You Name the Assicon…

I am going to list some symbols aka assicons and it is your job to assign the name of a person to each one. It will mean more to all of us if you choose a name we might all know, if possible. Thank you and good Luck with this assignment. Just copy & Paste.

1. (_!_) a regular ass…John Edwards
2. (__!__) a fat ass…a tie Rosie O’Donnell & Ted Kennedy
3. (!) a tight ass…Pelosi (w/all her plastic surgery)
4. (_X_) kiss my ass…Hillary
5. (_?_) a dumbass…Alec Baldwin


9 Responses to You Name the Assicon…

  1. 6. (_*_) a sore ass loser…Al Gore; John Kerry

  2. madmouser says:

    GMS that is too funny…

  3. britandgrit says:

    7. (_/_) a conservative ass…John McCain
    8. (_\_) a liberal ass…Chuck Schumer

    the Grit

  4. Kurt says:

    What’s wrong with Alec Baldwin?

  5. britandgrit says:

    Hi Kurt,

    As best I can tell, that would be either a genetic defect or the result of drug abuse.

    the Grit

  6. Fang says:

    (_X_) kiss my ass…Mohammed

    (!) a tight ass…Allah (only 72 virgins)

    Baldwin is a knob.

  7. madmouser says:

    Great responses! Thanks to All…

  8. sauerkraut says:

    1. (_!_) a regular ass… vincent fumo (recently indicted pennsyltucky “lawmaker”)

    2. (__!__) a fat ass…a tie Rosie O’Donald (joined at the lip)

    3. (!) a tight ass… any Milan-bsed model (oh, wait, those anorexic drug addicts ain’t got no ass)

    4. (_X_) kiss my ass…muckmud the iranian terrorist cum presidente

    5. (_?_) a dumbass…anna nicole’s mother

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