Yes, Virginia there is a …

Yes, Virginia there is a God. Do you know how I know? He lives inside me, in my heart and soul, in my mind and especially my conscience. He brings peace and happiness to my life and helps me when I am in need. He will do this for everyone, not just me.

Something else to ponder, Virginia, things only happen two ways. They either happen by accident or by design. I find it unimaginable that this entire universe, the earth, humankind, animals, plantlife was an accident. Everything is too complicated to be accidental. Take the bone structure of a bird’s wing as one example.
Some people refer to God by different names, that is not a problem, they also believe in a higher power. I have a friend named Michael, but he is also known as Mike, Mikey, Crazy Mike along w/a few others. So, what’s in a name anyway?
I am neither a scientist nor a explosive expert, but the ‘Big Bang’ theory just doesn’t wash with me. Scientists say I cannot prove there is a God, and I say they cannot prove there isn’t. In California, they call that a Mexican stand-off.
Thanks for visiting this site, there will be more tomorrow.


2 Responses to Yes, Virginia there is a …

  1. sanityforsale says:

    i agree with you about the ‘cant be accidental’ that question takes you to insanity and back though!

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