Schumer’s Imaginary Friends

I read an article by Maggie Gallagher dated Tues. Jan. 23. After reading the article, I sat in disbelief. I know New Yorkers are a different breed of cat, but I didn’t know they went this far. They keep electing this crazy, (not meant to be funny), man to the Senate. How could they do that? Is there something very French emanating from the Statue of Liberty that seeps into their brains and causes this dysfunction?

I had an imaginary friend for a year or so when I was a preschooler, but then I grew up. I realized its better to make real live people friends than hang on to imaginary friends. Chucky Schumer admits he has imaginary friends today.

This should scare everyone in America. The man is a looney toons! Chucky was in charge of developing a new strategy for the November elections for the Democrats and he said he consulted with Joe and Eilleen, his two imaginary friends, who live in his head. He said he talks to them often because they represent the the hard-working families in America with no connection to special interest groups. Is Chucky such an elitest that he doesn’t know any average American? Are all his friends uppercrust and elite? Doesn’t he represent all of New York? How can he not know at least one average family out of 19 million people?

He also admits he searched for two years for the right words that would sound good to voters. Wow! I am impressed. Sound good really is the important factor isn’t it. It doesn’t matter that it is all big fat lies; just that it sounds good. Thank you Chuck, you Schmuck.


10 Responses to Schumer’s Imaginary Friends

  1. Again, which one of these New Yorker’s is Schumer?

    What ever happened to the aides to New York Senator Charles Schumer who fraudulently obtained the credit reports of perceived enemies.

    Just like Barney Frank didn’t know about the male whore house being run out of his Washington home; Senator Chucky, didn’t know his, “brides of Chucky” were committing felonies out of his Washington office.

    Yeah right!

  2. britandgrit says:

    Hi m,

    Schumer is lucky. I have voices in my head, but mine aren’t all that friendly 😉

    the Grit

  3. […] of our occasional visitors, madmouser, had a most interesting post this morning: Schumer’s Imaginary Friends.  Since it doesn’t link to the article in question, although it does, and rightly so, […]

  4. madmouser says:

    Too funny…
    Maybe you can send yours over to the Schumer Social Outreach Rehab Program, (paid for by taxpayers). 🙂

  5. britandgrit says:

    Hi m,

    Actually, I kind of like my voices. They keep things a bit edgy. Besides, I never get lonely.

    the Grit

  6. In keeping with my fellow voice-in-the-head supporters, I have to say I like mine. However, I’m not looking to be elected.

    Wanting to be a politician should be an immediate disqualification. As Thomas Paine remarked, those with power to guide a nation are often the least in touch with that nation.

  7. Sean Wilson says:

    Great, I loved this. I used to live briefly just outside of Buffalo. One of the reasons I left was because it was hard enough to tolerate living there with Chuck in the mix. Once Hillary carpet-bagged and showed up, that was enough.

    There were other reasons for leaving, but those two certainly helped push the decision in the right direction. Can’t say I entirely regret it.

  8. voxexmachina says:

    When I lived in New York, I liked some of Chuck Schumer’s stances on education (though not often on everything else) and I think he can occasionally be incredibly smart. That said, I think he (and Hillary Clinton as well) are incredibly out of touch with working class America, and that neither has made any sort of effort to meet and greet working class Americans when there’s no political gain to be had from it. If he’s talking to imagined constituents instead of real ones, there’s a problem there.

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