Hanoi Jane and Her Gang of Radicals

I kept looking for the fringed vests, the headbands and puka beads, but all I saw were burned-out, over-the-hill hippies and a bunch of Communist, Marxist and radicals against America. Sometimes, I wonder if we give too much freedom to those that hate us, but I guess we have to in order to live up to our Constitution. It just makes me sick. They spit on our disabled veterans, that’s real thanks. What can you expect from the lowest degree of humanity. They do not care one iota for our military men and women. They use them as an excuse to attack our government.

I would like to see a really smart district attorney charge them with Sedition, prosecute, convict and deport them. That would be the American way. No violence. I am not saying that everyone has to be for the war, but I don’t expect you to give aid and comfort to our enemies without being held responsible for your actions.

To show you a contrast in Marches. The Right to Life also held a march in Washington. There were more young people than anyone would think, in attendance. Guess what? The police did not have to form a barricade to keep them out of the Capitol like they had to do with the so-called Peace March. The Right to Lifers did not carry cans of spray paint with them. They were well behaved, unlike some in the Peace March. The Right to Life March hardly got media print, while the Peace March got tons of attention. Where is the fairness?

What would these peaceniks have us do. Just quit? Then what? When the radical Islamist start to take over other countries are we supposed to turn our heads and say its not our fight? After they have expanded to become a huge power and refuse to sell us oil, then what? Do we let them become the super power and we become the new third world nation with a starving population? Let’s hear something more than ‘pull out now’ answer the question, then what?


18 Responses to Hanoi Jane and Her Gang of Radicals

  1. Scrapwood says:

    I would have enjoyed watching the Peas March. “Give peas a chance,” I say.

    A fair percentage of our country seems to have forgotten that the 9/11 attacks didn’t come with a ransom note. I once commented on the Hannity show that I’m sure if the terrorists are not fully deterred by the world’s finest, smartest, most well-equipped fighting force, I’m sure the thought of American mall security has ’em quaking in their sandals.

    Anarchy and peace are mutually exclusive. How those two groups ignore their disparate goals to march under one banner, I don’t understand.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi Mouser,

    I applaud your effort to exact attention to the Islamist connection to the war. Ridiculous, stale worn Vietnam rhetoric claims the day as though the enemy was Soviet and long range missles the threat.

    This ain’t Vietnam. There are radical Islamist groups around the country who have been traing for 2 decades, preparing for jihad activities and waiting the proper time.

    In the meantime, their apologists, like CAIR, work to establish victimhood for muslims and law to “protect” them.

    As for the “peace” creeps, patriotic dissent is admirable, seditious agression is felonious offense.

    Your constitutional reference is what seperates us from murderous thugs.



  3. “The Right to Life March hardly got media print, while the Peace March got tons of attention. Where is the fairness?”

    Certainly fairness will not be found in the MsM, where poll after poll shows the members are over 80% Democrats, and Democrats and radicals go hand and hand.

    “Sometimes, I wonder if we give too much freedom to those that hate us”

    Yes we do!

    The Founding Fathers never would have tolerated even what the Democrats holding office have done and said with respect to the GWOT—let alone what the mentally ill rabble has said and done.

    When a nation sends its finest into a life or death situation, the citizens, especially the leaders at home, must be very careful when they speak, since what they say could easly aid and abed the enemy.

  4. cumby says:

    Wonder how Rosie O’ Donnell would look in a burkha? Probably a lot better.

  5. LOL Cumby

    Automobile tarps are available for the plus sized gals I hear.

  6. marty says:

    For those of you who insist on defending the enemy and the bad politics of this country, I was wondering when the last time someone asked you to bend over and take it in the behind…as that’s what your asking all of us Veterans to do. No Thanks, unless your providing the vaseline.

  7. cumby says:

    The Bush administration stinks, the Democrats are worse, and the terrorists are worst of all. On a sliding scale, I know who the real enemy is and it’s not the clueless, inept Bush administration although they’ve made things much worse than they needed to be. It’s not much of a choice but it’s all we have.

  8. Seditious, no. Helpful, no. Stupid, maybe. Whining [Complaining about action taken by others without offering an alternate resolution or action]…..Defintely!

  9. kayinmaine says:

    As usual, the right wing reduces a protest down to something it’s not!

    How many marches are there in this country for the pro-war side? Why is it you guys don’t ever hit the streets? Don’t stand for anything or are you too embarrassed to express yourself and to let the nation/world know where you stand on the illegal occupation of a sovereign nation?

  10. madmouser says:

    civis, you are correct about them being a bunch of complainers, and yes, they never offer a better solution. just complain , screech and act rude. Those actions will do nothing to stop terrorism.

  11. madmouser says:

    kayinmaine, I did not reduce your protest down to something it’s not. You make accusations that are groundless. There was a Marxist booth/table with people trying to get others to listen to their propaganda, as well as the Communist at your peace march. As an American, I would not be proud to be so closely associated with or linked to these groups, but apparently you do. The right wingers did hit the streets as you so commonly refer to it, in the Right to Life march and there were no problems. Well behaved…I can’t help if the Media are not interested in broadcasting something positive.
    I think the world knows where we stand on the Iraq situation and I am only embarrassed by left wing kooks who act like animals run amuck on our Capitol steps. ref: the peace march.

  12. Jimmy McBean says:

    Madmouser, you seem to have more respect for the US Constitution then George “the Constitution’s just a piece of paper” Bush. Unfortunately, our Constitution has been trampled upon by our present administration.

    Imagine a US President referring to our Constitution as “just a piece of paper”. We live in a Republic Democracy that has been whored out to corporate moneymen- and they are in OUR Whitehouse.

    Remember, it’s “We the People…” not THEY the people.

  13. Question:

    Is there a disconnect between the mixture of communist, socialist, anti capitalist, anti globalisation, anarchists, damaging homegrown social groups and various other radical hate groups and patriots who want to protect the US military from further loss by bringing American troops home ASAP?

    OR NOT?

    If not, what’s the point of all the bickering?

  14. Gorilla Guys says:

    Speaking as the only Gorilla Guy who is a verteran of the US armed forces, Id just like to say one thing.

    Everyone seems so concerned for our safety, but I wonder if all those concerned civillians are aware of the fact that we would rather fight and win this war and bonify the sacrifices of our fellow warriors than cut and run. Any REAL warrrior would openly admit to this.

    And if you want to bring the troops home quickly stay the hell out of our way while we do what we do best, which is kill people and break things in our nations interest. That is our sole purpose.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish writing an article on the female Astronaut who wore a NASA super-absorbable diaper for 900 miles of non-stop driving so she could win the effections of her Space Shuttle pilot obsession by kidnapping the competition.

    Such is the life of a Gorilla Guy.

  15. Go,

    Go easy on her.

    Mental illness seems to have escaped government testing.

    The diaper thing, didn’t she have to stop for gas?


  16. madmouser says:

    Why didn’t she steal some rocket fuel so she could get there faster?

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