (sorry, but I just lost some close friends in skydiving, and my mind isn’t up to it at the moment, so now I don’t remember the name of that council or feel much like looking it up now. ) formed after he died made him a god. It did so with the coming back from death story. His quotes on the ten commandments helped attribute to his death. He replaced them with the two. He did this by saying if you followed his commandments you wouldn’t ever violate the others. Because if you truly loved God and your neighbor, and yourself, you would never even consider breaking any of those commandments. And so on, and on and on. But, the two of you can continue to twist words. The christianity that follows the old, doesn’t really follow Christ’s teachings. Not enough judgement in it, and far to much compassion. Anyway, there is no need to drop anything. There is nothing of substance in a locked mind to drop. If you have the blind faith that requires you accept without questioning, then you will never achieve that status of sophistician promoted by a rather brilliant Jesuit called Baltazar Gracian. And now, off to better minds, Jim

  39. Even a person with a rudimentary knowledge of Christianity knows that the Old Testament is “in the name of The Father;” The New Testament is of “The Son”; and the unbreakable link of the two is of “The Holy Spirit.”

    In the first garden (Old Testament), the Garden of Eden, the first man fell by yielding to temptation.

    In the second garden (New Testament), the Garden of Gethsemane, the Second Man–The Son of God, The Son of Man conquered by yielding to the will of God, and set in motion the redemption of all mankind.

    Jim, you do not know of what you speak. Even non-believing historians know of what I just explained to be true, indispensable axioms of the Christian faith — concerning Christianity, you simply are too ignorant to have a meaningful conversation.

    Also, your knowledge of what Christ said with regards to the Commandments is far from the mark — Peace be with you.

  40. I have no more to say, Jim, than that if Christ was made a god by the Nicean Council, than Christ was a liar. You see Jim, Christ called himself God.

  41. I dont really want to address the conversation but the original post. I guess I view the church a little differently. I view the purpose of the church to be to be a source of hope in our local community and connect those who are far from God. I guess I look at myself as a local missionary of sorts. Thus, I want to dress like the people God has called me to reach. Great post and it obviously got some people to think. Thanks for sharing!

  42. gracemark says:

    God see’s me and knows me and loves me right here, right now. I’m sitting with pajama bottoms on and my gut hanging out. Didn’t Jesus say something about not worrying about what we will wear? Truth is, if our thoughts and hearts (not that I’m not guilty of this from time to time) were focused where they should be, when we’re at church, we wouldn’t really notice what others are wearing and so it all becomes a non-issue. I doubt there will be a dress code at the pearly gates.

  43. Jesus said,

    Do not be concerned from morning until evening and from evening until morning about what you will wear — Gospel of Thomas #36

    Now using the New American brain dead logic, the above translates to…you can go into a place of worship with your belly exposed or, hey — let’s let it all hang out — your balls clanging down the aisle.

    I am so honored to be amongst such a distinguished group of theologians that have gathered on this thread.

  44. gracemark says:

    We have all fallen short of living a blameless life. Its not our place to judge others based on clothing, perceived scriptural knowledge, or anything else. I will, however, restate the fact that if we our eyes were on Christ, this thread wouldn’t exist. I pray for us all.

  45. We are talking about the absence of clothing and you are trying to use your ignorance of the scriptures to try and sell your slovenly, self serving belief system.

    Your photo is a window into your mind.

    You may repeat your juvenile statement all you want, but if a naked belly could be ignored by humans with sight, the girl exposing her belly in Church would not bother to have it naked.

    This is all about vandelism , exhibitionism and shocking those up tight Christians by a potentially, knocked-up parenting failure.


    Get you to a comune gracemark.

  46. gracemark says:

    But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.
    1 Samuel 16:7

  47. And the Lord would probably see a heart that uses freedom in the irresponsible manner of exposing her belly in a place where it is frowned upon.

    The Lord would also see the inner reference point to him, “this girls conscience” being flawed and an undermining of the sense of sin which is extremely detrimental.

    This girl’s parents needs to help her with obtaining a better formed conscience to take the place of her individual way of thinking at the cost of others that do not deserve her individuality.

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