God in America

The founders of this country believed in God, so God has roots in America. For the newcomers protesting God, leave! Go to Cuba, North Korea or Red China where God is banned. Perhaps then, you will not be offended. Your protests offend me. I would like to see you pack your bags and your hate and leave this country today.
Over 90% of Americans say they believe in God, so if we went with the ‘majority rule’ process, you still lose.
Godless people have several commonalities; they are self-absorbed, arrogant, overly-sensitive and irritating. These are not complimentary character traits. I say overly-sensitive because of their constant drumbeat to remove God from everything. How fragile are they that they can’t just ignore God? Why are they so afraid of God?


3 Responses to God in America

  1. npanth says:

    Welcome to the Blogosphere 🙂 I think it’s the evangelical aspect of faith that makes some people uncomfortable. In many minds, right or wrong, it’s tied to the commercialization of religion. I have to say, listening to a preacher talk about the war on Christianity from a wall sized tv in a mega church in front of 5000 people sounds a little hollow.
    I don’t think it’s faith that makes people angry, it’s the practitioners

  2. madmouser says:

    Hi npanth:
    Thanks for the welcome. This is my 1st attempt at blogging and I really enjoy it.
    Your comment is correct, very hollow indeed. The TV evangelicals are quite scary. It seems they prey on people’s weaknesses and grief, all for the sake of money.
    I was thinking more along the lines of the ACLU lawsuits to remove God from the public eyes and ears. Remove Christ from Christmas is the most recent attack and let us not forget they wanted to remove the crosses from Arlington Cemetery.

  3. decemberstud says:

    Evangelists are the one end…what about the other end of the spectrum where people swear that they are atheists and expect everyone to be similar. Sure, believe in what you do, but come on, trying to force others to stop believing in God, or to ask them to believe in ‘one’ particular God is quite foolish and downright stupid.

    Welcome to the Blog world madmouser, I am sure you will enjoy it here.

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