Lady Liberty

We are all proud of the Statue of Liberty, even if it was given to us by the French. The words about ‘your tired and huddled masses’ did not mean to include your criminals, murderers, terrorists, drug dealers and the sort. Its 2007 and I have had my fill of the illegal immigration issue.

I would temporarily hire thousands to hold a country-wide roundup. Ship them all back to their homelands along with an invoice for the cost of finding them, transporting them and housing and feeding them. I would then have our military patrol our borders with the shoot to kill order. This would send a message we mean business.

I would overhaul the immigration department and make reasonable rules and regulations for the proper method to enter our country. There would be yearly limits and limits per country, to be fair to all.

Since I do not see this suggestion ever happening, I have another solution to the Mexican illegal situation.

Send our military into Mexico and kick all their corrupt politicians, police and drug dealers out of the country. Adopt Mexico as part of the US and divide it up into a number of states, so it can live and operate with all the laws and personal rights as Americans. That country would become so prosperous, so quickly, the people would never want to return to the old ways of corruption.

It wouldn’t take long before the rest of South America would want to jump on the bandwagon and live the life of luxury. At some point in time, it would all become the United States of America and our borders would all be waterways, and easier to defend.

It would be great to see all these other countries become self -sufficent, proud, upstanding and free. They could become our best citizens. Loyal and patriotic.

Okay, silly me, but a person can dream, can’t they?


10 Responses to Lady Liberty

  1. cumby says:

    It’s interesting to me that the Statue of Liberty was a gift to us from France.

    I am an immigrant from Germany. In 1960 when my parents brought me here, we had to have a sponsor and my Dad had to line up and work at a job for one year before he could bring my Mom and me to join him. I was seperated from my Dad for a year because there were laws that had to be followed in order to become a citizen.

    I learned the English language, took the tests, went to the interviews and then took the oath in order to become a naturalized citizen. Why are others exempt from following these same steps in order to become citizens? It is perplexing and annoying to me that others don’t have to obey our laws these days.

    The first thing that popped into my head when reading this–
    “Send our military into Mexico and kick all their corrupt politicians, police and drug dealers out of the country.”–we’re not doing such a good job of that in our own country.

    It’s too late to stop the flood of illegal immigrants. We’re too politically correct and spineless to take any measures that would put a stop to this. It’s sad but true.

  2. michele says:

    Give me Liberty or give me Death. This whole situation is out of control, just like out government. They have gone to far and have too much power. I believe they would view this immagration ordeal a little differently if these people were invading their backyards.
    I live in an area, where every day more and more move in and try to take over. They refuse to speak the language and snub their noses at us. They are draining out Welfare system and our economy. They get a free ride, while I have to pay out the nose, and I think a Revelution is not far off.

  3. America is smitten with the idea that, as people started to immigrate to our country about four hundred years ago, we are not a sovereign nation, in spite of the adoption of the longest-standing Constitution in the world. The same people who espouse this theory become crazed when presented with the logical extension of their theories: that, just as we are a nation of immigrants, we are a Christian nation founded upon principles of misogyny, with a long history of slavery and exploitation.

    PS – glad you like my blog. 🙂

  4. theslowsteadydrip says:

    Actually the whole concept of North & South American merger is no longer a dream. The SPP agreement with Mexico and Canada is real. Check out their website at or something like that. There should also be a “New Statue of Liberty”. It should be put on the Rio Grande and should read: “PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH AND TWO FOR SPANISH, WE HAVE A ONCE GOOD PAYING JOB FOR YOU THAT AMERICANS WON’T DO……”

  5. marty says:

    Recently after reviewing a form from the Veterans Admin. for health care, I was astonished to see when it came to nationality the first thing they wanted to know is if you were Hispanic, Spanish or Latino…then in the next box it asked if you were Native American or Alaskan, White, African-African American, etc. When did the Hispanics, Spanish and Latino’s become so first rate that they have to have their own special box and why all of the nationalities couldn’t be in one general box.
    I found this to be very upsetting and insulting as a veteran. When did we become so spineless and radical about who’s what., and why should it matter if you are here legally.
    I’m afraid our government has become so full of itself that it can’t see it’s own writing on the wall. This country needs help now, not all the other countries that don’t respect us anyway and all we are to them is a meal ticket. Well I for one think that’s one expensive trip to the grocery store.

