My Choice for President

He would be healthy, physically fit and of sane mind. He would be intelligent enough to comprehend world affairs, have a sharp and quick mind, but use common sense as his barometer. He would understand economics according to Walter Williams, the renowned Economist at George Mason. He would know American History as taught before the politically correct crowd changed it. He would be a true patriot in the fullest sense of the meaning, and a fearless warrior if need be, to protect and save this country.

He would believe in a higher power than man, but not boast or criticize others who believe differently. He would be loyal as taught by the Boy Scouts. He would be faithful to his wife and an adoring father to his children, and a compassionate caretaker to the people he serves. He would put the best interest of the country ahead of his party and himself.

He would set the example for others to follow by his admirable behavior. He would leave the country in a far better place than he found it.

Where is this man? Who is this man? Please step forward, your country needs you!
* You may have noticed that I excluded including a woman in this request. The reason is the examples I have to judge a woman’s ability to lead this country. Hillary and Pelosi tell me we must wait awhile longer. We want a great lady to lead us and when she comes along, she will get my vote. Neither of the above mentioned names are great or ladies.


12 Responses to My Choice for President

  1. Gorilla Guys says:

    We’d like to add one more stipulation if we could…

    He would never have made more than 50K a year.

    That way when he says, “I feel your pain,” we can rest assured he’s not full of shit.

  2. good luck to the both of us! we’ll be having our own elections here in the philippines in may (local and legislative only).

  3. The Scolai says:

    Great Post! You have an uncanny way of getting to what’s important.

  4. Kurt says:

    You have listed some excellent qualities. Unfortunately, the last president to come close to fulfilling your wish-list was Jimmy Carter.

  5. cumby says:

    Jimmy Carter? I’ll leave that to our host to comment on.

    I suspect that many of these folks have good intentions when they are elected to office but the system is corrupt, so it corrupts them in turn.

  6. madmouser says:

    Jimmy Carter was not the role model I had in mind when I wrote my laundry list.

    I realize the system is broke but it can be fixed and should be fixed. I don’t know that one person can do it; it make take a team of people, so, I call on them as well, to step forward and save their country.

  7. sauerkraut says:

    caveat, gorilla dudes: there is no politician who is NOT full of shit. Except for that porno stripper from Italy. She’s just got big tits.

  8. gingermiss says:

    We want a great lady to lead us and when she comes along, she will get my vote. Neither of the above mentioned names are great or ladies.

    This made me laugh pretty hard, but I doubt for the reasons you intended.

    The qualities people seem to desire in a president are often patently unladylike, so where does that leave the women who meet your stringent criteria? Powerless, once again, and dashed between two roles that are impossible to simultaneously assume.

  9. marty says:

    I agree with the Gorilla Guys and would like to add, that the have taxes taken out on their check and they are provided with the same shoddy health care plan that we have, as well as filing with the IRS. Then you could say they are for the people and understand what the people of this country endure everyday…most of whom live at the poverty level including me.

  10. Brent says:

    You are of course talking about the first black president in America: Mr. Thomas Sowell. Am I right?



  11. Jim Lunsford says:

    On Jimmy Carter, few people realize that when he was governor of Georgia during Alabama Governor George Wallace’s time, he asked him for advice on how to solve that pesky negro question. He doesn’t get my vote. Great article. Thanks, Jim

  12. Fish says:

    There are many folks that are dissatisfied with the candidates for the upcoming elections. They are looking for the best alternatives. We’re aiming to deliver this at: I invite you to be an inaugural (read: first) participant in the forum.

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