Freedom of The Press

This was a response I made earlier on another blog regarding Ann Coulter’s latest article.

Wow! Like you said, like her or not, she seems to be the only Conservative to speak boldly about the difference in treatments afforded Democrats versus Conservatives. I don’t mind that Conservative sins are brought to light and hammered by the media, as long as they treat the Democrats sins with the same disrespect. The problem is the Democrats get away with murder because the media goes deaf and dumb where they are concerned. I think the media is hell-bent on destroying the Republican/Conservative Party, if for no other reason than to prove they can. This is not what Freedom of the Press was meant to be and we all know it. Shame on them and shame on us for allowing them to get away with this abuse of power.


16 Responses to Freedom of The Press

  1. Joe O says:

    It’s a shame you and others blame the press for the misdeeds of your politicians. Can’t you demand a higher ethical standard from the folks on Capitol Hill? Don’t give the press any “sins” to report and this won’t be an issue.

    inre: “the media is hell-bent on destroying the Republican/Conservative Party”

    You speak of “the media” as if it’s some sort giant wagging finger, following conservatives around, pointing at every goof. Firstly, thanks to youtube and blogs, print newspapers and TV news shows are dieing a slow and painful death.

    Fox News, The New Republic, Talk Radio, The New York Post, and thousands of other online resources are doing a good job of reporting the misdeeds of the left. Do they not fit into the media also?

    Or is it just easier to shoot the messenger when you don’t like the news you hear?

  2. madmouser says:

    Joe O:
    Too bad you cannot comprehend what you read or do you just read what you want to hear? I did not blame the press for the misdeeds of my party. In fact, I said, “I don’t mind that Conservative sins are brought to light and hammered by the Media, as long as they treat the Democratic sins with the same disrespect.” How you got I blame the media for the sins shows me you need a remedial reading course. It is well known that the mainstream media is still the main source of news for the citizenry at large.
    You mention the left has Fox News, as compared to the Democrats having ABC, CBS, NBC CNN, MSN and other cable outlets. Thats a 1 to 5 ratio and I am sure you think that is fine.
    I understand how difficult it is for you to defend the indefensible. In a war of wits, you arrived w/o any weaponry.

  3. PIBoulder says:

    Some would explain it that the reason Democrats get away with murder is their voters don’t expect any better of them. It’s not news if they screw around (let that stew in your imagination). Whereas for Republicans their voters hold them to a higher standard. There’s some validity to this. You may have heard of a Democratic congressman from Louisiana (can’t remember his name) who was caught with $10,000 of suspicious dough in his freezer by the FBI. He was re-elected by his constituents last November. All of the Republicans who were caught in some sort of scandal last year (and their Republican replacements in some cases) lost. Go figure.

  4. “I think the media is hell-bent on destroying the Republican/Conservative Party, if for no other reason than to prove they can.”

    Also, I think it has much to do with the fact the MsM is mostly made up of liberal Democrats.

    People who went into “journalism” to change the world, not report on what is going on in it. The schools of journalism in this country’s colleges and universities are flat out bastions of liberal thought and training grounds.

    The first newspaper as we know it was formed in London to “shape public poicy” to the liberal owners way of thinking, and not much has changed.

  5. Joe O says:

    Oh geez, where do I start?

    Fox News’ ratings overshadow all of the cable media outlets you named and failed to remember. The nightly news programs on the major networks (which I’m assuming you take issue with, not your local news) are stagnant in the 18-34 year old markets (you can thank Jon Stewart for that). And most conservative baby boomers are watching Shepard Smith on Fox at that time anyway. Please, I beg you to find the numbers to back up your assertions. Where does the liberal media have this clout? I’d love to see it, considering journalism as we know it is going through an unprecedented change in this country.

    The premise of your argument was/is “but the dems are doing bad stuff too, why don’t you report on them?” It’s a lame argument and filled with lackluster reasoning at best. As the party of power, Republicans deserved greater scrutiny, just as Clinton did when he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

    So the Scooter Libby trial deserves the front page. Mark Foley wanting to molest teenagers deserves the front page. The House majority leader (then Tom Delay) locked in a financial scandal deserves the front page.

    Besides, it’s not as if conservatism is losing anyway? For the last six years, they controlled two out of three branches of government.

    And have you noticed much focus on Republican presidential candidates and their gaffes lately? No? Well that’s because A) they smartly shut up, unlike Joe Biden and B) your liberal media elites like Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd have been busy doing a damn good job of cutting the Democratic candidates down.

    I don’t have any evidence to support or refute a thing you said.

    As a member of a Journalism school, I can tell you that the cardinal sin is:
    Overt expression of a bias in any of our work (reporting, as it were).