  6. redefinite says:

    It’s ignorant people like yourself that make the US a prime target for terrorism: unwilling to share the vastness of the wealth you’ve come to see as a birthright and cultural inheritance, and poised to lash out verbally and physically at those with views in contrast to your own. You’re no different from the fundamentalists you claim to despise (except for the admirable amount of restraint you’ve exercised in refraining from executing Mexicans or al Quiada members yourself), and I’m ashamed to say I live in a country that perpetuates this kind of ego-centric nationalism.

  7. Screw Jawa says:

    I have a few illegal immigrants in my family. They are good citizens without really being citizens – yet they pay taxes and don’t mug, deal drugs or anything like that.

    It’s really hypocritical of you to blame this country’s problems on the immigrants. My neighborhood, for example, is being filled with scumbags, drug dealers, etc. The majority of them are US born citizens and only a small minority belong to groups like MS-13 etc.

    However, they wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for all the white people who want to buy cocaine, ecstasy, meth and other substances. Sure, blacks and hispanics have their drug abuse problems too but the majority of the demand comes from wealthy communities.

    America is the cause of the illegal immigrant and drug problem: years of interfering in Latin American politics by destroying governments established by the will of the people simply because they were leftist while enabling drug traffickers with your two fold stupidity of making street drugs illegal while nursing an insatiable desire for them.

    It’s all coming home to roost. Ha Ha.

  8. Immigrants are not the problem…..illegal immigrants are a problem, however not THE problem. It’s the same with politicians – Politicians are not the problem – Corrupt and Do-Nothing Politicians are the problem.

    Do-nothing governments are the problem. The Federal government has not done enough to address the illegal immigration issue. State and local governments kick-the-can down the road as well.

    I understand that its a difficult issue, made more difficult by the lack of government action, however, its an issue that is getting worse and not going to go away.

    Government official are elected to deal with issues. Demand that they do so or elect new representation.

  9. madmouser says:

    I must respond to Redefinite’s comment, which maligned me in a most egregious manner. To call me ignorant and to say people like me are responsible for making our country a prime target for terrorists is a vicious insult. My post expresses my opinion on ‘illegal immigration’ and not immigration per se. In fact, I stated we should ease our immigration policies, while setting yearly and country limits to be fair. The accusation that I am ignorant (meaning without education or knowledge) is a falsehood. I have earned my MBA and currently in my last year of Law School with a 3.8 GPA.

    Redefinite is the one who verbally attacks anyone who is in disagreement of his/her opinion. Their comment to my post is the undeniable evidence.

    To say that I am no different from the fundamentalists I claim to despise is a true sign of ignorance and vitriol. I have never killed anyone, nor have I beheaded anyone. I have never killed anyone, hung their body from a bridge and set them on fire. The terrorists have committed all these heinous acts and more. The same terrorists you defend by attacking me.

    It is impossible for he/she to know how much of my personal wealth I share with others, another specious statement. As far as sharing our country’s wealth with the less fortunate, it is a known fact that the US is the most generous nation on the face of the earth. Redefinite is the one sounding ignorant or maybe just blind to the truth.

    I view my birthright as a freedom of opportunity that allows me to become the best I can be, and yes, it is a cultural inheritance. I am very grateful to the generations, who came before me, who protected and defended our country, including all the freedoms and privileges you and I enjoy everyday of our lives.

    You accused me of egocentric nationalism. If you mean that the center of my being is devoted to this country, you would be correct. Since you are apparently not devoted to this country, I am left to conclude you might be a traitor.

    To quote Bill Clinton, (possibly your idol), “I feel your pain.” I am sorry if you have experienced an unfulfilling life and have become bitter with envy. Perhaps, you would feel better living in a socialist country where the government would take care of you.
    Bon Voyage

  10. Marty says:

    I have no problem with immigration as long as you do it right. The problem I do have is being denied my right to choose. When a country tells me I have to learn another language because of others, I recent that. I was taught English and by choice can speak a few others, but I find it to be more of a dictatorship when you tell me I must speak another language, even though I choose not too.
    So apparently some of you who have responded to this blog, don’t feel that your God Given Rights have been violated. All I can say is you must not believe in God then like the people from Iraq, Korea and others. That being the case, just FYI there’s a boat leaving every day.
    Bon Voage, Adios, and Whatever.

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