December 31, 2006

I am glad they executed Saddam. He was a brutal killer and a cancer in society. If you have cancer, what do you do? You have it surgically removed or it will infest your entire body and you will die. The same applies to Saddam, the longer he lived, the more lives would be lost.

We could learn a lesson from the new Iraqi government. It only took them 14 months to carry out the execution order but it takes us 20 to 25 years.

I think our entire penal system is broken. Many criminals know they will not get sentenced because our jails and prisons are overcrowded, or they are glad to go back inside to be with their families and friends. It’s like a respite for them. They get better accomodations than our military and I think that is completely wrong. It is an insult to say the least. It is rarely a deterrent anymore, but it would be if I were in charge.

I would check with a nutritionist and meet the required daily minimums regarding their meals, and I would serve them they same meals everyday for several months at a time. They would only be let out in the yard once a week.
Overcrowding would be acceptable. No TV of any kind, no recreation and definitely no college degrees for free. There would be electrified fencing around the farm. The farm where they grow their own food. No beds, just thin mattresses. Visitors on their birthdays and Christmas only. Never any conjugal visits. Solitary confinement for any infraction of the rules.

It would no longer be Home Sweet Home!

I would make it feel very uncomfortable and very unpleasant, so it would remind the criminals it is a punishment.
We must clean up our society so decent people can live in safety and have some peace of mind. We have allowed the worst of society dominate the culture for too long. Anyone who doesn’t like our rules has the freedom to leave this country and live elsewhere.


God in America

December 12, 2006

The founders of this country believed in God, so God has roots in America. For the newcomers protesting God, leave! Go to Cuba, North Korea or Red China where God is banned. Perhaps then, you will not be offended. Your protests offend me. I would like to see you pack your bags and your hate and leave this country today.
Over 90% of Americans say they believe in God, so if we went with the ‘majority rule’ process, you still lose.
Godless people have several commonalities; they are self-absorbed, arrogant, overly-sensitive and irritating. These are not complimentary character traits. I say overly-sensitive because of their constant drumbeat to remove God from everything. How fragile are they that they can’t just ignore God? Why are they so afraid of God?

Happy Birthday to Me !!!

December 10, 2006

I woke up feeling great today and why not, I am another year older, another year wiser and having cake for breakfast!

Birthdays are special, family and friends wish you well, you get presents and you can eat cake all day…it is the one day I try not to be too serious and just enjoy the day. I plan to look at the pictures from past birthdays and remember those specific times and the people and smile a lot. I have a special birthday photo album that I add to each year. It is really nostalgic.

Stop by tomorrow as I have additional information I want to share with Virginia. See ya.
the madmouser

Yes, Virginia there is a …

December 9, 2006

Yes, Virginia there is a God. Do you know how I know? He lives inside me, in my heart and soul, in my mind and especially my conscience. He brings peace and happiness to my life and helps me when I am in need. He will do this for everyone, not just me.

Something else to ponder, Virginia, things only happen two ways. They either happen by accident or by design. I find it unimaginable that this entire universe, the earth, humankind, animals, plantlife was an accident. Everything is too complicated to be accidental. Take the bone structure of a bird’s wing as one example.
Some people refer to God by different names, that is not a problem, they also believe in a higher power. I have a friend named Michael, but he is also known as Mike, Mikey, Crazy Mike along w/a few others. So, what’s in a name anyway?
I am neither a scientist nor a explosive expert, but the ‘Big Bang’ theory just doesn’t wash with me. Scientists say I cannot prove there is a God, and I say they cannot prove there isn’t. In California, they call that a Mexican stand-off.
Thanks for visiting this site, there will be more tomorrow.

Hello world!

December 9, 2006

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