    I’m tired of people who haven’t set foot in Journalism schools telling us we want to change the world. I just think there’s a lot of great blue collar stories out there that need to be told. That’s why I’m in J-school.

    You’d be hard pressed to find a classmate of mine with the ego to think we can have any sort of effect on public policy. That’s just stupid.

    Oh, and between you and me, a majority of them are hard-right conservatives that support President Bush’s least popular policies with a violent rage. Guess what? They’re applying for jobs at the NY Times.

    And newspapers, the dead form they are, have been around in some form well before London ever existed. Don’t credit the limey Brits with modern journalism.

    And I certainly hope there is no attempt, in my defending my career and job, to label me a liberal. I hate that “with us or against us” nonsense. Mahalo!

  6. britandgrit says:

    Hi PIBoulder,

    That would be US Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana and he was caught with $90,000 in very cold cash.

    the Grit

  7. Joe O,

    Let’s take baby sets to de-program you from the systemic bias your chosen craft inheres.

    If needed I can produce more proof sources underpinning my argument — Lot’s more!

  8. Ah, what the heck!

    Joe O seems to be a smart guy, he can handle more than one proof source at a time.

    Law Schools, and JSchools are the elite training grounds for the “southpaw” pitcher’s ability to throw all those screw balls at America.

  9. Joe O says:

    NYPL should have the Goldberg book available.

    The study results don’t surprise me one bit. As an undergrad, I was surrounded by so many loosely affiliated liberal hippy types, I needed to be careful I didn’t step on any ponchos.

    But I must admit we’ve been so inundated with politics in daily life that “last night’s game” is a frequent topic a J-School.

    GMS, drop me an email (I’m not sure how to find yours on your site). I want more of your sources – I’m tired of reading the Bible. It’s always the same thing. God loves humans. Humans mess up. God smites humans, has change of heart.

    You can call me a lot of things, but you can’t call me close minded.

  10. madmouser says:

    Joe O:
    I applaud you for your willingness to see both sides.

  11. cumby says:

    Umm…I went to journalism school…San Jose State. One of the things they taught us is how to slant the news. The media, on both sides of the political spectrum, has learned that lesson well. This is part of the reason I stopped watching them and went online to get my news.

    If anyone was to claim that the media is evenly divided between liberal and conservative, it would be as ludicrous [thanks Mike Tyson] as implying that the college professors are evenly split politically.

    How is it that Sandy Burglar was able to stuff documents down his pants in order to defend his boss Bill Clinton, and there was nary a whisper from the liberal media? Journalism used to be an honorable profession, it is now a haven for dishonesty,mind control of the masses, entertainment and the need to get the ratings up no matter what it takes.

    Don Henley said it best in his song “Dirty Laundry.”

    “Dirty little secrets
    Dirty little lies
    We got our dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie
    We love to cut you down to size
    We love dirty laundry”

  12. Joe O,

    it is obvious that if you chose to, you could investigate what I have pointed out here to the board much better than I, since it is of a self interest nature to “investigation” and broaden your ability to be a fair and balanced journalist — the ability to investigate is the hallmark of a truly top shelf journalist — Get cracking, and do not end up like most of the other “journalists,” sitting around waiting for the talking points to come over the wire services.

    At this point a quote is in order; one I used to bore my children almost to tears:

    There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking. – Alfred Korzybski

    I will close by giving you one last proof source pertaining to my argument that journalists lean (I am being kind here) Left:

    “JSchool? It’s a private journalism school run by the excellent Professory John Henningham, who you might recall is the man whose famous survey established what your ears and eyes already suspected – that most journalists are far to the Left of the public they are meant to serve.”

    “Greetings, my son!”

  13. madmouser says:


    You are a good man and you speak the truth. San Jose St, the west coast,

    sorry, I mean the left coast. If anyone knows, you do.

  14. cumby says:


    Don’t hold SJS against me. HaHa. The Spartan blood still runs through me. I actually got to meet and interview Muhammad Ali there, well at least for a few minutes.

  15. cumby says:

    Found this great quote from the LA Times that might fit in with our discussion of the media.

    “The late Murray Kempton once described editorial writers as “the people who come down from the hill after the battle to shoot the wounded.” Nowadays, media analysts are the guys who follow behind them, going through the pockets of the dead looking for loose change.”

  16. cumby says:

    Still more:

    Plenty know by now that in 2004 the progressive Pew Foundation published an extensive poll exposing the five-to-one ratio of liberals to conservatives in the news-reporting media. Strangely, media outlets must believe that we have forgotten this because they continue marching forward just like the vain and gullible monarch penned by Hans Christian Andersen.

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